“The things that stand out are often the oddities” said a man named Pierre Salinger. I don’t know who he is. His quote just fits here.


Feel free to look read and comment on my posts. You’ll find a lot of different stuff in this blog but they’re all centred around two of my favourite past times: Video Games, movies and thinking up weird stuff. The navigation is made through the menus at the top if one wants a specific topic or through the main page if one wants to simply read the newest posts.

If you like it, comment on it! If you don’t like it, comment on it anyways! I even wrote a rant on it once, check it out!

This is, by the way, a one person blog which means that there might be slight periods of inactivity when real life takes over… but that doesn’t mean that the blog is dead but merely hibernating. Like a bear. So stay around to see it awaken with a grumpy roar and slash at you with it’s giant paws!

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my stuff!


14 thoughts on “About

  1. ….that the blog is dead but merely hibernating. Like a bear.

    You can also just put a sign that states you’re in hibernation. That would work too =p


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