Unlikely Versus No. 10

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Mega Man X vs. Mega Man

I was requested to make a Mega Man vs. Proto Man Unlikely Versus a good while ago, but they’re too dissimilar in a sense, and I couldn’t really put my finger on why I felt that way. They’re kind of “brothers”, with Proto Man being a robot created by Dr. Wily using the blueprints of Mega Man, though he’s not much stronger bar his shield. And he can’t absorb powers either. Anyhow, I wanted someone with a bit more in common, so I chose, as I’ve done in the last two Unlikely Versus posts, to use two markedly different characters based on the same idea, which is why I choose to pit Mega Man X against his original senior, the Blue Bomber- Mega Man.

Their shared background:

Mega Man came first, and then years later Capcom created one of the most successful revamps of a video game character to date- Mega Man X, in an effort to breathe new life into the franchise. While they continued creating Mega Man games, X was where their main attention was. For simplicity’s sake, let’s just call the original Mega Man simply “Mega” and the revamp “X“. They’re similar in the way that they’re the same character, both created by Dr. Light, but with different stories and personalities. Mega is more cheerful, and not initially created to be a weapon, while X is more quiet, reserved and serious, and as far as we know, he was created to be a weapon for peace. While Mega took on the cape himself to be a hero, X never had a choice in the matter. Mega is part of a team battling Dr. Wily while X is part of the Maverick Hunters, some kind of military group who hunts down Mavericks, Reploids (robots like X and even Mega are) who have been infected by a computer virus and are now evil in nature. The Mavericks follow the former no. 1 hunter, Sigma, who got “infected” first. At least that’s how the short story goes, if I recall correctly.

Their strengths:

Mega Man is a cheerful and fearless robot hero who can copy a good few powerups after defeating his enemies, sometimes even modifications with his own twist. He can also use Rush, his trusted robot dog, to help him get to hard to reach environments with Rush acting as a Jet, Submarine or Coil. He can implement Rush into his design as evidenced by later installments in the series. He can also shoot a Charge Shot from his Mega Buster, and slide to reach narrow paths. There’s also the possibility to gather E Tanks almost limitlessly and use them for instant recovery. Despite his cheerful nature he’s seldom seen making mistakes.

Mega Man X also absorbs his fallen enemies’ abilities and attacks, but lacks Rush. But what he lacks in Rush he more than readily packs in his armor upgrades who give him better and better abiilities, like increased defence, Dashing, Double Jump etc. He can carry 4 Energy Tanks usually, and also has the ability to increase his base Energy as well. His X buster is stronger than Mega’s, and boasts of an improved fire power and three different kinds of Charge Shots, as well as one final grand Charge Shot which is aquired later in the games. He can also control a few robot suits as well, both as a means of movement, defence and attack. He’s serious and valiant, and has a knack to rush into opponents much stronger than himself, sometimes needing the aid of Zero to get out of there alive.

Their weaknesses:

Mega Man has an overall lower defence when compared to X, especially when taken into account the latters armor upgrades. His maneuverability is also impaired as he’s slower and less nimble when compared to his revamp counterpart. He’s very weak when it comes to spikes! A single tap and he explodes instantly.

Mega Man X is too rash at times, and his improved movement capabilities can make him prone to running into enemies if not too careful. He, too, carries an enormous weakness to spikes, and will self-detonate of he’s even scratched by the tip of one of them. He can’t fly either and moves slower in water when compared to a Mega who uses Rush.


All things considered,X has more fire-power, more versatile movements and a greater defence. All in all, even though Mega Man would’ve gotten a full stock of E Tanks, he’d be greatly outmaneuvred, even when taking into account his brief advantages in water and in air. He simply wouldn’t last as long, and his future counterpart, who was built as an improvement and as a pure war machine with a heart, is intended to be an improvement over the original after all. X would annihilate Mega… so:

Mega Man X emerges as the winner!


Images from: nintendo.wikia.com and megaman.wikia.com


Unlikely Versus No. 9

dennis vs dennis

Dennis the Menace vs Dennis the Menace

Their shared background:

You might or might not know of the fact that about the same time, in both the US and Scotland, two different comic artists created two separate characters who were named the same and were in many ways very similar, and they’re said to have been oblivious to this at first. I present to you an Unlikely Versus between Dennis the Menace (UK) and Dennis the Menace (US)!

Their strengths:

Dennis the Menace (UK) is a very selfish and mean boy who loves chaos and mayhem. He often chooses treasures and other material things over his friends and goes out of his way to make people miserable. He’s armed with things such as a sling shot. He also has saved his town on occassions from disaster and robot invasions, and is ingenious when it comes to all things menace.

