Halloween: Anime & Gaming Costumes of the Knockoff Kind

A lot of costume shops sell costumes that clearly are meant to be of licensed characters but are named something else to avoid having to pay royalties and such. With Halloween upon us they’re ever so abundant, so I thought I’d show you some amusing ones that I’ve spotted:

kid gokuHere’s the Ninja Boy costume. I think most of us can see that this is supposed to be little Son Goku from Dragonball, and it’s awesome that they have mistaken the Kung Fu master Son Goku for being a ninja. That’d be Naruto, guys, though I’m not too surprised that they’d make that mistake. You don’t get that goofy inaccurate wig in this package though, but the rest is included.

adult gokuHere you have the Red Ninja costume, as if the other one wasn’t red but this one is, hence the distinction. At least this model is magnificently aware of who he’s portraying and gladly makes Son Goku’s signature Kamehameha stance. His smile says it all, he’s proud to be modeling as Son Goku, eh, sorry, I mean Red Ninja. This dude is awesome. Enlarge to see his rad posing. So much win.
marioNext we have this collection of two sets of costumes, one Maquinista (I’d presume engine driver, or engineer) and one Granjero (a farmer) costume. I wouldn’t go as far to say that the farmer costume is Farmer with Shotgun, because it most probably is just a generic farmer, but the first Maquinista one is with no doubt a Super Mario costume without gloves and the “M” mark (no, I don’t mean the Majin mark, even though Majin Mario would’ve been hilarious). I never saw a brightly colored suit like that on an engineer.

video game guyLast, but not least, we have two sets of Super Mario
and Super Luigi costumes, and they’re called simply Video Game Guy. That’s hilarious! Sure, Mario was called Mr. Video in the beginning but…
They are called Luigi and Mario costumes anyhow on the price tags. As if no one knows who Super Mario is at this day and age.


As a bonus here you have a creepy kid mannequin with convict-clothes on it. This feels wrong.

Well, that’s Halloween for ya!


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