Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (or Hero Turtles, if you were living in Europe) for the NES is a game that is recieved with mixed feelings nowadays. While every kid loved this game, since it simply is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game (not taking the gameplay, graphics and music into consideration), these kids grew up eventually and got to play other, arguably better TMNT games that radically changed their stance on this game. And that’s especially when you take into consideration that these kids would later play the game as grown ups and expect too much of it because of nostalgia (guilty as charged).

I’d say that the game is decent at the least. A lot of the problems comes from you having to master the controls and grind your way to victory, which wasn’t the case with games like Super Mario Bros. where you picked it up and played immediately (after first having perished against the first Goomba, or maybe even perish in the first pit). When having learned the controls well and developing your own strategy as to when to use each turtle, the game will be immensely fun. I managed to get to the second last boss on my first playthrough without too much of a problem, since I luckily found the Technodrome in the first manhole I descended into. The two things that I found to be real flaws is The Dam level (though it’s not much of a problem after a few playthroughs) and the part where you have to avoid getting crushed by the walls. There the mechanic that allows you to walk over narrow gaps on the floor, which really comes in handy earlier, will become the bane of your existence as you race against the crushing walls to the bottom of the screen and will have a 50% chance to fall down the gaps. And you have to make it twice in a row!

TMNT2One of the more problematic stages, that in contrast to the others can become a breeze through practice.




I use him pretty much all the time, as he’s the second best after Donatello and has a good reach and a good hitting power. He’s the standard Turtle to use,





A bit slow with his bo (heh, you see what I did there?) but with the excelllent reach and awesome power behind each of the strikes, this is the Turtle you’ll use the most, especially against the bosses and especially against the more resilient enemies on the later stages.





He has a pretty weak attack, though he’s great when using Shuriken or Boomerangs. When his HP falls to half a glitch will kick in and give his attacks a strength equivalent to Donatello’s, so he’s still awesome and very useful in the game. I wouldn’t throw him to the cannon, at least, as he really is helpful.




Meh. His Sai are more like their derivative, that is Japanese gardening tools. They have a poor reach, give poor damage and he usually manages to get damaged before he even can land a hit. He’s the perfect cannon fodder, and the main swimmer in The Dam. Though you could equip him with Boomerangs and then he’s be good to go and try to be helpful with almost infinite Boomerangs (if you catch them when they return, that is, or they’ll get lost in the glitchy void).

Pro tip:


Image from: https://averagejosh.wordpress.com, ain’t it amazing? Maximum nostalgia!

If Raphael didn’t manage to get the Boomerang (which has nothing to do with Ninjutsu, by the way, but was radical in the 80’s) but another Turtle did instead, make the Boomerang-carrying Turtles throw three of them and switch to Raphael who will recieve them in his inventory. Repeat to stock up on them and make Raph useful again.


The Giant Mouser is a cakewalk if you pause and unpause, and use any Turtle, especially Donatello, to hit the now revealed orb in his mouth. It’s so easy that it’s unfair.


There was a wave of violence and whatnot in the UK, and Ninjutsu and the weapons that are used in it were considered harmful and bad for the society, especially with the surge of Nunchuks amongst both model citizens and criminals, and thus they tried to remove as many Ninja and Nunchuk references as they could, hence Teenage Mutant “Hero” Turtles. And that’s why Michelangelo doesn’t use his Nunchuks that much, and is equipped with a pitiful grappling hook later on in the cartoon, at least in Europe. This view on violence, and the surge of popularity for the TMNT, led to the Turtles not using their weapons at all in the second movie. Parents complained when taking their kids to the first one, and the movie companies obliged. The parents make the money after all!



It’s the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… when you actually have time to play video games! And partake in any other hobby you want to. And meet family, friends and eat link_christmas_test_by_anthro7-d33k1cwgreat food. Giving gifts, experiencing merriness, laughter, warmth. Don we now our green apparel. All that, you know.

