Video Game Hunting: So Many Games!

I have a lot to catch up on when it comes to presenting my video game purchases. It’s been so long since my last post, but here goes!

blastworksFirst off is Blast Works, a side scrolling shmup where you add the enemy’s “scrap” to your ship as you’re going. One of the selling points was sharing your own levels and such online, which I doubt is active anymore, but the game itself looks promising, and that retro style cover sold the game for me. Much better than the North American cover, am I right? There’s so much happening on the cover art at once, and that was the prime selling point for me. Click and open in a new tab to enlarge.

jet set radioThis one I got a long time ago (when GAME- stores in Sweden were closing everywhere this year) but forgot to post here. Jet Set Radio is a must have for the Sega Dreamcast, or so I’ve heard, and it has intrigued me ever since I saw footage of it on the British channel Games Network in the heyday of the Dreamcast itself. Then again, they were selling off 10 games for only 39,99, one of which was a Disney-themed racing game… So it might’ve been at the end of the console’s lifespan. Anyhow, rollerskate around, destroy public properties with graffiti… That’s awesome.

smg1I got hold of Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 for a decent price in Alicante, in some damp cellar store with the AC blasting at full effect and dripping water on the floor. It looked nasty! smg2And when they turned it off it lots of water (along with some wet dust bunnies) fell to the floor right where I was just standing.
The games themselves are imaginative and have very cool physics and the controls do take some time to get used to. Yoshi is available in the second game, and both games are known for their superb orchestrated soundtracks.

dbrevengeDragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo is a good adventure game for the Wii owning Dragon Ball fan. This one takes part in one of the darkest parts of the first part of the Dragon Ball series (just before Son Goku grows up) and I like how the back of it says in Spanish: “There was a time when Son Goku was happy.” What?! So do they mean he’s unhappy as an adult? I don’t buy that! He’s perfectly happy as an adult! Except when Chi Chi is berating him… that’s sad, especiallty in Dragon Ball Super…

DesperadosOne of the PC games that have a nostalgic place in my heart is Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive. It’s a strategy game in the same vein as the first three Commando’s games from Eidos (making it awesome by default). I love the Wild West setting where steamboats and wild gunmen share the scene in the wildest of wests. You control the English bounty hunter John Cooper, the gambling Kate O’Hara of Irish-American ancestry and Doc McCoy of Scottish ancestry that smells trouble and death. The character to the farthest left, John Cooper, looks a lot like Bruce Willis, am I right?

Super Mario MakerSuper Mario Maker. Y’alls know about the game already, so I’ll throw in my opinion about it only. I got it at release, and it’s really good. It’s an amalgamation of my favorite Super Mario Bros. games with a level editor of awesomehood. I’ve made a lot of zany levels (only 2 worlds at the moment) but so far I can’t beat the imagination of other’s, like those top ranked ones where you either have to  not touch anything or not touch any mushrooms (though it’s very well possible to beat having taken a mushroom). It’s an immense experience, but since my hard drive has gone into sleep mode all to often I’ll have to disable that feature to be able to play it that much again. You also need a fair amount of time as you’ll get absorbed into the game while playing and when watching time time it might have passed 1-2 hours. This was a birthday present from my wife.

There are several goodies in this picture, the first one to mention is Dragonball Z: Goku Densetsu. It’s a board-like game with battles galore where you use the card-based system of old (the early NES games used this) which gives a sensation of strategy, luck and nostalgia both of NES DB games and Dragonball as a whole. I wouldn’t recommend this to those seeking a fast pick-up-and-play game and not to those with a deficiency in patience either though. Next is Frogger 3D which I wanted to try out, and it also contains the original game. You have to guide a frog across a dangerous highway, and if you don’t proceed with caution and precision, it will turn into road kill. After that it might become part of the roadkill food chain too, but that’s another story and unfortunately this game neglects to explore it any further. Dragon Quest Swords looked really fun when I saw it announced for the first time, and I like the Dragon Quest games (I’m playing Dragon Quest II now on the GBC version since a long time ago) and their spin-offs. You use motion controls to combat various DQ monsters and you can also use a shield if I recall correctly. I got these pixelated Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails “Miles” Prower figurines that look a lot like 3D sprites. They took forever to assemble, being essentially Lego with very small pieces, but the process was fun and the figures themselves look really neat. I’ll post pictures of their assembly in the next post. I got all of these from my brother.

