Video Game Hunting: May You Find What You’re Searching For Part 1

May month has been a very Video Game Hunting rich month with a lot of places having sales, my awesome brother giving me some stuff, and me scoring on a certain last console of the big three in the -90’s… This means that I’ll have to split this post into three different ones, to make everything easier to scan through for you. As usual, all games were purchased for at least 25% below standard retail or retro game market prices, and usually for a good bit more than that too.

First off, let’s start chronologically from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the Gameboy Advance. Games for systems made later will be in Part 2, and last, but not least, the console bundle in Part 3.

2015-05-24 10.58.03The first game is Slalom which I remember my parents having rented for us when we were kids. I can distinctly see that round butt in front of me guiding it’s way throughout the tracks, and I also remember us kids exclaiming that the Pause sound was exactly like the one in Super Mario Bros. I also got the European Version which sports the much nicer Japanese box art. Even though it’s the same game, I don’t quite like the pixelated box arts. As far as I know, they weren’t sold over here, so I’d say that’d boildown to nostalgic preference if anything. The pixelated ones are cheaper, after all.

ducktalesThis game needs no introduction as most, if not all “Retro Gamers”, have a fond connection to it. Be it their immense love for the cartoon, all things Capcom or the goosebumps they get from the Moon theme, Ducktales is one of those games one really has to play. At Easy mode it’s really easy to beat (duh) and at harder difficulties even the most seasoned gaming veteran can get his/hers fix. It’s a bit on the more expensive side but I was able to find it cheaper at the German Ebay site. This Pal B version is completely in English too.

Pokémon SilverWhile my personal motto rather was “Gotta catch at least some of ém! ” I still found the “Gotta Catch ém all!” motto to be awesome. I never did get why Ash didn’t do it, and looked down on him and his team. Sure, love is great and all, but not actually training your Pokémon outside of trainer battles just shows how little you’re invested in it’s success. You can’t be the very best that no one ever was if you don’t put your back into it. I got this Pokémon: Silver Version box from my brother. He had it somewhere collecting dust and wanted me to have it in my collection. I asked him to keep the game so that we still could battle each other. I’ve ordered a charging cable for his GBA SP (the Groudon Edition) but it hasn’t arrived yet.

Pokémon FireRedMy brother could very well be Santa Claus or a saint since he gave me this box too. Pokémon FireRed is the first of the two remakes, predating the Gold/Silver remakes for the Nintendo DS, and the Ruby/Sapphire ones for the 3DS. I remember enjoying this one a lot (at least LeafGreen, which was the one I had) and I asked my brother to keep this game cartridge too.


Stay tuned for Part 2!



The Most Exciting Game You’ve Ever Played

IMG_5728I present to you Towing Simulator, a versatile game where you’ll experience a simulation of what it means to tow cars and other vehicles around, and give you a taste of what that entails.

  • Are you interested in towing but too young for it?
  • Do you lack a drivers license or other credentials?
  • Is this the only training they’re giving you before starting work on Monday morning?

Well look to further! This is the most exciting game for you! 

Yeah. I’d never get this. Though the premise sounds really interesting. No, I’m just being too kind.

A summary of this game:

Stressed man playing video game



J&L Games, New York City

When in New York I stumbled upon this gaming store called J&L Games, by chance, and decided to check it out since I haven’t entered other areas who had retro game stores. The bigger chains didn’t really have that huge selection of NTSC games that I could play on my systems (which are games for the Gamecube, NES, the Game Boy lineup, Nintendo DS, and PS Vita) and now that they’ve ventured into newer platforms, that unfortunately are region locked, I don’t have that many reasons to enter those stores anymore. There might be the odd Nintendo DS game being clearanced (such as Aliens: Infestation which was a steal at 10 bucks) but now I can’t even seem to find that kind of games either. There only are “Language” games and stuff like “Driving School” and “Stop Smoking” games. That’s nothing to waste my money at. So imagine my glee when seeing this store!

