Game Hunting: The Last of 2014

Instead of making a separate post with all my Christmas gifts and all, I’d like to just showcase everything I never managed to post last year. You know, since I went on a hiatus, and then I got a puppy, which both delayed everything. But alas, here it is, and you know what they say:

Better late than never.



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The reason I post everything like this is because I said I’d start doing something like this, a huge post at the end of every month. This way I get a better picture of how much I’ve actually spent, which will be considerably less. That’s mainly becasue my list is filling up too fast, and I’d like to keep hunting for games much longer than I’d have to at this pace. I’d say I’d collected all games on my list in 1,5 years, which is a bummer. Also, I’ve decided to play a lot more of video games, and now that I don’t pour as much time into hunting them down, I’ve managed to collect extra time to play the ones I have. I’ll mix ’em up so that you’ll feel nauseous and maybe even throw up a little in your mouth. That’d be nice.

Let’s get going then, with the first of the bunch, presented in my current preferred way.

Urban ChampionOh, wow! Is he serious?!” I know what you’re thinking. Urban Champion, perhaps rightfully so, gained a poor reputation for being shallow and basically a bad gaming experience. I beg to differ. It might be no Street Fighter 2, but it’s enjoyable for what it is. It’s the first Nintendo fighting game, which predates even the Smash Bros. Series by many a years, and is a decent experience. You’re controlling one dude that needs to beat re-colored versions of himself in an all-out punchin’ brawl, and the objective is to punch the opponent out the right part of the screen (sounding familiar?) while avoiding pots crushing your head from above. The best part is without a doubt the part where you and your opponent are standing innocently, whistling, while the Police is passing in a car, with the sirens on and the lights glaring. That’s hilarious and charming, and not something you’d imagine Nintendo would produce.

Kingdom Hearts ReCoded

Wait… did he just go from Urban Champion to Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded?” Yes I did. You get what I’m trying to do here? Do you feel nauseated? Can your mind follow these quick twists and turns? Anyhow, this is a remake of a previously cell phone exclusive game which was popular in Japan. They remade it for the Nintendo DS, and I’d probably never know the difference, not having ever played the previous version and all. But it’s Kingdom Hearts, and cost me something reasonable in terms of money, so here you have it.

Capcom Classics 2

I found this baby dirt cheap in a store that’s still rinsing out the ‘ole Playstation 2 to make room for more new games. I already have the first one in the series, which did contain a lot of good games, and the ones in this “sequel” of sorts, Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2, also seemed to be interesting, and something I’d definitely play. After a quick playthrough I’d say I was correct, though I’d like Strider move faster than he does. And look at the cover, it got 93% from Retro Gamer! Wait… is that a magazine (it probably is) or is this just some random retro ramer they’ve asked about his game (this’d without a doubt be infinitely more fun)?

bild 4Now we take a giant leap from the Playstation 2 into something more modern, and into a sequel to the awesome series that is called Pikmin. It’s the third iteration that is aptly named Pikmin 3. This one, together with Pikmin 2, and also the Nintendo Land mini game, lacks a time limit. They learned from their mistake in the first game it seems. An interesting tidbit is that I learned to like Pikmin, and earned a desire to own all official games, after playing the Pikmin mini game in Nintendo Land. They sucked me in well… I don’t know what they target audience was at the time, but they managed to hit an unlikely target it seems.

Mega Man X CollectionWhoa… can this be…?!Mega Man X Collection for the Nintendo Gamecube! This is without a doubt the most expensive retro game I’ve ever bought, as it usually goes for a good amount above the standard retail price of new games at launch day, but I managed to snag this one for a decent price, about 20 dollars less than it usually goes for. The shipping is what makes this one mighty expensive over here, not to mention that it’s a coveted collector’s item. This collection contains Mega Man X to Mega Man X6, which means that I now have all the classic 2D Mega Man X games in my game library. This time they’ve corrected the button layout, which incidentally lead to less strokes worldwide, and added a lot of fun into the fray. Also, if you hammer out the price for this collection, you’d find out that you’d easily save 2/3rds of the ordinary retail price for the original games in the retro market. That’s not too bad either, and since I have no nostalgic connection to the original media, in this case, I figured I’d go for it.

NES AdvantageAnd I got my hands on another NES Advantage! I connected them and found out that it’s perfectly possible to play two players simultaneously with two units hooked up. We had a lot of fun using the Advantages to play Blue Shadow (Shadow of the Ninja in the US). And this unit isn’t even yellowed!

MGS 2 Then we have us some Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. I picked it up since it’s a MGS game, and the extended version at that. It also contained the extra disc, and cost a neglibile sum, and is a game I’m curious to try out because of the acclaim the series has recieved. I think you get the gist of it. There really wasn’t much other reasoning behind this, and I can’t stay away from cheap Special Editions, especially when they’re marked for the same price as the regular editions next to it.