Sonic COmpilationNow that my Sega Mega Drive works (the seller had given me a NES power cord, which gives out AC and might toast the Mega Drive but fortunately it didn’t) but since they’re hard to get for a decent price and I needed one anyways (I thank that bumbling idiot for his mistake) I had to get me some Sonic the Hedgehog games. I saw that they had Sonic Compilation on Ebay UK, which contains Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (essentially a face change of Puyo Pop). I didn’t mind having one cart for all of them, and being able to play them on the original software is so good. I’d forgotten how 2 player split screen Sonic 2 lags when too many things happen on screen though!

Next is another Sonic game, and is none other than Sonic Adventure. A must have in the Sega Dreamcast library and now that I have it the DC really seems like a Sega console to me for the first time. Sonic is his name and speed is his game! This is the first 3D game in the series, and arguably the best one, though I’ve never properly played any of the games past Sonic 3, so I won’t be too quick to judge.

smaI found this boxed Super Mario Advance: Super Mario Bros. 2 for a favorable price. While Super Mario Bros. never had the place that the 3rd game had it still retained that Mario feel to me- not to mention how exotic it was since I seldom got to play it. The GBA version with added voices and such will be really fun to play. It’s a re-skinned Doki Doki Panic- but who’d not love Super Mario re-skins of other games?

smb3 sma4At the same place, at the same day, at the same time… I found Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 boxed! Super Mario Bros. 3 with updated graphics á la Super Mario All Stars and extra features and sounds is just something that makes me warm inside. This means that I now have all games in that quadrilogy- though only two are complete in box and the other two in custom NDS cases. Speaking of which I ordered 20 more boxes as the collection of the Game Boy line still lacks some cases- so expect another post about that!

SF Ex3I found a copy of Street Fighter EX 3. I’ve yet to play a 3D Street Fighter game so this is kind of a gamble for me- but I think I heard a little bird whispering praises for this game. If I Iike this game I’ll leave it at that, but if it turns out to suck balls I’ll have to strangle that little bird, which saddens me to say the least. The mechanics are basically the same as in other SF games, only here you have a gauge that fills up when hitting or blocking so that you can use special attacks. You also battle in a tag team of two fighters (which sounds awesome!) and can switch out as long as it’s not too short of a time in between. The resting character will then slowly fill up it’s vitality gauge.

Another game that we rented a lot as kids, and that I’d forgotten about before finding this game again, was Tetrisphere. It’s basically Tetris on a sphere, and I have a hard time explaining it better as the gameplay is a bit odd. It was cheap and the memories of 2 player dueling were great, so it’s time to find out if it’s as good as I remember.

N64 RPI also found a Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak complete in box for a great price and the inserts and the Rumble Pak itself were in pristine condition. I didn’t have one for my N64, believe it or not, but I used to have a boxed one for our old system as a kid (before we gave it away to relatives, to be able to buy Game Boy Colors with Pokémon Red & Blue).

red steelI found a cheap copy of Red Steel– remember when I found the second installment a while back (also for cheaps)? Now I have them both (duh). I’ve heard that they’re decent and make great use of the Wii controls- so it’ll be fun to try it out. If I’ll be able to get immersed into the game thanks to the controls I’ll be very content.


Arcade Gaming- Let’s Go Jungle!

During last vacation we played a few arcade games as it sort of is a part of out vaycay tradition ever since we got stuck in the small town of Ulladulla in New Zealand- and had nothing to do but play arcade games for two days (mainly Dance Dance Revolution– but also other games such as Air Hockey). They used Cards you filled up with credits and that was a welcome system as you didn’t have to pick up coins to use- though some might argue this takes away that familiar arcade feeling for them. It didn’t matter too much to me.

