Thank You & Goodbye For Now

I’ve been contemplating for a while whether the time is right or not to end this chapter in my video game fandom, that is my blogging. I started out doing this to discuss my hobby as a student in Poland where I had little to no contact with video gamers, and the country itself didn’t have that many old systems due to having a communistic government when video games were debuting as a media in the world. While I was able to buy buy cheaper Playstation 2 games, I had no one to discuss with and thus I ended up satisfying that need through The Martian Oddity.

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Where does the name The Martian Oddity come from? I started to use this in forums whenever my old go-to username MacGyver (a very common username by the way) was used and I even had a Deviantart account named Martian Oddity that I erased after disliking the community at the time. I think that was in the best interest of everybody as my art skills weren’t that good to begin with back then. When starting a blog I thought that the name was fitting for something I’d make and even though it said nothing about what the blog would turn out to be, it really was an assortment of vastly different themes until I found my main focus; video games. I don’t think I’d realized what big part of me they were until then.

With it came buying video games. I started out like most men that are realizing they’re mortal- by buying things that are nostalgic to me. After buying games I had as a kid or played a lot over at my friends I went on to buying other games that seemed interesting to me. After a while I bought anything that seemed interesting and that’s when I wrote about having a problem with over-consuming. And after reading a particular blog post I decided to not buy any games at all this year, that is 2016! Wish me good luck.


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As of lately I’ve felt that there no longer is a need for me to update this blog. I don’t get any pleasure in doing so since a month or so and it’s the first time since I’ve started this blog. Sure, I’ve had writers block and all before, but not this sensation. It seems as if I’ve done what I can with The Martian Oddity and it’s time for me to move on. So I decided to say my goodbyes and thank my 271 followers (of which 10 or so surely are trying to promote their vastly differently themed blogs). With this 450th post, I would like to close these doors.


So thank you for these years! It’s been awesome and I hope you’ll keep on gaming!



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9 thoughts on “Thank You & Goodbye For Now

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and I will certainly miss you! If you ever feel like starting up again it will be a welcome return! Enjoy whatever comes next and thank you for sharing your retro video gaming experiences with us!

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  2. Such a regretful thing to hear! There were always so many fun and interesting things to read about here. I always thought this was one of the most unique gaming blogs on WordPress. But congratulations on making it all the way through 450 posts. I can understand how burn out can set in after such a long time.


  3. I know we didn’t chat too much on here, but I genuinely enjoyed reading all of your posts! Seeing your pickups and games you were playing across the ocean was always a treat. I hope you continue to fill us in with your gaming exploits in 2016, even if you aren’t buying anything new (you can still play and write when you feel like it!). Take care of yourself!


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