Time For This Blog to Take a New Direction

I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of video games as a whole. It’s getting sunnier and sunnier and I can feel spring in the air. This has made me realize that I’m more than a gamer. First and foremost I’m a gardener. Yes! I’ve discovered my ultimate passion! All the time I’ve spent in Harvest Moon, all that garden designing in The Sims 3, all that coziness of walking around and controlling my Pikmin. Not to mention my fondness of the Grass- type Pokémon and Farmville!

In short I’ll remake this into a Gardening blog! I hope I’ll be able to enrich your life with the beauty of gardening. Bless you all my little flowers!



6 thoughts on “Time For This Blog to Take a New Direction

  1. I’m not sure if this is an early April fools joke but….(Oh, I see it is)
    Oddly enough I have gotten into gardening as well in the past month and have started my own garden. I’m mostly trying to grow hot peppers and so far I have Jalapeno, Habanero and Tabasco plants growing along with a few other things like Tomatoes and strawberries. unfortunately the soil and super hot sun here sucks and makes things really hard.

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    • I wish you good luck with that! Gardening gives serenity to your soul. I’ve tried to grow radishes before but I failed miserably. In the future I’d like to grow my own carrots and onions. It’s said home grown onions are something else!


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