Anyhow, the first one is published by Sega and aptly named “Let’s go Jungle! Lost on the Island of Spice”.

lets go jungle2lets go jungle1Right from the bat one can deduce that the game is Japanese in origin due to the Engrish, but apart from that and a shoddy translation and voicework it turned out to present me all of my greatest fears in the very first level- effectively cutting my skills in half and making me yell in panic while playing it. You control a couple of tourists that are attacked by spiders, giant mosquitoes and other vile vermin of the disgusting kind- and one of the guides tosses you a machine gun to fight them off. I mean, the other one just died in the first attack so you’re the only other one, along with your girlfriend, that can fend them off. Badass. Then you see other groups in Jeeps being attacked and such and all hell breaks even looser- and that makes this arcade game really awesome!lets go jungle3

Eh, sorry, no. We need to be rescued too, you know.


jurassic park2Then they had this Jurassic Park arcade game – which fits well chronologically with the jurassic park1recent Jurassic Park movie being released- and man was it an intense 2 player action at it’s finest. It’s like previous Jurassic Park cabinets that I have played in the past and has a similar story setting. You have to Gun down all of Hammond’s precious creatures to stay alive- and hope that you won’t be ambushed by “clever girls”.

smkdx6smkdx1I was most surprised over seeing a Mario Kart Arcade GP DX cabinet. The image was crisp and the game play really good. It really reminded me of Mario Kart Wii and, more properly, 8. My wife chose to play as Toad- and you get your picture taken for fun’s sake and get the chosen character’s head as a frame behind your visage. The roster was, naturally, smaller, and the levels fewer- though they have Pac Man and some weird mascot that I can’t recognize. You also play an item cart roulette to decide what special item you’ll get during the race, and this is completely at random.


Character select screen. Pac Man and California Roll dude are exclusive to this game.


Level select screen. Toad Cup, Mario Cup, Taiko No Tatsujin Cup, Bowser Jr. Cup and Bowser Cup.


The item roulette, where you get an item to throw forward, place behind or a Special one. The Bunny-eared Carrot from Super Mario Land 2 isn’t seen in other games either.


Halloween: Anime & Gaming Costumes of the Knockoff Kind

A lot of costume shops sell costumes that clearly are meant to be of licensed characters but are named something else to avoid having to pay royalties and such. With Halloween upon us they’re ever so abundant, so I thought I’d show you some amusing ones that I’ve spotted:

kid gokuHere’s the Ninja Boy costume. I think most of us can see that this is supposed to be little Son Goku from Dragonball, and it’s awesome that they have mistaken the Kung Fu master Son Goku for being a ninja. That’d be Naruto, guys, though I’m not too surprised that they’d make that mistake. You don’t get that goofy inaccurate wig in this package though, but the rest is included.

adult gokuHere you have the Red Ninja costume, as if the other one wasn’t red but this one is, hence the distinction. At least this model is magnificently aware of who he’s portraying and gladly makes Son Goku’s signature Kamehameha stance. His smile says it all, he’s proud to be modeling as Son Goku, eh, sorry, I mean Red Ninja. This dude is awesome. Enlarge to see his rad posing. So much win.
marioNext we have this collection of two sets of costumes, one Maquinista (I’d presume engine driver, or engineer) and one Granjero (a farmer) costume. I wouldn’t go as far to say that the farmer costume is Farmer with Shotgun, because it most probably is just a generic farmer, but the first Maquinista one is with no doubt a Super Mario costume without gloves and the “M” mark (no, I don’t mean the Majin mark, even though Majin Mario would’ve been hilarious). I never saw a brightly colored suit like that on an engineer.

video game guyLast, but not least, we have two sets of Super Mario
and Super Luigi costumes, and they’re called simply Video Game Guy. That’s hilarious! Sure, Mario was called Mr. Video in the beginning but…
They are called Luigi and Mario costumes anyhow on the price tags. As if no one knows who Super Mario is at this day and age.


As a bonus here you have a creepy kid mannequin with convict-clothes on it. This feels wrong.

Well, that’s Halloween for ya!