Cleaning up a Super Nintendo Controller and Composite Vs. RGB

Let’s get to Composite Vs RGB video signals on the SNES first.2015-12-14 18.42.47 Composite2015-12-14 18.47.54  RGB

Enough said. Get an RGB scart or similar for your system.

Not let’s get to the main show! When I got the SNES the controller was a bit stiff when you pushed the D-pad down and on the A-button. This is why:2015-12-14 18.08.53I used many, many Q-tips and cleaned the sucker out of what I thought may have been Coca Cola or something akin to that (God I hope it wasn’t diarrhea) and dust, and then I washed the buttons and the rubber in detergent. For the contacts I used an eraser and then a slightly damp Q-tip.

2015-12-14 18.05.36

And here is the beaute all cleaned up. And Super Mario World controlled perfectly after my little inspection. Awesome-SNES.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning up a Super Nintendo Controller and Composite Vs. RGB

  1. Mmmm, RGB. Your lucky it was a standard in the EU. here in NA it was only found on professional monitors. Interestingly though I just upgraded my 14 inch RGB monitor yesterday to a nice 19 inch. I’m super happy about it. Though I bet even in the EU a Sony PVM with RGB would probably give a better image then a consumer TV set with RGB since these sets were designed for professional broadcast and hospital use.

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    • The only problem with the professional CRTs are that most of them are so small. And those bigger ones are so expensive too. They recommend the Bang & Olufsen CRTs which are the best consumer TVs rivalling the professional ones. Too bad they’ve become expensive too…


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