Video Game Crafting: Watch Me!



I opened up a 2 Euro watch and added a Nintendo Seal of Quality sticker as the background, and then I crudely marked the hours. It looks crude, but this is the best I could do with the tools I had (none, that is). I’m hoping to create my own custom video game- themed clocks, and I’ve done a few with discs as bases and even another World Map themed one on the base of a plastic stand for my wife before, so I have some experience at the least. I’ll have to design them in the computer first though, but I’ll be sure to show them off to you when they-re done. I really, really hope they turn out better than this one though!

6 thoughts on “Video Game Crafting: Watch Me!

  1. Dood, dat’s crude as hell. Still funny, doh. I think you meant making “wrist watches” not clocks :P.
    BTW, the disc part is called a “bezel”, I think. Still, I give you props for tinkering with it. Next time why don’t you print it on some nice, glossy paper. I think it’d look better. Lemme know when your next “crude” watch appears.

    One more thing, why don’t you post the whole design/crafting process next time?


    • No, I actually do make clocks as well (not the mechanics though!) and this was my first wrist watch. I was frustrated to no end, lacking the tools, and eventually just wanted to get it done, hence the crudeness X-D
      Ah, it’s called bezel! Thanks! πŸ™‚
      I’d post the whole process but the parts were so tiny and my patience long gone, and somehow I imagined my anger would portray itself on the photos…
      Next time I’ll be better prepared and print the Bezel on photo paper, and have the tools that are needed to work with the small parts and such. And then I’ll post the whole process! πŸ˜€

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    • Yeah, I’m still here! Just busy with getting ready to move into a house so everything’s a mess. I’m working on a few posts so they’ll be up soon! One of them today if I work fast enough πŸ™‚


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