Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stickers Album

 Lately the image quality has been abysmally poor at times. I know what’s caused the problem and now it’s fixed, but I can’t be bothered to take new pictures all over again.

tmnt1I bought this 1992’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sticker Album for nostalgia’s sake for a symbolic sum. Some girl named Matilda has filled up with many of the stickers already- it isn’t complete though.

tmnt2Turning the first page I saw a classic Yapon ad that they used in most comic books back then. The first is an ad for the NES and the Game Boy which you could rent for 40 SEK/24 hrs and a NES for 30 SEK/24 hrs. A Game Boy Game Pak was 25 SEK/ 24 hrs and the unit itself for the same price. Mind that with inflation taken into account that it’s much more expensive today- know your economics! If anyone is interested I’ll be able to scan it for you, though it always takes a long time for me to actually get to it. I always follow through though.

tmnt3Then we have that classic Konami LCD game ad where the Turtles fool you into buying those handhelds. I have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one at home, and it still has that sticker on the screen. I never had one as a kid but I used to play my friend’s LCD games. They aren’t that good really, at least when you compare them to the Game Boy. But if you never had a Game Boy then this was as good as it would get. I really do like these hand-drawn ads though, it looks like someone random dude drew them- the quality isn’t that great. I can understand why they look angry though as they have to make ads to afford Pizza. There’s no welfare for mutant turtles.

tmnt4Lastly we have the album itself and it isn’t that spectacular, aside from nostalgia, in itself. But there is something amusing about it- the sticker they use to show that the turtles are shocked to know that they were created due to an accident is very ill fitting as it looks like Raphael is just sitting there chilling. And that’s after just having received those shocking news according to the text underneath. Matilda might’ve put the sticker in the wrong place but the rest are correctly inserted. Other than that it contains screenshots from the movie and promotional images (like this one where Raph is chillin’ in the couch). One of the words in this picture is spelled wrong too- and here I thought bad spelling was something of the 21st century. They wrote “dom”, which means “judgement”, when they’re meaning to write “dem”, or “them”. This is a very common misspelling in Swedish as the way “dem” is pronounced sounds like it should be spelled “dom”, though the pronounciation of the two words is different when it comes to the “o” and how it’s said. Anyhow, spelling nerdery aside I always find it amazing how errors like these are able to find their way into proper printed material- though I can see how it doesn’t matter in a product like this one it’s still targeted towards kids who should learn correctly from the beginning.


I Spy With My Little Eye…

… various weird things scattered in and around Alicante, Spain. We visited this city in the South of Spain which, luckily, is close to the sea.

unnamedFirst I’d like to introduce you to this creepy clown. This clown can take all the trash you could throw at him, and as a matter of fact, is one of the trash bins in Alicante along the harbor. He’s not even funny, though, but fits in the same slot as clowns like the one on the cover of Twisted Metal; they’re evil, they want your blood and they make you feel uneasy to the max. This one would surely have scared me as a kid, and I also suspect lots of other kids of newer generations getting nightmares from this. Those empty eyes and that huge gaping smile is horrid to look at.
TL;DR: High Octane Nightmare Fuel.

apa2I spotted this one awesome gorilla sports jock that just doesn’t give a crap. He’s on the top of a fairly old ride that empties the rider’s stomachs to make room for more popcorn. In other words: Katching!!
Anyhow, I never noticed this before, but this gorilla, that apa1incidentally listens to music or maybe some podcast of some sort, is rich.
Yeah, dirt rich! He has ordered a custom made Armani baseball jacket. You heard me! Just “ook” at that jacket! (Heh, ape puns are just too funny). Enlarge the image to take a good look at it.

docThey had some street art and such, as in most other cities, and they’d commissioned street artists to make glass disposal bins into something more desirable to use and look at (Vidrio, si!). One of them had this magnificent Doc Brown (I won’t say what movie he is from if you don’t know it already, heathen) stressed out while trying to fire up the DeLorean Time Machine. As a big fan of that movie (just Google it) I just loved this one immensely. This is a good way to turn trigger happy graffiti artists into something better for the community. Just let all of them make Back to the Future art (damn it, that was a mistake) all over the place.

censoredLet’s move on to something else that was eerie. I don’t know why they’d censor (with some kind of smudge tool?) the faces of this man and that baby. Are they fugitives of the law? Will their true faces suck your soul out? Or were they too cheap to pay royalties to the models and their agencies? I guess we’ll never know. But one thing is for sure, censored faces for no reason are sure unsettling. Or maybe those poor souls do actually look like that, and that’d mean that they’re related. Like father like kid it seems. Study this, Gregor Mendel.

angry planesThen there was this plane. Oh, my Lord, this plane. They’re supposedly riding on the Cars and Planes craze to cash in on it, but my, I have to say, I really dig how pissed off they look. That angry face is delightful, and I was really close buying these smiling airplanes that doted a shit-eating grin of high class. They’re the anti-Planes- this is the toy the cool kids get when they’re too old for Planes. Or they just could be poor or something like that, which would explain why they have a need to bully their classmates.


Alicante was filled with a lot of pixelated people, or at least, depictions of them. First we saw these pixelated Atari 2600 citizens in this one alley, observing their neighborhood in a true nosy neigbour manner. verdadNeat.
Then we saw these pixelated journalists (?) from the local newspaper of Murcia called  “La Verdad” (the truth… or is it?). Well, ain’t that nice, they look like being taken from Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis. The one to the left looks like a pixelated happy version of the Crown Princess of Sweden Her Majesty Victoria, the one in the middle like a neutral and relaxed Dr. House (M.D.!) and the one to the right like some incognito insecure person that I can’t really place. Sigourney Weaver, is that you? I’d guess that H.M. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is the best paid one, judging by that smile. Dr. House is paid adequately while Sigourney Weaver is the one with the worst salary amongst the editorial staff of “La Verdad”.


My NES started to act up, having a new connector and all, last time I played on it with my brother. It probably got some dust in the connector, but I was smart enough to not blow it. Learn from history, and your and others’ past mistakes, and don’t blow into the cartridges. They do remove the dust but the humid exhaled air will slowly corrode the contacts.IMG_6733

Anyhow, it seems as if the games started to glitch, and I suspect there was a glitch gremlin in there messing everything around. One could’ve said “Son of a Glitch” but instead I was amused. Seeing a glitchy version of Mario Bros. was glitchin’ and it was all fun and dandy until the game crashed. Sure, this is Nintendo we’re talking about so there was no blood, but watching a Koopa and a Crab and poor ole Luigi exploded in a whole lot of pieces was a bit weird, but still amusing. Rest in Pieces, Luigi.


So we inserted Blue Shadow (Shadow of the Ninja in the US) instead and lo and behold: a glitchy title screen that we couldn’t get past and which read BLHAI” SHAD6”’ TM TM.
You could choose to play SPTAMER or APTAMERS, and I never knew Vatsuue published the game! I always thought it was Natsume (Serious Fun!)
Also, this game is Licevced by Vintendg CG. Sc vhat’s vvhy it’z gvichy!