Vacation Arcading

Most of these arcade units and such we played during our vacation in Spain, which is a while ago. That’s to show how much material I have to write still!

arcade 6First we played some The Fast & Furious, which we as usual did poorly at, as with all arcade racers with checkpoints. I also found the controls difficult to get used to. All in all it was decent fun even though it didn’t last long at all.

These games do take a lot of training to master, mainly because they need to swallow all your coins to satisfy their owners. And they will engulf your coin purse. Yeah, I’ve had a coin purse. What do you mean a real man has his coins in his pockets? Coin purses are more practical!


Then we played some The House of the Dead III. We have the Wii version of the game arcade 2which is just as difficult- only it won’t gobble your coins as fast. See of it as a fixed fee of sorts instead, and make sure to purchase the Wii version instead. I experienced the accuracy to be comparable in both versions, though the guns were heavier and more difficult to operate. You could call it more realistic I guess, but that’s not my cup of tea.

The level designs, the graphics, the characters and the bosses are the same, and that zombiefied parking lot guard is still a pain in the arse. I’m a hundred percent sure that we were hitting his small head, but still we couldn’t make him back off before he swinged at us. Not fair.


arcade 5Then we played Deadstorm Pirates by Namco. It was a hectic and adrenaline pumping shoot-em-up where you’re to support your pirate ship while guarding it from hordes of enemies, and as far as I know there only was several kinds of skeletons. I got a Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl vibe from this arcade game, arcade 4and probably that was exactly what they went for. We were yelling as things went way too fast, and we sure had a great time! I recommend everyone to try this one out if they find one.



IMG_4050There was a lot of weird stuff going on over there, such as fake versions of different characters, and unauthorized use of licensed characters. I like that actually, as it isn’t too common where I live. Here’s an obvious reference to Uncle Scrooge in Premioland, as an example. The only thing missing are his sideburn things. That, and his bill is huge (In both senses! Hah! That was a nice one, MartianOddity!). Premio means “prize”, by the way.


Dragon Ball is huge in Spain, and also in other Spanish speaking countries as well. arcade 1That’s why I wasn’t surprised to see that this ride tried to steal some of Goku and Bulma’s shine. They look off, Goku has a baseball cap and they have a dog of sorts (is that a reference to Bee, Mr. Satan and Mr. Buu’s dog, or is that just some random stray dog they’ve picked up?). Also it seems as this Bulma, or let’s call her Blooma, is the mother of this Goku, or Glowku if you will. Then that’d mean that this Bee knockoff should be called Blee. Weird stuff. That’s delicious.



And here’s Mario, just like that, in the midst of a park. This one actually looks legit, though I doubt that it’s being used with Nintendo’s permission. At least he looks happy! I mean, who wouldn’t be in that warm weather.




Then there’s this closed down store that never got a new owner, and the place has been empty since. You can tell how long it’s been shut down by that Nintendo 64 controller. I sure was amazed to see such an old controller just like that in the open. That’s not something you see every day!



arcade 7


And back in Sweden I was graced by this familiar car (sponsored by Michelin…and Euromaster, really?). Can you tell where this one is from? If not, take a look at the back of it!

arcade 8





That’s David Hasselhoff from Knight Rider, and the car is supposed to be Kitt. Ah, I always wanted Kitt since he was so cool ! never thought they’d have rides that are that old in anywhere around here. And The Hoff! It’s the Hoff! Such a vivid portrait. That’s amazing.



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