Dennis the Menace (US): is a pretty lovable boy with a taste for mischief. He carries snakes and slingshots with him. He’s kind and helpful, but likes to get into fights with boys his age. He also manages to bring destruction around himself by mistake.

Their weaknesses:

Dennis the Menace (UK) isn’t that book smart, though that rarely is an issue in fights as he’s clever when it comes to all things bad.

Dennis the Menace (US) is too kind to deliberately fight someone, but I think he would if he had to.


All things considered, it’s safe to assume that the UK version not only is more vicious but also more experienced in fights overall. I can’t see how the US version would stand a chance.

Dennis the Menace (UK) emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think?

Images compiled from: https://www.mycomicshop.com and http://www.bleedingcool.com/

Unlikely Versus No. 8

Baloo vs Baloo

Their shared background:

They’re both different versions of the same bear, to avoid confusion we’ll call the original “Djungle Book” Baloo and the newer version “Talespin” Baloo.  They’re different enough to warrant their own Unlikely Versus!

Their strengths:

Jungle Book Baloo: He’s a very strong bear, and stupid to the point of bravery (though he’s scared of Shere Khan which he should be able to take on). As evidenced by his tutelage of the young unrefined Mowgli, he knows another thing or two about brawling, and easily can send him hurtling into the wall with just a light tap to the head. Imagine what Mowgli would’ve looked like if he’d used full force! Bagheera would’ve met a horrible sight. Also he has claws to use as a means of attack.

Talespin Baloo: He’s got a plane but we can’t have him use that, otherwise this’d been to easy, even considering he never mounted machine guns at the front to fight off the Pirates (though that’d be really neat). Other than that he can hold his own brawling, though his strength has been nerfed when compared to his original incarnation. Instead he has brains to use against his original, using tools against him, as he’s been able to defeat weapon-wielding opponents with his adventuring skills.

Their weaknesses:

Jungle Book Baloo isn’t that smart, even though his heart is in the right place. He’s basically a gullible dunce, and could easily be fooled or tricked by his opponents.

Talespin Baloo lacks raw power and claws, which puts him in disadvantage against a wild bear (who probably also has had to fend off a lot of wild animals before). It’s not sure that his experience fighting off Pirates would come in handy against a bear, but then again there are Pirates that are as stupid that he’s defeated over and over again.


This one isn’t that easy to judge as these Baloos are similar yet different versions of each other. While Jungle Book Baloo has brawns, sharp claws and brawling techniques, Talespin Baloo has brains, experience fighting bigger guys and opposable thumbs. Even if in the Jungle I’d guess Talespin Baloo would’ve been able to defeat his Jungle Book counterpart with brains, like through throwing big rocks at his head, and in a city there would be no contest. But in an all-out brawl in a setting where tools aren’t available Jungle Book would’ve won over Talespin no doubt. Considering most settings available though, I’d actually  have to conclude that:

Talespin Baloo emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think?

Images compiled by yours truly using images from: disney.wikia.com and http://www.tribemagazine.com/

Unlikely Versus No. 7


Their shared background:

Both are virtually immortal, Mr. Immortal being, simply, immortal and will be reborn completely enraged after each death, and the bearer of the Mask, in the comics collectively known as Big Head, being invulnerable as the Mask grants immortality and invulnerability to the user.

Their strengths:

Mr. Immortal (Craig Hollis) is a genetic mutant that has went even beyond the Homo Sapiens Superior species that the X-men mutants are comprised of, and is of the Homo Sapiens Supreme species. Supreme. Man, has he taken the step beyond or what.

So, basically he’s been immortal since birth and has been guided by a universal being called Deathurge that from time to time tries to kill him, to show Craig’s immortality, but doesn’t succeed doing. Deathurge tries to get Craig hit by cars in highways and even goes as far as burning his house down and kills Craig’s only remaining parent, his pops, in te process which gets Craig put in foster care. After  a series of unfortunate events Craig tries to commit suicide after yet another contact by Deathurge, and finds out that he’s immortal.

And who asked Deathurge to take care of Craig? Craig’s mom, on her deathbed. Great choice, Greg’s mom. You got your husband killed too.

