Game Hunting: What’s New, What’s Old

Hello again! In this post I’m going to present to you my new video game purchases in picture, and also a small amount of the ones I bought the last two years. Let’s get on with it.


First I’d like to show off something “old”, that is the Japanese Super Metroid cartridge that I wrote about in the last post. It plays just the same and has language options for both Japanese and English. I’m playing it on my Super Famicom, though with the removal of two plastic tabs you can play it on an NTSC Super Nintendo too. The other one is Super Mario All Stars which is the PAL-version. It’s arguably the best way to play the original NES trilogy, if you’re not a purist that is. Speaking of original games, I just noticed that you revert into small Mario in Super Mario World when getting hit, while in Super Mario Bros 3 (outside of Japan) you revert to Super Mario instead. I guess my confusion comes from playing the GBA version of Super Mario World, in that one it works like in Super Mario Bros. 3 too.


Now something new in the collection; Metroid and Balloon Fight, two games that I’ve been looking to get for a long time. The problem was that they were expensive as hell (ranging something between 40-60 euros each) but now as the video game prices are decreasing generally, I got them for about 20 euros each, in great condition. It had to be the original releases for me (not the updated re-release for Metroid, which still is rad, by the way, and the pixelated cover for Balloon Fight- but the, in my opinion, better Japanese cover). Metroid is solid but difficult and unforgiving, and the lack of an in-game map makes this game a true challenge. I’ve yet to find the first boss- and other than a missile pack and the Morph Ball I haven’t found any other upgrades at all. But I’ll keep trying!

20181209_124705273_resizedI finally snagged a copy of Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, which I’ve wanted since I found out it existed in the beginning of the -00’s. Being a huge Dragon Ball fan (with a thin wallet) I couldn’t imagine a better game in my school years, and drooled over the prospect of ever owning such an advanced and gorgeous game. It has a cool compressed intro and the game itself is more akin to the SNES Super Butoden series, only a bit clunkier gameplay, but prettier graphics. The soundtrack mostly consists of remixed MIDI-versions of the Super Butoden soundtrack. The other three were dirt cheap case sacrifices, and gave up their sweet encasings to better, and more expensive, games. They’re Formula One Racing (I think),  SpecOps Ranger Elite and NBA Hoopz.


And last, but not least, I got some Xbox and Xbox One games. What’s new is Spy vs. Spy for the Xbox, and I inserted an image of the NES game of the same name just to show it to you. The older purchase of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is presented to you as well, as well as Siberia II and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 has been on my list ever since I saw the first game on a Dreamcast kiosk many years ago, astounded by the fluent 2D animations and the cartoony look. I distinctly remember the Juggernaut and Wolverine.

What’s interesting about Revenge of the Sith is that it’s a Promotional Copy, and without that branding I wouldn’t have bought it to be honest. Seemed to be a nice collectible. Inside it looks just like a normal copy, but I haven’t booted the disc yet to be able to see if the game is any different (it shouldn’t be- right? Though some games have last minute changes made between promotion and release). Other than that I got Game of Thrones from Telltale (R.I.P) and 7 Days to Die. I’ve looked for 7 Days to Die ever since I saw it in a Spanish video game store, but I forgot about the title and couldn’t find anything about it, that is, until my wife found it in a store over here instead. It’s a survival horror game where you alone, or in co-op mode, have to collect resources to survive a zombie hoard.


And that’s it for now! See you next post.


Video Game Hunting: Stay Away, Angry Sun!


Image from

It’s Summer Time, and for most of us this means vacation, and a chance to get to play more video games, if it weren’t for travelling and all those other things one has to do. Ah, I can’t play the stationary consoles outdoors, and the weather is nice so I have to be outdoors. Let’s play on the handhelds then! No, I’m required to enjoy this new and exotic country I’m visiting… That means the new and exotic lands of this game will have to wait…

To sum it up I’d conclude that wintertime is a better time to play video games, but don’t forget the surge of flea markets and the likes, as well as last-minute garage sales to scour in search for more video games. If you don’t have enough already, that is (I do, but I can’t stop myself, it’s pathological). This month’s haul is largely from the last 40% sale on GAME (with 20% off on accessories and consoles) and later on, 50% on all goods, and last, but not least, a Liquidation Sale as they went out of business after filing bankruptcy when all games and accessories were on 70% sale!

This post has been delayed by life and things like that, not to mention by how huge it is! This months haul is a record thus far, and it clearly marks some of my issues as a gamer and a collector.

2015-06-01 12.35.32I had cropped this image and I can’t understand why it was imported this way. And I frankly don’t give a damn, as I’m too lazy to correct this digital mistake. Anyhow, this here video game is Carmageddon 64, a pretty decent port of the PC game called Carmageddon 2. Being a fan of the Carmageddon franchise as a whole I decided to get this copy, and it plays very well. Bar the very low framerate, when compared to it’s PC brother, and the lower resolution, it feels the same. What striked me as odd was the inclusion of both fat and thin green zombies and red blood. Yes, not green as in the censored PC version, but red. That’s not very “Nintendo of the 90’s” at all.

