Game Hunting: Wii Love Video Games

Wii do, yes wii do. Do U love Wiideo games? Oh, the hilarity! 

On another note I’d like to add that brand new games for a favorable price is a very nice thing for a game hunter. It gives you the chance to play games you wouldn’t have bothered with otherwise. That stands true only for the first game of these two though.

aragorns questIf you don’t like Aragorn then you don’t like his quest either, and that makes you a Lord of the Rings-hater. Haters gonna hate though! Aragorn’s Quest was brand new when I got it, and looks very interesting. A hack-and-slash game by the looks of it, with some adventuring elements. Viggo Mortensen has even allowed to have his face in the game, probably due to recieving a good sum for it. And Sir Ian Mckellen too it seems. That hoax was not funny though, imagine waking up one day to see that it’s been written that you’re dead. That’s horrible. Alright, let’s get back on track and add this game to the stack.


And the next game is none other than Drawn to drawn to lifeLife: The Next Chapter. The first one for the Nintendo DS was fun and I’d reckon this one’ll be very fun as well. Being able to draw your own hero and other stuff and play with them in-game is fun. This game has been on my radar due to pure curiosity, and I’m glad I’ve added it to my collection.

4 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Wii Love Video Games

  1. I played Drawn to Life the Next Chapter on Wii for review. It’s not that great and doesn’t properly tie in with the DS games. The DS game that came out at the same time and was a direct sequel to the original was amazing.

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  2. Whoa, I remember seeing the LOTR game but never wanted to try it. The last great LOTR, truly great game, was the Return of the King 3rd person one. Loved the combat. After seeing what Shadows of Mordor will do though… I NEED THAT GAME. I wish Destiny didn’t take up all my time.

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    • Currently TMNT for the NES takes up all my gaming time. Every time is a battle to see who’ll win in à battle of wills. So far it’s TMNT 5 – MartianOddity 0.
      On the handhelds I’m playing Wario Master of Disguise.

      Shadows of Mordor sounds sweet though!

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