Game Hunting: Sly Dream Drop Star Crimes

It seems as if I have a knack for finding games for new systems for half or less than what they go for generally in other stores or the Internet. Maybe it’s luck, or maybe it’s the trained eye of a kid who wanted more games for the money he got while growing up. Anyhow, let’s get started for this installment of Game Hunting, which today sports nicer backgrounds for a change:

I found Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for half kingdom heartsthe retail price, as the store I was visiting incidentally was clearing its stock since this franchise apparently isn’t that popular over here, or so it seems. It’s not that old which makes this deal even more sweet! I do think it’s aggravating that Mickey is the one to be King, though it’d make sense he was seeing how he’s the “head” amongst the Disney characters and the Disney mascot. Anyhow, the cover looks really nice and fits the title well, but the truth is that they should’ve used Donald Duck on the cover instead of Mickey since Donald is much more popular than him in Scandinavia. Make your research, marketing people.

Then I got a few cheap Playstation 2 games, and even one Gamecube game too:

The True Crimes series is decent and is best described as a franchise trying to ride on thegames hunt true crimes Grand Theft Auto wave. In Streets of L.A. we get to venture on… the streets of L.A., believe it or not, and partake in… eh…true crimes. It was decent enough of a GTA wannabe clone to get it, but not enough for me to keep playing it for too long. I will give it another shot eventually. By the way, isn’t this that one franchise that got famous voice actors, like Samuel L. Jackson, which eventually destroyed the games since all you could think of was that the characters didn’t look like their actors at all?


games hunt star wars I know, it’s Lego Star Wars: The Video game. Why did I get this one? Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was this game that was acclaimed to be a good one. It was cheap, and it was collecting dust in a faraway thrift shop. Then the most handsome Prince you could imagine saw it with his bright and beautiful eyes and grabbed it with his perfect hands, since a commoner once had told him that the Lego series is fun to play and that, at the time, made the best Star Wars games since the others were crud. Here’s an image of the Prince, if you’re curious to see what he looks like.

games hunt sly raccoon

And last but not least we have us some Sly Raccoon. It’s a game about a sly raccoon that’s incidentally also a thief. It’s a fun platformer with an even better sequel, it’s been said, and one I played when it was released , on a demo stand, finding it fun and entertaining. And it only cost a couple of bucks, as did the game above. if you find it and like 3D platformers, then be sure to get it, or the second game if you’re lucky to run across it first.


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