Arcade Gaming- Let’s Go Jungle!

During last vacation we played a few arcade games as it sort of is a part of out vaycay tradition ever since we got stuck in the small town of Ulladulla in New Zealand- and had nothing to do but play arcade games for two days (mainly Dance Dance Revolution– but also other games such as Air Hockey). They used Cards you filled up with credits and that was a welcome system as you didn’t have to pick up coins to use- though some might argue this takes away that familiar arcade feeling for them. It didn’t matter too much to me.

Anyhow, the first one is published by Sega and aptly named “Let’s go Jungle! Lost on the Island of Spice”.

lets go jungle2lets go jungle1Right from the bat one can deduce that the game is Japanese in origin due to the Engrish, but apart from that and a shoddy translation and voicework it turned out to present me all of my greatest fears in the very first level- effectively cutting my skills in half and making me yell in panic while playing it. You control a couple of tourists that are attacked by spiders, giant mosquitoes and other vile vermin of the disgusting kind- and one of the guides tosses you a machine gun to fight them off. I mean, the other one just died in the first attack so you’re the only other one, along with your girlfriend, that can fend them off. Badass. Then you see other groups in Jeeps being attacked and such and all hell breaks even looser- and that makes this arcade game really awesome!lets go jungle3

Eh, sorry, no. We need to be rescued too, you know.


jurassic park2Then they had this Jurassic Park arcade game – which fits well chronologically with the jurassic park1recent Jurassic Park movie being released- and man was it an intense 2 player action at it’s finest. It’s like previous Jurassic Park cabinets that I have played in the past and has a similar story setting. You have to Gun down all of Hammond’s precious creatures to stay alive- and hope that you won’t be ambushed by “clever girls”.

smkdx6smkdx1I was most surprised over seeing a Mario Kart Arcade GP DX cabinet. The image was crisp and the game play really good. It really reminded me of Mario Kart Wii and, more properly, 8. My wife chose to play as Toad- and you get your picture taken for fun’s sake and get the chosen character’s head as a frame behind your visage. The roster was, naturally, smaller, and the levels fewer- though they have Pac Man and some weird mascot that I can’t recognize. You also play an item cart roulette to decide what special item you’ll get during the race, and this is completely at random.


Character select screen. Pac Man and California Roll dude are exclusive to this game.


Level select screen. Toad Cup, Mario Cup, Taiko No Tatsujin Cup, Bowser Jr. Cup and Bowser Cup.


The item roulette, where you get an item to throw forward, place behind or a Special one. The Bunny-eared Carrot from Super Mario Land 2 isn’t seen in other games either.


6 thoughts on “Arcade Gaming- Let’s Go Jungle!

  1. I remember playing a Mario Kart GP arcade cabinet when I was visiting Japan. It was fun, though I didn’t play it for long; it cost ¥100 to start, which is more than a quarter.


    • Yeah, Deadstorm Pirates is awesome too, and so intense! I think I posted something about it a year ago or so. Definitely amazing, and the two handedGun you use just adds to the feeling.


  2. The bunny ears from Super Mario Land 2 is kind of cool. But I have to wonder why, of all the beloved arcade characters Namco has at their disposal that they would make….Taiko no Tatsujin …Circuit???


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