Happy Birthday to Me, MartianOddity!

Since I went on a well deserved hiatus I fell way behind on my updates and video game purchases, so this particular post is way overdue (from 3 months ago, to be more precise!) but I like to show off my findings, and I’ve realized you like to see them, so let’s get this huge haul over with.



My, what a cake. Yummy! (From Nintendolife.com)

I have a great family that supports my video game collecting addiction and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be able to get as many games as I do have now. Now, my goal is to catch ’em all… I mean play them all, so don’t worry! I’m not buying for buying’s sake, or just to own the games and look at them, but to play them eventually. And I’ve grown much better at alotting time to play video games when I’d normally be stretched out like a sack of potatoes on my couch.

A Shadows TaleWell, happy birthday to me indeed. I say so since this is a gift from myself… to myself. Yay me! A Shadow’s Tale was discounted and brand new, and being a hidden (?) gem on the Wii I had to snag it. The gameplay and unusual mechanics of using shadows to move about (as you’re basically a shadow, like Peter Pan’s shadow, only more heroic and not such a pain in the arse) and clear the stages in this platforming gem.


DBZ Legendary Hyper Warriors

And this Gameboy Color Game Pak is none other than Dragonball Z: Legendary Super Warriors. Other than the music being a bit too high pitched at times, the game is superb and a must have turn-based card-based little pack of zeroes and ones that every Dragonball Z fan should own. I got another copy since I had the Spanish version from before, and the Texto de Pantalla is in Spanish, even though I was assured it’d be in Inglés. I do read and speak Spanish quite well, so that never was an issue, but there’s something about playing a DBZ game in English that makes me happy. Though I do consider the Latin American dub to be the best, and I’m not even latino! Got this one from my bro.

Doshin The GiantLadies and gentlemen! I present to you Doshin the Giant! This is a Black & White-esque game (the PC game, not the song Black or White, mind you) that basically entails that you’re this Giant Doshin that can choose to be kind or evil and either help or destroy different villager’s lives. The latter sounds much more fun from the start! An interesting tidbit is that I’ve wanted this one since it was released. Another less important tidbit is that this game initially was created for the Nintendo 64 DD add on, but was, like Animal Crossing, ported to the next system since the 64 DD was a commercial failure. Though I do remember rumors that you could download games and pirate them on the 64 DD, and not being the richest kid, I wanted to have one of those. Needless to say, I never got one. They weren’t released over here. Bummer. Got this from my sister and her husband.
Pikmin 2

Next we have a Nintendo Classic, and it’s none other than Pikmin 2, but this time with improved controls for the Wii instead. It plays better than on the Gamecube, in my opinion, and loooks pretty much the same as on the Gamecube graphics wise. This one abolished the stressful time system which in itself improves on the game greatly. This game is the more expensive of the two for the Wii, and isn’t all too easy to find. Got this from my mom and dad.

Scurge The Hive


And then I got my first still wrapped mint game thus far, and it was from my brother. They used to say that Scurge: Hive was a good game to play in the wait of more Metroid games, and even though it’s viewed from the top it’s said to share the same feel and to be a great game. I just have to get a loose copy to play so that I’ll be able to display this one in all its glory on a shelf.



I also got another game I’d wished for this year, and that’s none other than Super Mario 

Super Mario SunshineSunshine for the Gamecube (which incidentally is one of my favorite systems, and I don’t think it’s the first time I’ve mentioned that). It’s not the best Mario game, but still a great one at that. It’s enjoyable and full of imagination, and the only con I can think of in this game is that it takes a long time to get used to controlling the water cannon. The other elements in the game, like how it borrows a lot from Super Mario 64 with the controls and how you can choose levels and whatnot, and how you have to recharge the water cannon, really make this a great game. Also, this is the only game where Mario has short sleeves! I got this from my mom and dad.

AndSupersonic Warriors last, but not least, we have Dragonball Z: Supersonic Warriors. And they sure are supersonic! This is an awesome game that’s fast-paced and sports a huge roster of different characters. I remember having played this on an emulator back in the days, but now I’ve got a copy of my own. The only iffy miffy thing is that you can’t erase the pervious save file, but since I already unlocked everything in my previous playthrough it doesn’t matter as much. And the what-if stories are really awesome too, and a blast to play.


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