Hello again, people!

I’ve decided to come back to this blog again, after being away for two years or so. I have exciting stuff to share with you, and a lot has happened the last two years. I’ll write some again, but not as consistently as before (I churned out three posts/week at my height). I got burned out and tried to produce content instead of focusing on having fun.


This is what happened the last two years:

  • I completed the list of retro games and assessories that I wanted to buy
  • I got a PS4, and more recently an Xbox One (it’s has the best controller for shooters!) but sadly not a Nintendo Switch as I physically don’t have room for it. I got to borrow an Xbox One from my brother in-law and decided to get one of my own during a magnificent sale.
  • I’ve completed my new Game Room
  • I’m assembling a Retropie based table-top arcade machine that will play mainly arcade games and Neo Geo, and some of the really expensive console titles that I won’t buy out of common sense
  • I’ve played through all the games I’ve bought and sold/given away the crappy ones and concentrated on fun quality games instead
  • I’ve been thrifting at flea markets etc. not only for video games, but movies, books and vintage equipment such as manual calculators, typewriters etc.

What you can expect:

  • I will present only notable video game finds from the past two years, and new ones only if they are interesting enough
  • I will present some of my Star Wars and movies/TV-series figure/plush collection.
  • I’ll write about new games that I look forward to/that I am playing (I’m way more up to date with the newer games).
  • More Unlikely Versus (that’s one of my own personal favourites!)

My Top Gaming moments these last two years:

  • Uncharted 4 “A Thief’s End”+ the “expansion” “The Lost Legacy”: Amazing gameplay and graphics that had me taking pauses as it was messing with my head
  • Star Wars Battlefront for PS4 (not the second cash-grab one, I’m boycotting that one definitely)
  • The Witcher 3 for PS4: Fantastic gameplay and story
  • Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for PS4: Fun multifaceted game, but it sure did show its age.
  • Titanfall 2: Amazing Campaign and Multiplayer gameplay
  • Magical Starsign for Nintendo DS: Fun RPG game to play on the go. Not overly immersive and not too much story and cinematics to take away from the gameplay.
  • The Guardian Legend for the NES: Almost finished it bar the last boss. It’s gotten better with age!
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: The best Smash Bros. to date
  • Super Mario 3D World: The best local multiplayer game I’ve played lately



I’ll end this first post by listing what I’m up to playing right now:

Playing now, Multiplayer: Titanfall 2 (great shooter mechanics and innovative movement gameplay with the mix of Titans, and an amazing Campaign)

Playing now, Single Player: The Witcher 3, Blood and Wine Expansion (amazing game!)

Playing now, Portable: Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (it’s better than the originals! They don’t force you to compete in Contests in the Contest Hall in Slateport, that’s the best change yet)


Smell ya later!


Tingle Bells, Tingle Bells

Here comes the mandatory Christmas song re-write, this time a re-write of the instant classic Jingle Bells.

Happy Holidays!


Tingle Smells

Floating ‘gainst the flow,
On a red balloon each day
Over the fields he go
Laughing all the way.
Maps and items brings
Imitating fairies bright
What fun it is to ride and sing
On a red balloon tonight.

Tingle smells, Tingle smells
30 all the way,
Oh what fun he has to ride
a red balloon each day, O
Tingle smells, Tingle smells
30 all the way,
Oh what fun he has to ride

A red balloon each day

A day or two ago
I thought I’d take a ride
And soon Mr. Tinkle, right
Was seated by my side;
The man was ugly and stank
Misfortune seemed his lot,
He tries to fill up his rupee bank
He thinks he’s a fairy and I will tell you what:


Tingle smells, Tingle smells
30 all the way,
Oh what fun he has to ride
a red balloon each day, O
Tingle smells, Tingle smells
30 all the way,
Oh what fun he has to ride

A red balloon each day

A day or two ago
The story I must tell
I went out on the snow
And on my back I fell;
Tingle was riding by
With a red balloon that day
He laughed as there I sprawling lie
But I quickly dashed away.


Tingle smells, Tingle smells
30 all the way,
Oh what fun he has to ride
a red balloon each day, O
Tingle smells, Tingle smells
30 all the way,
Oh what fun he has to ride

A red balloon each day

Now the ground is white,
Use Potions while you’re young,
Take the Ocarina tonight
And sing this Tingle song.
Just get a sharp nice Sword,
The steel light without lead,
Then lure him to you with a clever word
And slash! You’ll take his head!


Images from, in order:



The Luigi that Wanted to be a Mario

mario luigi

This plushie is supposed to be a Mario one, but you can’t fool me. This is the Luigi that wanted to be a Mario. This is Luigi, no doubt. He’s thinner and has a longer face. He’s curled his mustache up and dressed up in Mario gear. Can this be a Halloween get-up?

I can tell you that of all the Mario plushies, this was is the only one looking off. So is this off-looking Mario actually Luigi in disguise?