I’ll give you a rough walkthrough, and even though the prices were what you could imagine in a game store with a physical location, with Ebay prices being what they are, I still thought that it was worth entering. Most of the new games were decently priced too.

IMG_5730When entering you can see some Wii U games and peripherals at the left, and they had a nice selection too. That Mario figure at the back was for sale too! As with all the images in this post, you can enlarge the image by clicking it, or by opening it in a new tab (right click and choose to open it in a new tab). The setup was clean and tidy. No dust on the shelves either! I’ve never seen that many Wiimotes with special designs in the same place either. That’s neat.




They also had lots of Amiibo’s for about 15 bucks each. They usually went for close to 20 bucks in the GameStops I visited, so I was impressed that they didn’t charge more for them. Some, like the Villager and other “rare” and elusive ones were priced at about 45 bucks or so, if I recall correctly. I can’t figure out the prices on the tags as they’re invisible in this picture. I didn’t get any, even though they’re signicifantly cheaper when compared to Sweden, since the only one I want is the Wario one, The others aren’t interesting to me at all, though Mega Man and Samus are awesome.

IMG_5733They had this huge Mario (statue?) at the entrance. I took a picture with it but I don’t want to show off my face like this on the Internet, you know, all those things they told you about that kind of stuff when the Internet was still young still affects my mind. Anyhow, this didn’t seem to be for sale, and I can’t really imagine how you’d take this one with you. I’d reckon shipping would be cheaper if you’d just pay for an extra plane seat for it! Not to mention I’d guess something like this would cost between 200-500 dollars. That’s not any money I’d like to pay for a Mario figure. A Wario one is a different story though…

IMG_5734Look at all these Game Boy games!! When getting into retro territory the prices tend to skyrocket, as was the case with these games, and even among those who were decently priced I didn’t find anything I liked too much, or I already had them. The same goes for the Game Boy Advance games. I didn’t get any loose Nintendo DS games, I only ever bought a loose cart since it had the manual before (Sonic Colors) so I stayed away from them. This reminds me, I need 20 more clear Nintendo DS cases… There are some Game Boy games of mine who still need custom boxes, and one “82 in 1″ compilation (Lies!! There are only 10 unique games or so in it!) that needs a custom case design.

IMG_5738Games everywhere! They had games for the following platforms, though I may have missed one or two of them: NES, SNES, GB, GBA, PS, PS2, PS3, PS4, GCN, N64, Genesis, Wii, Wii U, PSP, PS Vita, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, NDS, N3DS… Did I miss something? Yeah, I’m sure I missed something. Anyhow, you get the big idea. The NES games did cost a fair bit, as they pretty much only had quality titles in great condition, and most of the quality GCN titles too, though Wario World had the standard price which is seen both in the US and Europe (around 20 dollars or so). They also had a few boxed NES games too.

IMG_5740The Game Boy systems carried a hefty price tag of around 60-80 dollars, though I’d guess the pro is that you can try them out and feel them before buying them. They also seemed to be in good condition. I eyed that Game Boy Printer but got cold feet as I’m hoping to get one for cheaper. They also had a good few Japanese import titles, something taht isn’t too common I’d believe. I only saw imports in Pink Gorilla, though I’ll admit I didn’t look to carefully for them in other stores either. I have a Yellow Brick Game Boy (follow the Yellow Brick Game Boy, follow the Yellow Brick Game Boy, follow, follow, follow follow, follow the Yellow Brick Game Boy) and would like to get my hands on one with the original colors and the transparent one.

IMG_5741And here you have the Playstation Vita games, who were decently priced. Can you spot The Walking Dead: The Second Season?

I hope you liked this virtual tour of sorts. Make sure to visit the store, the prices may match other physical game stores but the experience was great. I think I’d have bought more games if I hadn’t decided to buy selected titles instead in January.