Dance Puppets, Dance!

Not only do I collect video games, I also like to buy the occasional plushie. For one they usually look adorable, and they also look pretty cool too in some kind of way when on display. I’d think someone that’s no nerd like me merely would think it’s childish, but I digress. I’d like to show you these plushies and also take a moment to show off my cap collection while I’m at it.



Here we have two beauties, a Mickey Mouse plush that I got during this recent trip to New York and also this delicious Wario one I got from my wife two weeks ago.




Then there are these two Dragon Ball ones. I also have a Super Saiyajin Vegeta that unfortunately isn’t in this picture, and I gave a Piccolo plush to my brother. These two are Kuririn and Son Goku.



IMG_5762Here’s my Toon Link plush which in the next picture will adorn his head with my caps. From the top to the left we have a Snapback NES Controller Cap bought in Canada, a Team Nintendo Cap which was a gift from my wife, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage Comics Cap from Inside in Spain and last, but not least, a NES Controller Cap which I bought in Nintendo World in New York in 2010.



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