Video Game Hunting: May You Find What You’re Searching For Part 3

I really hope you’ve gotten the little pun in the title by now. Hint: It’s May month’s recap!

2015-05-25 19.07.35

Can you believe it? This is my first every SEGA console, the SEGA Dreamcast. I vividly remember playing Ready 2 Rumble Boxing and enjoying it while being blown away by the graphics and the technology that was way ahead of it’s time. The advanced technology of it’s time, piracy, an inability to meet demands production wise (it sold out very fast, but ultimately in low numbers) and finally rock hard competition from the Playstation 2 lead to it’s downfall. Still, the Dreamcast has a solid fanbase and a great library of games (some were ported to other systems after the system’s demise) and people keep creating homebrews for it.

2015-05-25 19.08.27I got a white, non-yellowed system together with 2 Visual memory Units, 1 controller and 10 games. Unfortunately I can’t find the photo of the console itself, but here you can see the manuals in great shape2015-05-24 10.59.24. I also bought a Vibration Pack and a Japanese controller (as evident with the red “Dreamcast Swirl” and they work perfectly. The controller fits very nicely in your hands and the buttons are well placed. The vibration is solid and the VMU gives a very retro feel to the console, while at the same time being impressive. Some games show primitive title screens during gameplay, others, like Chuchu Rocket! have alternating moving images and rotating CD’s. Grapchic’s wise you could think “Brick Game Boy” and get a good sense of how it looks. The games use a different control scheme for 3D games, when compared to other consoles, because of there only being one analouge stick. In MDK 2 you turn around with the stick and use the A, B, X, Y buttons as “arrow keys”, think “standard PC FPS control scheme”. Rainbow Six uses the stick to turn around and the A button as if in a racing game, to move forward. It takes some time to get used too, but will feel natural after a couple of sessions. To top it all off I even got an RGB cable for it in the mix, and the image is really crisp!

2015-05-25 19.36.14  These are the games I got with the system:

Hydro Thunder, Blue Stinger, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, V-Rally 2: Expert Edition, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Hidden & Dangerous, ChuChu Rocket!, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, MDK 2 and an NTSC version of Rainbow Six, a Dream On demo disc came with the system, as well as the Dream Key that you used for Internet Access. A decent collection of games for the Dreamcast newbie, in other words! But I had to snag a couple of other games while I was at it.

unnamed (1)The first game is from my wife, she got it during a 40% sale and it’s none other than Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes which I used to play and enjoy on unnamed (2)the PC in Demo form as a kid. The second is Dead or Alive 2, which apart from it’s scantily clad females and the ever so gross Bass, is a really great fighting game.


6 thoughts on “Video Game Hunting: May You Find What You’re Searching For Part 3

  1. That’s really nice Instant Dreamcast collection 🙂
    I didn’t know the Dreamcast was region free. Can you system play both the PAL and NTSC games that you have?
    I also have a nice boxed Dreamcast but that’s because I kept mine from when I bought it new.
    Allow me to recommend some games that you should check out! 😀

    Phantasy Star Online
    Grandia II

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    • It’s not really region free per se, but you can burn several discs that allow you to play import and “back-up discs”, if you know what I mean. I’ll burn one of them to be able to play the really expensive games on this system.
      It can play both PAL games and NTSC games like the Gamecube can with the Freeloader, so it’s kind of the same principle only that these DC boot discs allow for you playing burned games. Thanks for the recommendations! 😀 I’ll add them to my list! 🙂


  2. I really like the Dreamcast hardware and ended up getting one back in the day at EB Games a little before it was discontinued. but lately I’ve found myself struggling to like and even use the system. I think it comes down to games. I usually play RPG’s and Shumps and the issue I have with the DC is its rather tiny RPG selection. Sure its better then some consoles but how many of those games are exclusives or definitive versions? on the Shump front there are a number of really good DC shumps but the majority of them seem to be insanely priced or again cheaper on another console. I really really want to like the system and use it more but I’m having a hard time finding reasons. I’ve been looking for hidden gems and recently bought Alien Front cause it looked fun and its a cool game but with its limited single player scope it was really only good for an hour of amusement then went back to the shelf.

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    • I know where you’re coming from Justinwl. Not too long ago I almost sold my Dreamcast and games. In part because I felt like I had too many systems and in part because I was having trouble thinking of games I would still really want to play. But as I was flipping through the games I have decided there is enough to make it worth while. Even if you just consider my small list in the post above.

      And again you’re right. A lot of these worth while Dreamcast games are getting expensive. But the good news is there is no copy protection on the Dreamcast so you can download any game you want. Play it and enjoy it while you hunt down an original at an affordable price. Some people will balk at copied games but we’re not all made of money and while there is no way to buy a licensed version we should do what we can to enjoy these old games.
      I recently downloaded Shenmue 2 for the Dreamcast which includes voice acting that was present in the xbox original version but not in the original PAL Dreamcast version. Now I can play Shenmue 2 on my Dreamcast in it’s best form when previously it wasn’t even an option for me. Very nice 🙂

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      • Shenmue 2 might be one of those games I’ll Download. I have a hard time imagining to get it for a fair price. But I have two recommendations for you: Zombie Revenge and MDK2. They’re really good, especially the former one which is a mindless arcade style game where you destroy Zombies. The normal mode pales in comparision to the Hard Knuckle mode where your FISTS are your greatest weapons!! 😀


    • I feel ya, I can totally get that. The insane pricing on some games is a total showstopper which is why it’s nice to be able to play “back-up” discs on the system pretty easily. My goal is to own all the games I want in original, but in the likely case that isn’t possible I’ll be comforted by the copies. That’s certainly not my preferred route of gaming as a collector… But beggars can’t be choosers.


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