New Categories

I know how much you visit this page and that you desperately need to browse better amongst the content, because there just are that many good posts. I thought I’d write a few lines before I upload the next great post.


Some of the Categories were added quite some time ago, but I thought I’d present them so that new and old readers alike can find what they want to read about, since there are more than 400 posts to read (some that I am very content about, and some I think are only decent at best).

I’ve added the following under the Video Games menu:

Modding and Crafting:

Here you can find both video game mods and crafting, and since both are popular in their own right I added a subcategory for them. There are posts about other peoples work and also a few of my own.

Video Games in Media:

This is basically where you can find images and video clips of video games in movies, amongst others, and sometimes even in magazines and such.

Video Game Ads:

Both retro and contemporary ads printed on paper or presented in video are posted in this category. There are also some of my interpretations of weird ads too.

Until next time!





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