2015-06-01 12.35.55Lumines Plus is another game that I’ve ogled, and for a small price I got this into my collection. It’s actually a fun and odd platformer which tries to look very modern, and it has some kind of contemporary look to it even today. The oddest part of it, besides the gameplay, is the music tracks who range from anything from generic electronic music tracks to actual music tracks with singers. The genres vary greatly in my opinion, but so far I haven’t heard rock and hiphop and the likes. Would I recommend it? Yes, if you’re a puzzle fan. If not you’ll just end up getting annoyed at the innovative gameplay style and especially at the odd choice of music tracks. I guess they tried to much to be an “everybody’s puzzle game”.

2015-06-01 12.37.21What a big blank space there is around the cartidge, what a waste. Thank you, WordPress. Anyhow, Astro Boy is one of the hidden gems on the Game Boy Advance system and I’d heard that it’s a great platformin action game. And boy did it deliver! The graphics, sound effects and the gameplay are all great. The story itself is interesting and light enough to draw me in, and has given me the urge to check out the Astro Boy franchise myself. If you find this one decently priced I’d say pick it up- you won’t be sorry. And if you would dislike this game something would be wrong with you, I think. I wouldn’t be to blame, I’d say. While we’re still talking about Game Boy Advance games… stack the heck away from Shrek Swamp Kart Racing.
2015-06-01 12.35.45Official Nintendo 64 Expansion Packs are way too expensive, man and woman. Good thing they had that sale that made this one unit affordable. This device is inserted into the Nintendo 64 to give it more RAM (4mb if I recall correctly, please correct me if I’m wrong, or don’t, have it your way, gosh). This allows for a few select games to output in higher resolution, of which I only have one (Pokémon Stadium 2). I’ve stayed away from Donkey Kong 64 (which technically shouldn’t didn’t require the Expansion Pack, if it wasn’t for a certain part of the game freezing without it). since it needs one of these.

2015-06-01 12.36.08I got myself another new-in-box SEGA Dreamcast Controller. It’s mint and never used, complete with a plastic bag and the manual. There are many of these around on Ebay and the likes, so getting a mint original Dreamcast controller never is a problem. The prices are decent in Ebay too, but when you can get 20% off that price and save on shipping… why not go for it? Now that I’ve got 4 controllers I can play Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear in Deathmatch Mode with 3 buddies. Too bad no one will want to. I tried that mode with my brother and the maps are way too huge for that small amount of players in Local Play. I’ll have to get other games, like Power Stone or something, instead.

2015-06-09 17.41.26Resident Evil 4… what have I driven myself into. I’m notorious amongst my friends and family for being easily spooked by this genre, so I’m not really sure what made me grab this one. It might be the will to conquer my fears… or so I hope, since the other option would be true insanity. I hope this will bring me many hours of fun and not soiled pants instead…

2015-06-09 17.43.08

Next up is XII Stag, or Twelve Stag (or 12 Stag) if you will which is a vertical shooter. I really love those arcade-style games and they’re one of the reasons why I love the Playstation 2 too; there simply are a great lot of arcade ports for it. And they usually go for cheap too! They’re easy to pick up and play, and usually you get Free Credits too. That’s cheap arcadin’!

2015-06-09 17.43.52This is the definitive version of Monopoly with animations and gameplay that’s limited to 2 players only! I lied when I said that it’s the definitive version though… as you’ve figured out you can only play as 2 players in this game which limits the fun I’d reckon. But being a Monopoly fan I needed to pick this up for cheaps. Fo’ Cheapz! And it has both the classic and World Edition boards.


2015-06-09 18.11.05Zombie Revenge is one of those games that go for a higher price on the Dreamcast. This sale made me able to buy it without burning a hole through my wallet and, subsequently, my pocket. And it’s a really fun game! The Bare Knuckle mode is by far the best, and is a mode where you use your fists to defeat all those disgusting monsters and zombies. I still haven’t really understood what the revenge is about though…

2015-06-09 18.10.59This is yet another vertical shooter, Castle Shikigami II: War of the Worlds (not like H.G. Well’s piece, mind you) which Play It has released. I’ve yet to play this one, but when I come over these for the cheaps I have to get them. Chances are really good that they’ll be awesome. This one is also one of the finds during GAME’s Great Final Sale. I’m lucky few people even care to get these Old School-style arcade games; that means I get them instead!

N2015-06-11 17.40.49ext is Metal Gear Solid 3: Substinence, which contains a bonus disc that was pre-order or something like that in the US and Japan. It’s a fleshed out version of Snake Eater, and even though I thought I snagged it for kind of cheap in a thrift store it turned out not to contain the bonus disc.  I got it since you need Substinence to live… at least that’s my excuse. I mean, I’m no Snake Eater, right? The Europeans got the bonus disc either way since they had to wait for it for longer.

