Now Playing: Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1


First I played Bionic Commando, which is a ridiculously difficult game, and it feels much different from Commando and the NES version of Bionic Commando. First of all you die every 10 or so seconds, and the grappling hook (or bionic arm, if you will) is hard to maneuvre because of the Playstation 2 Gamepad not being optimized for this (I guess). Thank goodness you have unlimited credits though, but get used to that annoying Continue jingle as you’ll hear it a lot throughout the game, you will get killed by enemies off-screen a lot. Also the agme game is short on only 4 stages, but considering the amound of quarters this sucker will cash in from you this might be a good thing. I couldn’t spot any blatant Nazi references, though that final boss and the enemy soldiers sure look like they were intended to be Nazies after all.

For a comparision between all the bazillion ports that there exists for this game please look at the video below:

Then I played some Forgotten Worldsย which is a fun shooter, and pretty average at that. I encountered some Nightmare Fuel though… Take a look:image

In this above level deformed faces enter from the background and stunt your advancement. They won’t hurt you, but they sure do achieve their objective: To demoralize the enemy.imageThen at this later level this giant (zombie?) thing enters and spews things at you. When this thing first showed up I felt a wee bit frightened, but I defeated it quite easily with the powerups I’d picked up.

Did you notice the sharp image in the later two pictures? That’s the Component cable I got for Christmas that is coming to use. Neat.



7 thoughts on “Now Playing: Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1

  1. Yep Bionic Commando is totally different than normal Commando. Different genres even. I’m looking at my Capcom Collection right now for XBox. I much prefer the Nintendo version, but its good to have the Arcade. Even if its a quick game.

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    • I love having the arcade games at home, and I like the iconic Bionic Commando tune in the second stage, so I’m happy I got to play it. But I’d never get past the first half of the game on a real machine! I’d run out of money! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Ah, Forgotten Worlds! I love that game. You’re right it’s a bit simple. Not much to do but rotate and shoot. But it looks great and is a fun ride.
    I remember when it was new in the arcade and I was stunned. I got the Genesis version and it didn’t take long to beat but I still liked playing it through many times.
    Component cables will look a lot nicer than RCA (composite) cables. That’s a very worth while thing to upgrade!
    I’m thinking about modding my Genesis and Master system so they can use something better than RCA.

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    • It does look amazing! ๐Ÿ˜€ I really liked that rotating system, with all weapon upgrades nothing can stand in your way!
      Now all my systems output with their best native video quality, and it sure looks sweet!


  3. NICE! NEVER, I repeat, NEVER play the newest Bionic Commando. I tried, and failed hard. The multiplayer was “fun” while it lasted, and the swing mechanics were top notch, but the game… was just terrible.

    I am not playing many games right now since my new job is basically playing a game hah. At least it is the right step into my dream direction to work in the video game industry ๐Ÿ˜€

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