I Spy With My Little Eye…

… various weird things scattered in and around Alicante, Spain. We visited this city in the South of Spain which, luckily, is close to the sea.

unnamedFirst I’d like to introduce you to this creepy clown. This clown can take all the trash you could throw at him, and as a matter of fact, is one of the trash bins in Alicante along the harbor. He’s not even funny, though, but fits in the same slot as clowns like the one on the cover of Twisted Metal; they’re evil, they want your blood and they make you feel uneasy to the max. This one would surely have scared me as a kid, and I also suspect lots of other kids of newer generations getting nightmares from this. Those empty eyes and that huge gaping smile is horrid to look at.
TL;DR: High Octane Nightmare Fuel.

apa2I spotted this one awesome gorilla sports jock that just doesn’t give a crap. He’s on the top of a fairly old ride that empties the rider’s stomachs to make room for more popcorn. In other words: Katching!!
Anyhow, I never noticed this before, but this gorilla, that apa1incidentally listens to music or maybe some podcast of some sort, is rich.
Yeah, dirt rich! He has ordered a custom made Armani baseball jacket. You heard me! Just “ook” at that jacket! (Heh, ape puns are just too funny). Enlarge the image to take a good look at it.

docThey had some street art and such, as in most other cities, and they’d commissioned street artists to make glass disposal bins into something more desirable to use and look at (Vidrio, si!). One of them had this magnificent Doc Brown (I won’t say what movie he is from if you don’t know it already, heathen) stressed out while trying to fire up the DeLorean Time Machine. As a big fan of that movie (just Google it) I just loved this one immensely. This is a good way to turn trigger happy graffiti artists into something better for the community. Just let all of them make Back to the Future art (damn it, that was a mistake) all over the place.

censoredLet’s move on to something else that was eerie. I don’t know why they’d censor (with some kind of smudge tool?) the faces of this man and that baby. Are they fugitives of the law? Will their true faces suck your soul out? Or were they too cheap to pay royalties to the models and their agencies? I guess we’ll never know. But one thing is for sure, censored faces for no reason are sure unsettling. Or maybe those poor souls do actually look like that, and that’d mean that they’re related. Like father like kid it seems. Study this, Gregor Mendel.

angry planesThen there was this plane. Oh, my Lord, this plane. They’re supposedly riding on the Cars and Planes craze to cash in on it, but my, I have to say, I really dig how pissed off they look. That angry face is delightful, and I was really close buying these smiling airplanes that doted a shit-eating grin of high class. They’re the anti-Planes- this is the toy the cool kids get when they’re too old for Planes. Or they just could be poor or something like that, which would explain why they have a need to bully their classmates.


Alicante was filled with a lot of pixelated people, or at least, depictions of them. First we saw these pixelated Atari 2600 citizens in this one alley, observing their neighborhood in a true nosy neigbour manner. verdadNeat.
Then we saw these pixelated journalists (?) from the local newspaper of Murcia called  “La Verdad” (the truth… or is it?). Well, ain’t that nice, they look like being taken from Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis. The one to the left looks like a pixelated happy version of the Crown Princess of Sweden Her Majesty Victoria, the one in the middle like a neutral and relaxed Dr. House (M.D.!) and the one to the right like some incognito insecure person that I can’t really place. Sigourney Weaver, is that you? I’d guess that H.M. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is the best paid one, judging by that smile. Dr. House is paid adequately while Sigourney Weaver is the one with the worst salary amongst the editorial staff of “La Verdad”.

Halloween: Anime & Gaming Costumes of the Knockoff Kind

A lot of costume shops sell costumes that clearly are meant to be of licensed characters but are named something else to avoid having to pay royalties and such. With Halloween upon us they’re ever so abundant, so I thought I’d show you some amusing ones that I’ve spotted:

kid gokuHere’s the Ninja Boy costume. I think most of us can see that this is supposed to be little Son Goku from Dragonball, and it’s awesome that they have mistaken the Kung Fu master Son Goku for being a ninja. That’d be Naruto, guys, though I’m not too surprised that they’d make that mistake. You don’t get that goofy inaccurate wig in this package though, but the rest is included.

adult gokuHere you have the Red Ninja costume, as if the other one wasn’t red but this one is, hence the distinction. At least this model is magnificently aware of who he’s portraying and gladly makes Son Goku’s signature Kamehameha stance. His smile says it all, he’s proud to be modeling as Son Goku, eh, sorry, I mean Red Ninja. This dude is awesome. Enlarge to see his rad posing. So much win.
marioNext we have this collection of two sets of costumes, one Maquinista (I’d presume engine driver, or engineer) and one Granjero (a farmer) costume. I wouldn’t go as far to say that the farmer costume is Farmer with Shotgun, because it most probably is just a generic farmer, but the first Maquinista one is with no doubt a Super Mario costume without gloves and the “M” mark (no, I don’t mean the Majin mark, even though Majin Mario would’ve been hilarious). I never saw a brightly colored suit like that on an engineer.

video game guyLast, but not least, we have two sets of Super Mario
and Super Luigi costumes, and they’re called simply Video Game Guy. That’s hilarious! Sure, Mario was called Mr. Video in the beginning but…
They are called Luigi and Mario costumes anyhow on the price tags. As if no one knows who Super Mario is at this day and age.


As a bonus here you have a creepy kid mannequin with convict-clothes on it. This feels wrong.

Well, that’s Halloween for ya!

Dance Puppets, Dance!

Not only do I collect video games, I also like to buy the occasional plushie. For one they usually look adorable, and they also look pretty cool too in some kind of way when on display. I’d think someone that’s no nerd like me merely would think it’s childish, but I digress. I’d like to show you these plushies and also take a moment to show off my cap collection while I’m at it.



Here we have two beauties, a Mickey Mouse plush that I got during this recent trip to New York and also this delicious Wario one I got from my wife two weeks ago.




Then there are these two Dragon Ball ones. I also have a Super Saiyajin Vegeta that unfortunately isn’t in this picture, and I gave a Piccolo plush to my brother. These two are Kuririn and Son Goku.



IMG_5762Here’s my Toon Link plush which in the next picture will adorn his head with my caps. From the top to the left we have a Snapback NES Controller Cap bought in Canada, a Team Nintendo Cap which was a gift from my wife, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage Comics Cap from Inside in Spain and last, but not least, a NES Controller Cap which I bought in Nintendo World in New York in 2010.