Summertime Leads to a Change in Layout



Well, technically it’s Fall right now… at least over here! I’d been bothered by the problematic headers from my previous themes, you know, those that wouldn’t adapt to the hardware used to view the blog and resolution settings. I found this very similar theme, twentyeleven, that looks a wee bit better than twentythirteen. And the headers work flawlessly here, which is ace!

I’ve Photoshopped a few headers, totally four of them at the moment, who change on each page much like my previous theme did. I’m planning to create a few more of them with Link, Samus, Sonic etc. Also I’ve added Wario as some sort of “Avatar” of sorts until I can post a satisfactory caricature of myself. I just can’t capture myself that well, and my biggest problem is what clothing I should wear. The face and expression has turned out well though, and that ought to be the most difficult part. The rest is crud, from the pose to clothing and the setting and such. Also I need something better than Photoshop to draw in, but Mangastudio (which I’ve tried and love) is way too expensive for me at the moment.

I’ve also added a few widgets to the left (it seemed more natural that way considering the rest of this blog’s current design).

There’ll be lots of posts in the future, I’m tinkering on 11 drafts, and you’ll be able to read about Game Hunting, Gaming merchandise, weird stuff I’ve encountered during my travels (movie and video game related) and also about some arcade gaming, amongst others.



Image from: Filmmuffin



Gamer’s Alphabet

For those of you who are illiterate gamers, or simply feel the need to revise your alphabet knowledge, there is help to be given. I present to you one of the examples of the Alphabet series, Gamer’s Edition and then a link the the complete list below:






For gamers who need to review their alphabet


Duck Hunt

tumblr_mf5sx3N24n1r46vblo1_500 tumblr_mkea60mvlF1s3l4aio1_500 b7d49a4225e45afc94c5d5111d7e2952

I know y’all remember that stupid laughing dog in Duck Hunt- this topic probably has been done to death but I wanted to present to you these images, and the opportunity to shoot the dog once and for all, outside of the Vs. Duck Hunt game, of course:


Shoot the Duck Hunt Dog


Images from: Tumblr, and

Your Grandma’s Nostalgic China


Isn’t this bad ass? This level of nostalgia of both the old and the familiar has never been combined before. Behold: Pokémon Blue china.

I can’t fathom the sheer awesomeness that is this piece. I want one for my game room.


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening too?!

I don’t think you can buy these great plates, I’ve been searching everywhere but alas, I haven’t been successfull. If you know otherwise then tell me!

Images from:

The 251st post!

This is my 251st post. Not only do I celebrate “the usual” milestones but also the numbers connected to the Pokémon franchise.

With the advent of Pokémon Gold & Silver versions, who were meant to be true continuations of Pokémon Red & Blue (but got hogged of the glory of being the first true sequels in the series by Pokémon Black & White 2), we were granted 100 new monsters to train and capture. This truly was a marvellous time for fans as the games made a huge jump in all aspects, and there are a lot of reasons many fans consider these two games being the best in the series, as they made the greatest leap forward.

Let’s celebrate this 251st post with this image of all the Pokémon up to that point, in the Hyaku style:

pokehyaku01a pokehyaku02a pokehyaku03a pokehyaku04a

They’re listed from left to right, in the Japanese manner of reading, and I think Magcargo, Miltank, Azumarill, Mantine, Crobat, Snorlax, Weezing, Lickitung, Onix, Farfetch’d and Butterfree and Piloswine look really good in this style.

Link to original gallery:

Super Mario Artwork: Now in 3D!

I’ve found some impressive artwork, 3D renders (Voxels) of NES games by NES–still-the-best:









In case you don’t recognize the games, in a very weird but fascinating way, they’re Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Ice Hockey, The Legend of Zelda, Excitebike and Contra. Duh.


If you haven’t checked out the artists gallery then do so now. There are even more amazing works there. Just click the Link below (that’s made by cezkid):