Nauseous Aladdin and Spaced Out Genie


This amazing ride is a part of the amusement park near the pier in Torrevieja, Spain. They have a lot of different Disney and video game motifs on their rides, and it’s not certain that they’re actually authorized, but many countries have this kind of tradition anyways and no one bothers them about it, it seems.IMG_4055This is a car in a merry-go-round in that park. Here we can see that Genie is talking, but seemingly he’s spaced out or something. Or he’s telling a story about magic and faraway lands while dreaming himself away with his gaze (“And there was gold as far as the eye can see!”). It’s either that, or he’s burping. Your pick. Or anyone’s pick, really.

Then there’s Aladdin. Poor nauseated Aladdin. Sitting on that merry-go-round forever and feeling it’s to stupid to waste a wish on motion sickness. But don’t you get that you’re stuck forever? Better make that wish and feel better, dude. I’d do that if I were you and be happy to just get off the darn ride. Let go of Jasmin man, no woman is worth it.

Oh, wait. Maybe that’s what Genie is telling Aladdin.

“Just make the wish and it will aaaaaall go awaaaaay.”

Now what do you think is going on in this picture?

– Image (C) MartianOddity



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