Being immortal, bar his acrobatic strength and fearlessness á lá Daredevil, is pretty much everything he’s got. Also, he gets really pissed off after when he’s revived, though there are a few close to him that can keep that berserk mode off, but in this Unlikely Versus he’ll fight alone against…

Big Head is pretty much any average Joe that gets a hold of The Mask. The Mask grants invulnerability, the ability to warp space and create objects out of thin air, and also has the side effects of making the wearer insane through removing all inhibitions. The first wearer, Stanley Ipkiss, goes on a killing spree ang kills everyone who ever crossed him in his life, his 2nd grade teacher being one of them. He is only stopped when his girlfriend asks him to take the Mask, and then she proceeds to kill him.

The bearer, if not strong at soul, has a hard time taking it off after several uses (a little bit like The Ring to Rule Them All) and will eventually retain the removal of inhibitions in his normal state.

Good Super Heroes that gain it will become Anti-heroes, though there are some that have retained their minds while using it. Also, the Joker has gained it in the story “Joker/Mask” and has remained the same mentally and kicking Batman’s ass through his newly acquired invulnerability. He is already insane after all.

Though in this fight we’ll use a normal average Joe, as the powers pretty much will be the same. The wearer can get powers only limited by the wearer’s imagination, like how a Green Lantern’s powers work.


Their weaknesses:

Mister Immortal loses his head after each revival, and could in theory only be defeated by being locked in somewhere for all time to come.

Big Head would only be able to be defeated if he’d be made to remove his Mask, since he can escape by warping space. It does take a lot of effort to do it, and is even more difficult a task if the wearer has no close ones and has a great self esteem. A lowly thug, Nunzio, with low self esteem and a yellow costume (the one The Mask in the movie is modelled after) was charmed to take it off in exchange of a kiss by Ipkiss’ girlfriend Kathy, just to be killed by her afterwards.


Unless the wearer of the Mask is able to contain Mister Immortal, he will surely lose or be tricked to take the mask off in time, though I don’t see that as a very possible outcome. Honestly I’m a bit torn about this one, but I actually think Big Head would win since the chances are high that he’ll be able to contain Mister Immortal in some area, or put him in space where he’ll get killed over and over and not be able to get away, like in the middle of the sun or something like that, which is a condition that Big Head would be able to survive in. Also he has superhuman strength and other abilities that can completely overpower Mister Immortal, forcing him into confinement.

Big Head emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think?


Images from: http://themaskstrikesback.webs.com/n27891.jpg


Unlikely Versus No. 6

Their shared background:

Both are “normal” people that dress up as masked vigilantes to protect innocent people and beat up villains. Both are the terror that flaps in the night. Both have really cool suits as well. Also both go unnoticed in their everyday lives.

Their strengths:

Darkwing Duck has his trusted non lethal gun and hooks and stuff along with his trusted duck shaped plane and bike that were made for him. Before he met Launchpad McQuack (that two-timing s.o.b.) he was a small time hero but after that he became a big hitter in his town. Even though he’s said to be a great martial artist it’s safe to say that he really isn’t, at least not in the conventional sense, no matter what one of his backstories say (the one spoofing Batman’s origin story, where he meets a genie in the desert and asks for a cold drink, a way home and his awesome suit).  He also has a motorbike and a plane shaped like a duck, and if I recall correctly also a submarine.

Batman is a ruthless and cunning hero that is a great martial artist. Not only is he an unforgiving to this enemies, he also makes anything he can to defeat them. He’s got a lot of gadgets, many that are made just for the occasion, but the most common ones are his hookshot and his bat shurikens. He’s also got his batmobile, his batwing and batbike. He’s been known to have beaten beings such as Superman just using his mind. HIS MIND. It’s fascinating.

Their weaknesses:

Darkwing Duck is very much susceptible to die from a bullet. At least if he was transferred to Batmans world, that is.

Batman would, even though he has tough armor and all, be very weak to a bullet if it’d hit the right spot.


If Darkwing Duck would have to fight in Gotham City, or anywhere else where toon logic wouldn’t make him invulnerable, then Batman with his ruthless ways and cunning mind would be able to beat him with his eyes closed. He’d use bat sonar. Ha ha ha, get it?

 Batman emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think?

By the way, I’ve added updated pictures to Unlikely Versus No. 1 and 2.

Image compiled by MartianOddity from:  http://www.fightersgeneration.com/np6/char2/batman-mkvsdc1.jpg and http://www.blogcdn.com/www.comicsalliance.com/media/2010/11/darkwingducktpbpreviewpagetop.jpg

Unlikely Versus No.5

Today we’ll take a look at a clash between two iron-clad heroes who save the world using their awesome high-tech mechanical suits:

Gizmo Duck Vs. Iron Man! 