This year I won’t be writing about a certain game that gives me christmas glee, since I can’t come up with anything other than The legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Sure, I have memories of other games but none other like Oracle of Seasons.

Outside of travelling, when on the bus, plane or when there’s nothing good on TV on your hotel around late in the evening, the yuletide is the best time to play video games, mainly since you’re supposed to try out your new games and everyone is supposed to be a little kid again. I don’t mean through getting presents, but in spirit. That’s why everyone stuffs themselves like there’s no tomorrow; that’s not a rational adult thing to do, it’s very childish indeed.e9fc_8-bit_holiday_wreath_anim



I’d like to wish to all a Merry (Happy) Christmas (Holidays) and what better way to do but by presenting you a Video Game Carol!



Wario, the pink-nosed looter

You know Master Chief and Mario and Crash and Luigi,
you know Bowser and Sonic, Donkey Kong and Waluigi,
But do you recall
A less famous video game character among them all

Wario the pink-nosed looter
Had a very shiny nose
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it blows
All of the other characters
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Wario
Join in Mario Party games

Then one foggy Nintendo Day,
Kiyotake came to say,
Wario with your nose so bright,
Won’t you invade Mario’s castle tonight.

Then how all gamers loved him,
As they shouted out with glee,
Wario the pink-nosed looter,
You’ll go down in history.

Wow, this took a lot of skill from me. Anyways, have a great time and see you soon!

First image from Anthro7, second from Thinkgeek.com

New Categories

I know how much you visit this page and that you desperately need to browse better amongst the content, because there just are that many good posts. I thought I’d write a few lines before I upload the next great post.


Some of the Categories were added quite some time ago, but I thought I’d present them so that new and old readers alike can find what they want to read about, since there are more than 400 posts to read (some that I am very content about, and some I think are only decent at best).

I’ve added the following under the Video Games menu:

Modding and Crafting:

Here you can find both video game mods and crafting, and since both are popular in their own right I added a subcategory for them. There are posts about other peoples work and also a few of my own.

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This is basically where you can find images and video clips of video games in movies, amongst others, and sometimes even in magazines and such.

Video Game Ads:

Both retro and contemporary ads printed on paper or presented in video are posted in this category. There are also some of my interpretations of weird ads too.

Until next time!




Happy Birthday to Me, MartianOddity!

Since I went on a well deserved hiatus I fell way behind on my updates and video game purchases, so this particular post is way overdue (from 3 months ago, to be more precise!) but I like to show off my findings, and I’ve realized you like to see them, so let’s get this huge haul over with.



My, what a cake. Yummy! (From Nintendolife.com)

I have a great family that supports my video game collecting addiction and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be able to get as many games as I do have now. Now, my goal is to catch ’em all… I mean play them all, so don’t worry! I’m not buying for buying’s sake, or just to own the games and look at them, but to play them eventually. And I’ve grown much better at alotting time to play video games when I’d normally be stretched out like a sack of potatoes on my couch.

A Shadows TaleWell, happy birthday to me indeed. I say so since this is a gift from myself… to myself. Yay me! A Shadow’s Tale was discounted and brand new, and being a hidden (?) gem on the Wii I had to snag it. The gameplay and unusual mechanics of using shadows to move about (as you’re basically a shadow, like Peter Pan’s shadow, only more heroic and not such a pain in the arse) and clear the stages in this platforming gem.


DBZ Legendary Hyper Warriors

And this Gameboy Color Game Pak is none other than Dragonball Z: Legendary Super Warriors. Other than the music being a bit too high pitched at times, the game is superb and a must have turn-based card-based little pack of zeroes and ones that every Dragonball Z fan should own. I got another copy since I had the Spanish version from before, and the Texto de Pantalla is in Spanish, even though I was assured it’d be in Inglés. I do read and speak Spanish quite well, so that never was an issue, but there’s something about playing a DBZ game in English that makes me happy. Though I do consider the Latin American dub to be the best, and I’m not even latino! Got this one from my bro.

