Game Hunting: January & February- Mixed Bag of Goodies

These months I had a more meager haul than I usually get, which is a good thing, both for more gaming time and for the wallet. Let’s look at what I got!

bullworth academyCanis Canem Edit: Bullworth Academy, is a game that made a few headlines as you basically control a bully, or prankster if you will, through the fictional halls of Bullworth Academy. Make the girls swoon for you, make pranks, watch out for the teachers etc. You’re the bad boy now! Rockstar games made this game, and that’s one reason to get the game, as well as the fact that you control this bully- wannabe into delinquiency. If that isn’t a fun enough setting I don’t know what is. Got this one from a thrift store for 3 dollars, and the casing and game disc are in mint condition. It even has a game poster with a map of the schoolgrounds at the back! That map is going up on my game room wall in the future.

Next game we bought is Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. ToadI really liked those parts in Super Mario 3D World, and, if I’ve understood this right, this game is centered around that mini game. I haven’t played it yet, as most of my time has been poured into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. I’m looking forward to playing this game, and the idea is to play it together with my wife, which always is fun. Got this one for the standard retail price.


Then I got this charger, and at a glance it seemed to be for one of the NDS models, which was neat. Then I ds chargertook it home and tried it on my DS Lite and 3DS but it didn’t fit! It didn’t look like the one for the GBA SP (which is identical to the one for the DS Phat) so I made some research based on the serial number, and it seems as if this one goes to the Game Boy Advance Micro! They aren’t always that cheap to come over, and I got this for approximately 3 dollars, so I’m content after all. It seems as if i have to get a GBA Micro to go with this thrift store find, or sell or trade it to someone who needs it.

imageI already have Super Mario All Stars which was released for the Wii during Mario’s 25th Anniversary, along with the DVD (but without the cardboard box), but when I found this one for cheap in a GAME store in Elche, Spain, I had to get it for my brother. And it’s an English edition too! You only need to swap the case with a newer one as it has some scratches and scuffs, but it should work just fine as the disc is in good condition.

imageThese key chain mini games are reminescent of similar LCD games that were given out imagetogether with the Swedish Club Nintendo Magazine when you subscribed. We had (and probably still have it somewhere in a cardboard box) a Tetris one which was really fun to play. Of all the ones I saw I had to get these two, which are Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Jr. . Others available were some kind of racing game, Mario’s Factory and Octopus just to name a few. I found these two pretty little things in Media Market and GAME stores around Alicante in Spain.

Last but not least I found a Wii U Gamepad Cradle for half the retail price at a Toys R’ Us store, also around Alicante, imageSpain. You never got these with the basic White Nintendo Wii U system as it was bundled only with the more expensive Black set). Toy stores are great when you want to find certain games for a great price, especially if they’re part of bigger chains or in smaller cities where they have a smaller costumer base, as they tend to sell part of their inventory off at a regular basis to make room fore more popular items. Add to this that they usually sell off games and accessories that aren’t popular to kids, or not that famous amongst them (like gems and the like) and you’ll get why scouring the retail bins are a good thing if you want to find cheaper games as an adult. I’ve also found Pikmin (for the Wii), Pikmin 3 (Wii U) and Super Scribblenauts (NDS) this way. So release your inner child and check the stores out. You might find something awesome that’s on your list.

I’d been looking for a video game system to have at my parents’ place as it’s tedious to imagemove whole systems back and forth everytime we visit, which is quite often, and I thought a Playstation 2 would be a nice choice because of the abundance of games I have for that system. Also, I won’t mind if the game’s cases crach during the transport… it’s quite easy to fix those dagames since you easily can swap the gases as cheap sports games are easy to come by for that European blue-ish color. I foudn this at a thrift store for less than the lowest online price I’ve even enountered, which was neat, so I got it. They guarranteed that it worked, and if it didn’t I could return it (which is weird if they guarantee it’s proper functioning) and I tried out Canis Canem Edit: Bullworth Academy on it (also known as The Bully to some of you) and it ran like a clock. I also got a 8 mb original Memory Gate memory card which ahd game saves for a multitude of different games on it, and only about 1 mb left (roughly 1000 kb or so) by a dude named KRILLEN. Thanks for the save games, Krillen! Are you perhaps bald with incense burn marks on your forehead? Anyhow, I had to remove some of them and removed those for games I were to play myself, like Kingdom Hearts, and those for games I am playing on other platforms, like Gun which I’m playing on the Gamecube. Sports games save games like those for SSX 3 and some kind of golf game had to go as well, as well those for FPS games such as Medal of Honor. At the end I had about 6 Mb free. Sorry, Krillen, but this Playstation 2 isn’t yours anymore, and it had collected dust since 2008 judging by the save game’s dates.



4 thoughts on “Game Hunting: January & February- Mixed Bag of Goodies

    • I got it for 15 euros, which is a good deal in my opinion, considering the rarity. I’ve found only one more complete but with a battered box selling for 80 euros or 100 or so dollars in a GAME store, so I’m happy to have found this game, with or without the Dvd.

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