Splatoon Global Testfire

The Splatoon Global Testfire was something largely unannounced, and I just so happened to log into the Wii U store at the very same day and managed to download it. I played at the last time slot (British Time) and my experience was mixed. While it was really fun I never got the hang of it and grew frustrated the longer I played the game. I never seemed to figure out how to play it efficiently and was splattered down in no time, constantly respawning. I found the unique mechanics difficult to get used to (like swimming in ink, loading your gun in ink, making sure not to get stuck in enemy ink or you’re instantly killed etc.) and I didn’t fully enjoy the game. I’d need a few hours more with it before I’d be able to tell if I really liked it or if I still were to be frustrated. Though it is an impressive game I think my pitfall was trying to play it like a mainstream FPS, which the game both is and isn’t. For a more comprehensive article, be sure to read SlickGaming’s post. For now, I’ll only present a few sub-par screenshots from my session. If you did test it during the Global Testfire, you’re eligible for a Download Discount!

splatoon1The enemy team spawning.


A Squid mini game, much like those games where you jump up to higher platforms. This kind of Loading- minigames were patented by Namco  in -95 and they recently lost the patent this year, which explains why no one else did these and also why Nintendo were bold enough to create this for our amusement. 


A screen of what the mini game itself looks like.splatoon3Constantly at the bottom of my team.  splatoon2I saw this screen much more often than I’d like to admit.


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