Is this for real! The Inflation of Video Game Prices


I really hope there’s an error at play here, because these prices are insane! Not only are they really high in price, but also pretty specific- they’ve even added 1 Swedish Krona just for good measure.

I browsed for the most expensive games on the site, as I do on other sites as well (since it’s fun to see what people want for their games), and I was shocked to say the least. I was going to re-check the site with a standard PC, to see if this was an error or someting exclusive to the iOs web browsers, but the site seems to be down.

DarkwingIce Hockey seems to go for about at most 400 swedish Krona (which is insane in my opinion) but here they want much more than that. Darkwing Duck, complete, goes for the same on this site (for the Game Boy, that is), and around 400 Swedish Krona on our equivalent of Ebay. I don’t know how rare Darkwing Duck was for the Game Boy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the well known rarity of the NES version has made people think the Game Boy version is just as “rare”.

Let me convert that currency for you:

400 Swedish Krona = about 40 Euros or 48 USD.

14281 Swedish Krona =  1520 Euros or 1728 USD.

And Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages for 5446 Kr?! Yeah, right.


Now what do you think about this insanity? I understand why Gamester81 doesn’t find NES collecting fun anymore, because of of the ridiculous prices, and I think game collecting overall is becoming more and more dull. While I could get The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64 (gray cart) for 7 Euros in 2005 I can get that one same cart for easily 40 Euros in the same store today. That’s ludicrous, and even though the growing community gives retro gamers/collectors more people to discuss games with, and an easier way to find specific or obscure games, I’m starting to think that this thing will implode on itself. Casual collectors that want to relive their childhood memories won’t bother, and only hardcore collectors will remain on the scene. Eventually the prices will plummet again and the days where everyone and their aunt thinks that a NES is a rarity worth 80 bucks will be long gone, and a distant memory that the remaining community will laugh at.

Now I’m not talking about new and modern games; they cost much more to produce, and even though that’s the case they cost much less than they used to do back in the day, so I don’t get why people keep complaining about how expensive new games are. When I grew up the average kid had 5 or so games in their library, if they even had a console to begin with, and that was it. Now the average kid easily has 20 games or so, if not more.

Once again I reference this superb article from IGN: ”


8 thoughts on “Is this for real! The Inflation of Video Game Prices

    • One would be better off keeping every single game and bot trade them in, because of this phenomenon. I’m not even daring to start collecting SNES because of it, and have put that on hold.


  1. Yeah, I wrote an article about this same exact occurrence with modern video games on my blog.

    The older, rarer games will of course be high since they are no longer being made. However, new games at $60 is a pretty damn good deal when compared to the past. In all honesty, buying video games right now, is the best time to buy. Older games, not so much.

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  2. “Casual collectors that want to relive their childhood memories won’t bother, and only hardcore collectors will remain on the scene. Eventually the prices will plummet again and the days where everyone and their aunt thinks that a NES is a rarity worth 80 bucks will be long gone” that and time passes and the n64 generation gets older will probably see those era systems rise in price as they are struck by nostalgia and NES/SNES era prices fall as common collectors already have them or nostalgia wanes…..or the prices may remain high. as time passes the systems get rarer as more people horde them and carts/consoles fail. part of the reason I switched to retro PC gaming is its soooo much cheaper. people just don’t seem to have the attachment to the retro pc scene and good games can still be found at thrifts for cheap, where as with something like a NES games everyone just assumes there gold, even the crap common games. That said there has been an upward price creep in some elements of retro computing. for one I’ve noticed a sharp price increase in the commodore 64 market here. I probably had 7 or 8 C64’s at one time because I just kept finding them in the wild for $10-$20 or even free. now (especially on Craigslist) I see them frequently but for $60-$100+. I thrift a lot at thrifts and goodwill and I would say in the past year I’ve probably found almost 100 PC games at these places, may actually good games complete or almost complete for about $5. compare that with console games….I’ve probably come across 10-15 games that thrifts across all consoles and usually they have much inflated prices and loose.

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    • Yeah, the N64 games will probably get even more expensive. And you’re right, PC games are way cheaper “in the wild” and great titles can be found complete for next to nothing. The games I’d look for would be Warcraft 1 and 2, Age of Empires and Age of Mythology, Messiah, Dungeon Keeper, Command and Conquer, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun, Commandos 1-3 with the expansion packs, Worms 1-3, Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2… There are so many PC games I grew up with and frankly I’ve neglected that part of my fandom and childhood. I’ll have to check thrift stores out for those games, and even more probably, next time I get to one.


      • I picked up a complete boxed copy of Warcraft for probably about $5 a few months ago. I also came across a mint copy of age of empires but I didn’t get it…don’t remember why, short on funds maybe but i regret not grabbing it.

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