Game Hunting: Stupid Smarch Weather!

This month I present to you a few of my game hunting yield, which as you can see are fewer than they used to be. My gamer’s economy is rejoicing as it isn’t as strained as it used to be. I’ve also been able to play more video games, amongst others Rayman Legends for the Wii U, which is a great platformer with ingenious level layouts (especially with the Wii U controller). There were no new video games this time around, and as you can see I’d have to do with only accessories.


I got a second Playstation Dual Shock 2 Controller to go with the original Playstation 2 console I left at my parents’. I also left Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 there as well as Colin McRae Rally 2005. This controller is near mint and works very well.


I’ve been looking for a Gamecube Controller Adapter for the Wii U, but they’re all out wherever I look. If you want an original adapter you’ll have to pay 80 Euros or more on Ebay and the likes, which is extortion level! That’s another reason why I think the gaming community, or more correctly the ones who try to make big bucks by buying stuff in high demand that they have no interest in other than financially (like Amiibos) is turning more and more rotten.

I ordered one in January, and they set the shipping date to late February, and next time I checked theyä’d pushed it forward to July -15. I asked them what this was all about, and the answer was that the supplier (Nintendo) wouldn’t give them a fix shipping date. I’d also guess that other markets are prioritized outside of the Swedish one, and that these adapters are in really high demand since they made so few of them. It’s the same as the Amiibo fiasco all over again. Why are you doing this, Nintendo? The only ones making money of this are borderline dishonest people that bought a buch of these products to milk money out of your fans.

What’s the next best solution then? Get a 3rd party device for marginally less than the imageoriginal product that doesn’t exist readily available anymore. I got this Gamecube Controller Adapter from Gameseek, who in turn import these from Mayflash (who have recieved great reviews for these adapters, and other products as well, throughout the ‘nets). It works really well, there’s no delay or lag, and both original and 3rd party controllers function flawlessly through this one. It cost 20 Euros with shipping, which is less when compared to 25 Euros excl. shipping on an original adapter that won’t ever get back into stock. My brother got one of these too, and both have worked really well.

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