Jurassic Park Children’s Book

2015-06-27 12.12.06

They used to release those books with audio cassettes when I grew up. Some of them were appropriately themed and the most common ones were those from Disney who told the tales of their movies or TV shows. There are other franchises though who don’t seem as natural to create a children’s book out of, and one of these is the Jurassic Park “Musical Saga”. I don’t know if I’d like this or be frightened though. Unfortunately we don’t have the tapes for this musical at the moment.2015-06-27 12.12.01Just look at these pages! They’re horrible! How is this a kid’s saga?! My wife told me she didn’t think much of it at the time but I can imagine how many nightmares this might’ve created amongst Swedish children (and children of other countries as well, provided they did have this particular release). I can see in front of me the next franchise to make this kind of book from: Friday the 13th, or maybe even something like Paranormal Activity. That’d truly create high octane Nightmare Fuel.



3 thoughts on “Jurassic Park Children’s Book

  1. I remember the movie had a scene where Raptors were chasing the kids in a building’s kitchen–I think– that really scared me. I can see what you mean about this book scaring kids too.

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