The Tale of the Tattered Wii U Gamepad

2015-06-29 16.52.34Have you ever seen anything this sad? I encountered upon this tattered and filthy Wii U Game Pad in an electronics store in a Demo Stand and I couldn’t help but feel its pain. It’s been played with to no end, and I can’t imagine how you’d be able to destroy the plastic of the sticks in such a way. Violence? Abuse? Excessive excited exclusive excursive execution of the pad?

Did you lose your appetite? Was it that gross?

If anything this is a testament of why the Wii U is so awesome: None of the other controllers look like this in a video game store, only the Wii U can garner this kind of attention! It’s either that, or they didn’t see it necessary to switch this one out to a new one…

This tale is The Tale of the Tattered Wii U Game pad:

One upon a time there was a young Wii U Gamepad called Padlock. He had heard of all the joy he would bring to people as a Gamepad and looked forward to being shipped into someone’s home. He was surprised to know he was shipped to an electronics store instead. How odd! This surely had to be a privilege, it thought, not may Gamepads end up in here! Now everyone can play with me and that’s much better than being in someone’s home and never being played with at all! This way I’ll never have to be alone!

How it would get to regret it’s fate. It was recklessly played with to no end, there was no rest, no care for it at all! And soon it became old and tattered, and became known as…

The Tattered Wii U Game Pad.



3 thoughts on “The Tale of the Tattered Wii U Gamepad

  1. Sadly, I have a few friends who have Wii U gamepads and controllers that are on this level or worse for wear. I always cringe when I see them because I go to some lengths to keep my gaming stuff in good condition. What’s worse is that they bought a Nerf shell for the gamepad presumably to protect it. I think all that really did was make their giant dog think it was a chew toy!


  2. I recently bought online a gaming wheel, which on picture looked ok, but when it arrived it was covered with all kind of filth. I don’t understand people who don’t take care of their gear.


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