Their shared background:

Both are geniuses in their own way, Tony Stark (Iron Man) being a well versed technological genious and Fenton Crackshell (Gizmo Duck) being a genius when it  comes to counting (in a savant kind of way) and both wear mechanical suits to augment and reinforce their physical capabilities. Both carry their suits in briefcases.

Their strengths:

Iron man has repulsor rays that are fired from his palms, a beam from his chest; pulse bolts, an electromagnetic pulse generator and a defensive 360 degrees energy shield. He also can have suits with freeze beams, magnetic field manipulation, hologram projection and a very strong defence to begin with. He can fly with the jet packs on the suits boots.

Gizmo Duck has a humongous defence that can withstand almost any kind of attack and explosive devices. He’s only been shown to have wrecked the suit after a whole planet’s worth of explosives went off on him. In this regard the defence is well above the defensive properties of Iron Man’s suit. Also he can bring forth virtually any weapon he wants, such as machine guns, bombs and missiles, and even skunks and other not so conventional items. He can fly with a propeller on his head. He gets into the suit faster than Tony Stark does.

Their weaknesses:

Iron Man is not only vain but also very arrogant to the point of making mistakes and underestimating his opponents. His suit is very resistant, but not invulnerable, to various veapons. If Tony Stark runs out of energy he risks to die as the energy source of his suit is connected with his own “battery” that keeps his heart from stopping.

Gizmo Duck is not always the smartest one battle wise and is, like Tony Stark, very susceptible for flattery and praise. I’m not sure he has any weaknesses really. Maybe it’s his gullibility.


Even though Iron Man has more tricks up his sleeve I’ll have to say that Gizmo Duck’s impermeable defences nullify most, if not all, of Iron Mans attacks. And seeing as he has missiles and other strong weapons that are able to seriously hurt Iron Man, and since he has the heart and motivation of a true hero, I think that he’d have the greatest chance of winning. This is a tricky one though. My opinion is that:

Gizmo Duck emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think? This one is up to debate!

Image mash up by: MartianOddity

Images used: http://www.comicvine.com/gizmo-duck/29-40465/all-images/108-197639/dw18c/105-1910009/



Unlikely Versus No. 4

This time we’ll be spectating a fight between two of our favourite Disney Super Heroes! Give it up for…

Super Goof and Phantom Duck!

Their shared background:

Both are Disney Super Heroes, with Super Goof being one invented first. While Super Goof pretty much has the same powers as Super Man, Phantom Duck (he’s Donald Duck in case you didn’t know it already) is the Disney equivalent of Batman, relying on his tools and cunning mind to defeat his adversaries. Uh, oh, this doesn’t look good…

Their strengths:

Goofy transforms into Super Goof after eating Super Goobers that basically are a bunch of irradiated and for normal creatures highly harmful, radioactive peanuts. Yeah, he can stomach them, and that makes him totally bad ass. When defeating villains he opens up a can of whoop-ass containing a mix of the following ingredients: super power, super breath and eye lasers. That’s not all, he also he has the following powers: flying, x-ray vision and invulnerability.

Much like our very own Batman we can see that Phantom Duck is completely dependent on his awesome tools, brains and guts.  He’s got a paralyzing gun, smoke bullets, spring shoes/jet shoes, bulletproof cape, a flying car and much more. His main method of attacking is an awesome shield that can extend and be fired at enemies. Wait a minute, he’s much better than Batman is, at least equipment-wise!

Their weaknesses:

Unfortunately Super Goof reverts into a regular Goofy as the radiation of the Super Goobers wear off after a while, and forgetful as he is, Goofy frequently forgets to restock his hat with them and that leads him into a lot of misadventures.

Phantom Duck has a normal bullet-susceptible being inside the suit. Phantom Duck isn’t invulnerable either and has a short temper. Just think: Batman.


Well, as long as Super Goof has his powers he’ll be able to crush Phantom Duck easily. But since he can be paralyzed Phantom Duck will be able to keep him in that state until his powers wear off and then finish him off with his shield. Paralyzing beams work through electricity and it doesn’t matter how strong Super Goof is: he won’t be able to break through the beam. That’s a medical fact.

Even though Super Goof is fast normal Goofy isn’t, which means he’d have no time to eat a Super Goober before getting hit by the shield and meet his untimely doom And even if he’d be fast enough chances are that he’d forget to restock which makes Phantom Duck the winner.

Phantom Duck emerges through the fogs of the night… as the winner!

Now what do you think? Who’d you think would win?

First image compiled, by me, from: http://www.salimbeti.com/paperinik/images/arte21.jpg and http://www.ludicer.it/supereroi/superpippo/in-volo.gif

Second image from: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/The_Duck_Avenger