While not a traditional The Legend of Zelda game, Legend Of Zelda Hyrule WarriorsHyrule Warriors takes place in the same universe so to say, with enemies and bosses from all the different incarnations and timelines guiding hoards after hoards of monsters towards the good and honest people of Hyrule, who oppose them valiantly with you, their powerhouse Link, leading them with your sword held high. The gameplay is Dynasty Warriors-esque and the sensation of cutting down throngs after throngs of creatures is very satisfying. Add a friend to the mix and you have a very entertaining experience that’s chock-full of references and enemies from the franchise.

MTV Fan Attack

I’m not sure what category MTV Fan Attack falls into, but it sure looked interesting enough with a rather uncommon story setting. You’re controlling a celebrity that has to escape from your fans (hence “Fan Attack” in the title) while remaining in the spotlight long enough to maintain your over-the-night fame. Being someone who grew up with MTV on the TV, (I know everyone says this, but here I go) when they still played music videos on the channel, I had to get this seemingly quirky game. I don’t dare check out reviews and average scores for this one though, being well aware that it might rank quite low. For more comments about the time MTV still played music, listen to “1985” by “Bare Naked Ladies“.

I’m trying to complete the The Lord of the Rings trilogy for the LOTRPS2 and it seems as if I’m one step further with The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.Now I only miss the first one (The Fellowship of the Ring) which I played on the PC the first time, and that one I remember being fun. Well, not the part when Frodo tries to escape from the Názgul, as that part stressed me out. The Lord of the Rings trilogy rocks! These games… well, I’m about to find out.

gunmanI’ve been on about this game for a while, and finally it’s in my fat claws. I got Wild Gunman as a gift for being a Toast Master at my sister’s wedding! That’s really nice! I’ve wanted this game ever since they showed it in Back to the Future: Part 2, where Marty plays it on a converted arcade cabinet with enhanced graphics (the arcade cabinet setup and the specific version they show in the movie never existed outside of that universe). When I saw that the wild gunmen were part of the Duck Hunt Duo’s attacks in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, I almost shat my pants. That’s nostalgic gold right there.

And speaking of which, I got Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a Christmas gift from my SSMB4wife, and I’ve clocked 35 hours of gameplay so far. I’ve unlocked all characters and levels, and collected over 200 trophies, but I’m far from compleing all achievements and such. I’m having a blast with this game even though the Online mode lags when other players have sub-par internet collections. My favorite characters are Wario (Original Suit), Mega Man (Red color), Adult and Toon Link (Red colors) and Bowser (Wario colors) and last, but not least, Samus (with her original colors from the standard suit in Super Metroid).

Zoo KeeperWhen it came out for the Nintendo DS, Zoo Keeper was acclaimed for it’s innovative and fast-paced gameplay (akin to Bejeweled if you need to compare it to another game), and I remember most reviews telling you to but the game ASAP. Then a browser-based version came out and everyone told you to play that one instead, which was what I did, as it was free. The story goes like this; You’re the son of the Zoo owner, and you’re supposed to play the role of the Zoo Keeper to be able to convince your pop that it wasn’t the animals’ fault that  his wife (in other words your mom) died all those years ago. That’s why the mustaschioed man looks so stern and pissed on the cover. A very sad story to a cutesy and happy game. I was shocked, to say the least.

This chain of stores, who have a small section with new and semi-new games, sold Sonic ColoursSonic Colours for a fraction of what it goes for normally (I paid 3£). The bag was sealed so I’d guess the box was damaged, or someone returned the game without the box (since so many people just throw them away. Maniacs! They’re not even made of cardboard anymore!!). I have empty DS replacement cases, so I just printed the cover (which looks just about like the original, with the colours a bit off) and put the manual and game cartridge in it.

Assassins Creed IV  Black Flag

I saw Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in a discount bin a couple of months ago, for 4£ brand new. I had to get it! I loved the orchestrated version they played at the Score! concert, so I snagged it. Also: Pirates! Y’arr!




I really like the Dragon Quest franchise as a whole, so when I DQ Sentinelssaw Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, I had to get it. The design, based around the works of Akira Toriyama, a character customization system, and a price below the standard retail price (not by a huge lot, though, but not by a negligible amount) made me purchase this game. I’m glad they kept using the original Dragon Quest name outside of Japan too, since Dragon Warrior sounds much more lame.


bild 5Even though I’m really chicken when it comes to games like these, I had to get Zombi U when it was on sale for 4£ brand new. I like rail-shooters like the House of the Dead series, which I enjoy a lot, while others like The Walking Dead really test my nerves as you control the character through silent and dangerous environments. This one looks promising, and I do have something for launch titles, so, yeah. Here it is.


