Two New Headers and Return from New York

I’ve been in New York for a week and have thus been incative, but I have some goodies for you if you keep your eyes out for a new post in the Reader (ir your E-mail inboxes, if you follow me that way).

There are two new headers that are mixed in randomly with the previous ones, one with Mario and Peach playing Famicom (inspired by and one with none other than Wario. There’s one with Samus and one with Mega Man in the works as well. Other than that I have visited only one video game store (which I passed by just randomly) in New York and actually walked out with a decently priced PS Vita game!

mariopeach.png wario-header.pngI’ll be writing a few posts tomorrow as I’ve got material for 4-5 upcoming posts it seems.

Try to guess (or determine) which game format the media belong to in the background of the headers. Can you make them out?

I’m leaving for now to play some Rayman Legends. Game on!


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