Doshin The GiantLadies and gentlemen! I present to you Doshin the Giant! This is a Black & White-esque game (the PC game, not the song Black or White, mind you) that basically entails that you’re this Giant Doshin that can choose to be kind or evil and either help or destroy different villager’s lives. The latter sounds much more fun from the start! An interesting tidbit is that I’ve wanted this one since it was released. Another less important tidbit is that this game initially was created for the Nintendo 64 DD add on, but was, like Animal Crossing, ported to the next system since the 64 DD was a commercial failure. Though I do remember rumors that you could download games and pirate them on the 64 DD, and not being the richest kid, I wanted to have one of those. Needless to say, I never got one. They weren’t released over here. Bummer. Got this from my sister and her husband.
Pikmin 2

Next we have a Nintendo Classic, and it’s none other than Pikmin 2, but this time with improved controls for the Wii instead. It plays better than on the Gamecube, in my opinion, and loooks pretty much the same as on the Gamecube graphics wise. This one abolished the stressful time system which in itself improves on the game greatly. This game is the more expensive of the two for the Wii, and isn’t all too easy to find. Got this from my mom and dad.

Scurge The Hive


And then I got my first still wrapped mint game thus far, and it was from my brother. They used to say that Scurge: Hive was a good game to play in the wait of more Metroid games, and even though it’s viewed from the top it’s said to share the same feel and to be a great game. I just have to get a loose copy to play so that I’ll be able to display this one in all its glory on a shelf.



I also got another game I’d wished for this year, and that’s none other than Super Mario 

Super Mario SunshineSunshine for the Gamecube (which incidentally is one of my favorite systems, and I don’t think it’s the first time I’ve mentioned that). It’s not the best Mario game, but still a great one at that. It’s enjoyable and full of imagination, and the only con I can think of in this game is that it takes a long time to get used to controlling the water cannon. The other elements in the game, like how it borrows a lot from Super Mario 64 with the controls and how you can choose levels and whatnot, and how you have to recharge the water cannon, really make this a great game. Also, this is the only game where Mario has short sleeves! I got this from my mom and dad.

AndSupersonic Warriors last, but not least, we have Dragonball Z: Supersonic Warriors. And they sure are supersonic! This is an awesome game that’s fast-paced and sports a huge roster of different characters. I remember having played this on an emulator back in the days, but now I’ve got a copy of my own. The only iffy miffy thing is that you can’t erase the pervious save file, but since I already unlocked everything in my previous playthrough it doesn’t matter as much. And the what-if stories are really awesome too, and a blast to play.


Video Game Craftin’

I’ve been at it again!

You remember that old cigarillo stand that I turned into a Game Boy Game Pak stand? The stickers were too big (even though I did input the correct measurements the nline software messed up badly and they arrived oversized) so I printed out my own stickers (in colour!!) and put them on instead of the old ones. Surprisingly, the old ones were easy to remove. Gameboy Stand

These new ones aren’t glossy but it works well with the design, in my opinion. The only thing left is adding a Mario sign on the hat, or something more clever than that. It looks empty to me. Do you have any good ideas?

Then I added some stickers to my newer games. The kind of sticky printer paper I have curls up pretty quickly so I’ve had to add some tape on the labels to keep them in place. So far it looks pretty nice, and I’ve had no troubles with the new method. Though I’ll say, finding good versions of Nintendo 64 video game logos isn’t the easiest thing, and that’s why Dark Rift doesn’t look to sexy down there to the left. At least I can browse the games well, I just have to look for something borderline ineligible if I want to play that game.

N64 LabelsAnd that’s all for today! See you soon!


Unfortunate Mistake, Disney

I read an older Disney story featuring Donald Duck, the Hueys and Scrooge McDuck. I stumbled upon this image where someone had messed up, maybe the artist, maybe the typesetter, but at any rate we got to see, for some of us for the first time, a Disney duck’s butthole. Behold it in all its glory!




Heh. I’m childish that way!