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I will expand on this section with time, but I already have a few blogs and web pages to recommend to y’all:

English Stuff:

Hidden Power: A blog written and translated by Junichi Masuda where he gives insight in the creative process in the creating of the video games in the Game Freak studio.

Unseen64:  A webpage dedicated to betas and other unreleased material and content of retro games.

Eatsleepdraw: A page where anyone can submit their often very awesome art.

Slick Gaming: A video game blog run by a game collector that writes about new games and also showcases his video games finds. He also posts video game collecting guides which have helped me out a lot.

Background Characters: A dude writing about short stories and poems, and stories about characters in TV series and movies which you only see for a short while, but who leave an impression. He writes in a humorous tone and everything he writes is really entertaining. Will occasionally be guest writing for my blog.

Swedish Stuff:

Retrospelsbloggen:  A blog by a friend of mine who loves Retro games, and which I incidentally led into the world of game collecting. Now he’s a fellow addict!

Loppisapan:  A blog by a generous fellow Swede who loves flea markets a little bit more than I do, and manages to score better deals than I do too!

There will be more up, don’t fret if you blog/site isn’t on the list. Leave a comment if you deem yourself worthy and I’ll take a look and probably you’ll end up here as well!

Upcoming recommendations: Blogs, Web Pages, Gaming Web Shows and more!


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