Minion Everyday HeroI’d been keeping an eye out for Minion: Everyday Hero for some time, and found it used for a bit more than I’d pay for a used game, and passed. Then I saw it for the same price, but brand new, and that sealed the deal. You use the unique features of the Wiimote while controlling Minion, to help the citizens of your town with their everyday problems. The gameplay looked really fun, and I think I’ll have a good time playing it, but the graphics are not what you’d expect on the Wii. Who knew that mundane everyday troubles could be so fun to solve?

arkham origins

I’ve heard that Batman: Arkham Origins might be one of the best games for the Wii U, which might be a bold statement now that I read it written out like this. This was also a super deal from Cyber Monday for 6£, coming in a sexy and sealed case. I couldn’t pass this one up, being a Batman fan and having kept an eye out for this game since its release.


Here’s the next installment in the Advance Wars (or Famicom Wars as it’s known as in Advance Wars Dark ConflictJapan) franchise, Advance Wars: Dark Conflict. While the previous games showcase a lighter atmosphere (which is a feat since they encourage using cold strategies in an all-out war) this one has a tad more realistic look to it, but as far as I can see it still seems to play the same. This one cost half of what it usually retailed for, at least during the last two years, so I snagged it.

 Rayman LegendsRayman Legends is a gift from me to my wife. This is actually the first game I played on the Wii U, in Demo form at a Demo stand in a GAME store. I was seriously impressed, and I pretty much decided to buy a Wii U right then, only eventually. I wanted a bigger game library and a bigger wallet, so I bided my time. This version uses the unique Wii U gamepad well and is very fun, as was Rayman Origins too. This one is even better, though!


bombermanI remember when I was to get a vaccine shot at school and they asked me what I wanted for Christmas that year. I went on and on about Bomberman 64 and I barely felt the needle pierce my skin and impale my deltoid muscle. I never got the game that year, though, as it was very expensive at the time, and instead we rented it again and again from the video store. Not only did it have a great multiplayer mode, but a fun single player mode as well. And now, finally, I’ve added this gem to my collection, for less than the standard price people ask for at Amazingly enough I found it in Sweden, where games usually are more expensive. Go figure.

While Nintendo Land tried to be the Wii Sports of Wii U, and Sports Cdidn’t quite manage that in the public’s eyes (not according to me, though!), ESPN Sports Connection manages to do just that. You can play golf, baseball, football (soccer to ye ‘mericuns) amongst others, and while not as good as Wii Sports, it’s actually quite decent. I’d already played it with my brother-in-law, enjoying it, and for 4£ brand new… Heck yes!

MadWorldMad World is notorious for being a gory game with a distinct art style which sets it apart from other games, which is even a more eye catching fact when it’s on a family-friendly console like the Nintendo Wii. Everything is colored in different shades of black and white, and one solid shade of crimson red which pours out of those stupid enough of opposing you. With SEGA on the cover, and a price tag of 2£ brand new, I just couldn’t pass this great deal up.

Ever since I saw Injustice: Gods Among Us announced,injustice I knew I was going to buy it eventually. I tried it out on iOS, and while I was impressed I found the controls lacking, and I wasn’t a fan of the Freemium nature of the game. The premise of DC heroes and villains fighting each other in a universe where the heroes have been breaking bad just sounds too awesome to pass on, and a price tag of approximately 7£ brand new made me reel in this huge catch.






6 thoughts on “Game Hunting: The Last of 2014

  1. Zombi U… I’ve managed to complete the main game once. I keep thinking of going back to it (there are several different endings, but it made me so tense when I played it that I put off going back to it.

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  2. Wow incredible haul there! Some are really rare, ESP the Mega Man Collection. I almost got it on GameCube, but the lady selling it got rid of it before I could buy it. I settled for the PS2 version. Black Flag is my favorite Assassins Creed game. Great find on DS games for sure! So many games so little time! Hah

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  3. I never even know the GC version of MMX collection was rare. I just checked my copy and i’m missing the manual :(. its funny cause the ps2 version goes for around $15 but I was seeing $50-$60 for the GC version. I wouldn’t hold my breath on the LOtR game. it was okay from what I remember but I never finished it. maybe one day.

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    • I guess the LOTR games are cash-in games just like every other movie licensed game 😀 The first game was good though.
      Yup, Mega Man X Collection is expensive. I didn’t know it was, and mot having a NTSC PS2 I had to go for the GCN version where I have a Freeloader. I figured chipping or modding the PS2 into reading NTSC games wouldn’t be cost Effective as there are no other NTSC exclusive games that I want at the moment.


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