Nintendo Customer Service 1991

I found this video that is video describing how to handle customers who want help with their products. I find it hilarious!



Nostalgic Toys R’ Us Ads

My brother sent me these images of old ads from Toys R’ Us, and man do they bring me a nostalgia kick! I’m not from the US but Toys R’ Us used the same kind of advertisement style over here with the same fonts, layout and colors, back then.


The Future is here! It’s always such a delight to read such bold announcements from the past, and this is no exception. Having a Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 was the thing I remember. We did have a N64 but no Mario 64 though… I wonder why… but we used to play them at friends’ places. Seeing Mario in 3D was magical, and not having seen anything in 3D before, if you count out Jaws in Back to the Future, this game was most impressive.

We used to have Fighter’s Destiny, Dark Rift and Pilotwings 64 amongst others, though.


I can’t tell if these ads were in the same magazine or not, but it wouldn’t be odd if they were, considering that this Super Nintendo is quite a lot cheaper than the N64. If I ever had a SNES (which I haven’t) I’d have a Super Gameboy for sure. I never was a big fan of the Donkey Kong Country series though, the digitized graphics made me nauseous (as did the ones in Bug! for the PC and Saturn). Fun fact: I didn’t know they ported the Street Fighter Alpha series for the SNES, I was under the impression they were first ported for the Playstation One, as I played it on that system for the first time while doing a clerkship during middle school at a grocery store (well, during breaks, 30 minutes a day, not during working hours!).


The Gameboy and the Gameboy Pocket. What is there to say? A lot. I’d say most games on that ad are worth buying if you have a Gameboy of your own. I remembe rsome rumours surrounding the Gameboy Pocket, one being that it could show 1 or 2 colors in a game, and there was this picture of Super Mario Land where Mario was dressed in red. I remember this being from a well respected game magazine, and kids believing in this, and my astonishment when I saw my friends system only showing the games in monochrome. In hindsight that image must’ve logically been from a Gameboy Color review… though I’m not so sure of it.


This one is for you Sega Game Gear fans, I have next to no memories of the system as I didn’t know anyone who owned it. I vaguely remember Toys R Us selling Game Gear and Master System games on sale, dirt cheap, around the time when Pokémon was released.


The Sega Genesis (or Sega Mega Drive as it’s called in Europe) was a great system. My favorite games must’ve been Sonic 3 and Streets of Rage 3 (though Comix Zone is pretty good as well).


I don’t know much about the Sega Saturn as it wasn’t such a great hit over here and I know of no one that had it.


The Playstation was a great video game system and boasted of a huge game library. I remember thinking that the N64 had better graphics but was impressed by the system never the less. I loved Tekken and Crash Bandicoot, as well as all the 2D fighting games. Fun fact: The PS 1 is a 32 bit system, not 64 bits!


If I only knew that they had all of these in gold… I wouldn’t have bought them but I’d been impressed never the less. A golden Tamagotchi… that’d be awesome.

Strike gold…

… only at The Martian Oddity.