Going on a hiatus- I’ll Be Back

I’m going on a hiatus as I need to gather inspiration. I do have a lot of new game purchases but I might make a monthly update as the amount of posts is too many to be able to squeeze in other topics and such. I’ve also noticed a lack of weirdness amongst the topics, and I have to look through what to do in the future. The quality of my posts has diminished and the length shortened when compared to before, and the response from the readers has been underwhelming at times because of that. I take this as a sign to make less posts, and to work on their length, content and quality. I’ll be back though, so stay tuned. I need to play more video games! I don’t want to be a video game eunuch in a harem, knowing everything about the subject but having no experience myself. A littlimagee puppy that’s on his way might have something to do with this hiatus as well…


5 thoughts on “Going on a hiatus- I’ll Be Back

  1. Noooo! =(
    I just want you to know I always read your posts, and I like every ONE of them! Its just that Im a lazy bug, that dosen’t always write a comment on the topic you’ve been writing about, but i STILL Love all your work!
    But rest well young jedi, and I look forward for future post, be them new or “old” πŸ˜‰

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    • Thanks for the support! I think the main reason for the hiatus is to get some inspiration to write better posts. Also you could say I have a writer’s burnout as well. Keep following the blog though, I will keep it going! πŸ™‚


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