Awesome Anime and Gaming Accessories

I’ve got myself some really nice gaming accessories and items of nerdhood this time around! You’ll see a Nintendo DS case, a belt buckle and a plushie, and I think we’d better start with the DS Case!

nerdhood zelda 1 I found this really neat Nintendo DS case featuring Toon Link from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I really liked that game and I guess this one was sold really cheap because the game didn’t catch on that well. Or it might be because the Nintendo DS Lite is ancient by now when compared to the 3DS and the likes. This case has a gold-ish color and is made of some kind of metal, most probably aluminium. It looks really sweet! It holds several games and the system itself. I’m using it on displaynerdhood zelda 2 only though! I think this kind of case was made by Big Ben and was licensed by Nintendo even with a Nintendo Seal of Quality.

It came with a strap as well, as if you’d like to carry along this magical chest like a purse or something. NO. This is a treasure chest.


nerdhood 1

I found this Mushroom belt buckle. I probably won’t wear it as it is, and just show it off somewhere. It’s nice and didn’t cost much at all.



nerdhood 2


Then I got a Krillin plushie in the same style as a Vegeta one I have. It’s awesome! Vegeta and Krillin just so happen to be my favorite Dragon Ball characters. Both look to be from the Cell Arc, though Vegeta’s armor resembles his Namek Arc outfit more. Super Saiyan Namek Arc Vegeta maybe? That’d be rad, like in the fanfic Bringer of Death. That’s one good Vegeta-centric fic.



4 thoughts on “Awesome Anime and Gaming Accessories

  1. Actually, Phantom Hourglass is one of the must own, rarest games from the DS. It is hard to find out here and most of the time, you will only find it used. I paid $20 for one used without a case. The Train one did not do as well, but people loved that game as well.

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    • Ah, good to know! Yeah, I’m looking for Spirit Tracks as well! I paid 20 bucks for Phantom Hourglass complete I think, at a book/video game store that had a lot of japanese merchandise, in Honolulu if I recall correctly.


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