Radical Shelving


I found this example of radical shelving, and as you can see it’s supposed to resemble the platforms from Donkey Kong. As with many other interesting storage solutions this one was found in Pinterest. Apart from being a very nice Donkey Kong inspired shelving solution, I like the fact that the tilt allows for gravity to keep the cartridges and other items from tipping over when you grab a game cartridge (as might be the case with horisontal shelves). The addition of ladders and even an ape at the top is a very nice aestethic touch. For someone with a smaller game cart collection this might be the best solution, especially if there’s no need or interest to put the loose carts in game cases.

You might already tell that this is something that I’ll be adding to add to my future bigger game room. I’ll probably add a sprite bead art Donkey Kong at the top and also some barrels and whatnot, as well as a Mario bead sprite or something to give a really cool look to it.



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