Video Game Hunting: May You Find What You’re Searching For Part 2

Here’s the second part of Video Game Hunting: May You Find What You’re Searching For. This time I’ll present to the game finds of more recent nature, at least when it comes to production date. They were found in GAME, that both had a separate Retro Game sale of 25%, and more recently a Liquidation Sale where all accessories and consoles were at 20% off and all games, regardless of new or old in nature, were 40% off, and a couple of the games were at Members Only prices of around 2-3 £. There were also one game found in an electronic chain looking to clear it’s inventory too.

metal slug anthology I’m happy this one was still sitting on the shelf during a whole year before they finally had a sale where I got 25% off, saving on both the game and the shipping cost. Well, saving isn’t the correct word as I ended up spending money, but I think you catch my drift. Metal Slug Anthology is a collection of 6 games in the series and was a collection of all games that were released in the arcades thus far. As I love the Metal Slug series I had to get it, and I’m happy I did, as it’d be gone in the upcoming sale in a few weeks. The comedy and action in this game are stupendous and for a retro nut like myself this release is gold.

red steel1 I’ve heard that the Red Steel games are good and for 3 £ I got Red Steel 2 just for the heck of it. I don’t have much more info about the game other than what was in the back of the case, and for that price I went for it. I figured it’d be a game I’d eventually want to play anyways, and the disc and manual were in pristine condition. The case, not so much. Another game for such a small price was Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D for the 3DS. Having only heard splinter cellabout the Splinter Cell series a few times, and tested the first game in the series briefly (for the Playstation 2) I figured I should get this one. There’s a bit of a tear in the cover, but other than that the whole thing is in good condition, and a 2 £ price tag sealed the deal. And did I mention it’s in Threeee Deeee?! That’s epic, man.

2015-05-17 16.25.33

Gunblade N.Y. / L.A. Machineguns: Arcade Hits Pack are U.S.A. centric shooters where you gun down invading robots and such. It’s an arcade conversion of a SEGA- produced game, and since I’ve been eyeing this one for two years, and consider evetything SEGA (bar the new Sonic games, mind that I havent’ played them though) to be good I got this one. I also need another rail-shooter for my Wii U, my chosen platform for shooting games, and this one filled the slot very well. Nothing beats the smell of gasoline in the morning.


2015-05-24 10.58.37Finally I got Wii Play for… believe it, the Wii. This came with most, if not all, early Wii systems and I found out my brother-in-law would’ve given me his arguably better copy if I had just asked him for it. Alas, I got this for a small penny so it didn’t matter too much. The price for this title has dropped about 80% over here in the last year. I’m a sucker for these Mii games, even though the cover art for this looks like crud. I much prefer the cover and box of the Wii Music game more.


Next is a Wario Amiibo that I’ve been wanting, but my lovely wife beat me to it and got it for me for 40% off! This is the only Amiibo I ever wanted really, and I’m looking forward to use him in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and also, hopefully, in other games if possible in the future. I love everything Wario, and this one is a little delicious!

Next comes Part 3! The Epic Finale! The Crown Jewel! The Best of the Best! The King of Kings! The Italian Stallion!


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