2015-06-11 17.40.57

Next in line to present to you is none other than Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This is my favorite version of GTA thus far simply because it’s based on Miami Vice and since it takes part in the 80’s (which I love) this is the definitive version for me. I love the music selection too and I’ve always liked that the type of car you get predetermines which station it’ll be tuned into. While I’m not much for breaking the law, shooting and driving over innocents and the such, the free roaming world is a very fun thing gameplay-wise, and “borrowing” cars to crash never gets old.

2015-06-24 23.09.00Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a game my wife has wanted to get for a good while now, and during that sale we snagged it. Adventure games like this one always have a tendency to drag me in. I think it has to be the Indiana Jones in me that needs his fix. He’s shackled thight enough not to be able to escape and actually make me embark on real dangerous adventures, thank God, but I’m humane enough to grant him at least this much.

2015-06-24 23.09.49Some Nintendo Entertainment System dust sleeves! These were dirt cheap, and that’s a great thing considering they’re supposed to guard against dust. I took these two since they were the only ones left on the shelf. I asked the clerk if there were any more left. He then asked how many I wanted. I said “all there is.” He then answered that only these two remained. I left that GAME store baffled. I’m still not sure what the point was of asking me if I wanted any more of them if there were none else left than these two.

2015-06-24 23.13.19Microsoft Puzzle Entertainment Pack is something I envision in very much the same way as they’ve portrayed how your mind will become after having played the game on the cover of the box: as a mess. It’s weird that Microsoft ported some of their PC games to the Game Boy Color. It’s weird. It heinous. It’s a testament of madness! And that’s why I got this complete game. It’s too weird to pass on and I actually seem to have low standards when it comes to gaming (I enjoy the NES game Golf a bit too much) so I think I’ll like this one.

2015-06-24 23.10.39This is the only decent Sega Dreamcast game they had left and that I wanted to get: Milennium Soldier: Expendable. This is a top-ish view run and gun game where the tagline tells you what you need to know (something in the lines of “don’t ask, don’t stop, just shoot.”). This is a port of a port of an arcade game (portception) and plays very much like one, with credits, a second player being able to jump in anytime, and bosses and weapon upgrades and such. That sounds awesome!

2015-06-24 23.17.27  I love the Die Hard movies (for sure the first three ones, and even Live Free or Die Hard [but not so much Die Hard 4.0]) and when I saw Die Hard: Vendetta for the Gamecube I bought it. I’m hoping for a decent first person shooter and not something like Die Hard Trilogy for the Playstation. Even though that one is somewhat nostalgic it hasn’t aged well at all.

2015-06-27 16.28.01You’re not hallucinating, folks. I’ve bought a PC game, Command & Conquer: The First Decade. Before older console games became cheap enough my main gaming platform was the PC. Either I got cheap games that looked fun enough (Like good ones like MechCommander and Earth: 2140, or bad ones like Krazy Ivan) or I got them through friends (let’s just call that “lending through charred discs of information”). One of the top picks is the Command & Conquer franchise, with Red Alert being my favorite. This compilation contains everything released during the first decade, or so it claims. I got it at a flea market complete, and I’m eager to try it out.

2015-06-27 16.29.49It may be difficult to see, but this cart actually is Pocket Music for the Gameboy Advance. It’s your standard mixboard which is, to me, a bit difficult to learn due to the limited buttons of the system. Mixing is both easy and difficult; if you know which beats to use you can insert them easily. Knowing which tunes are which is the challenge though… I dig the inclusion of a GBA version if “My Name Is” by Slim Shady. That’s really nice!

2015-06-27 16.32.08Next up is Mercury Meltdown Revolution, a game I’ve heard is a hidden gem. You guide this mercuroid blob throughout stages that are sensitive to the motions of your Wiimote. I say, this blob sure looks like a Flubber! I bet you’d forgotten about that movie, no? This one is certainly darker than its Flubbi bethren and gives off a noble look. Amyhow, if you like motion controls and puzzles, look no further. Stop. No, stop looking further. Come ON!!

2015-06-27 16.33.00  Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward is an action game where you kill zombies and such. It looks great, through I don’t expect the gameplay to be stellar by any means, but it’s supposed to be decent. I’ve yet to play this one so I don’t have too much to say about it other than it looks fun. Playstation 2 games are dirt cheap, which means you can gamble when you get games on the system.

2015-06-30 15.53.57Is this one good? I’ve heard about the Fallout games a whole lot and I’ve yet to try any of them out. I definitely think I have a strong anough PC for this one, so I thought I’d see what the hype is all about in this the 3:rd game in the series. It also came very, very cheap at a thrift store, so yeah. That’s the story of how this one got into my possession. Let’s see how I fare in a post apocalyptic world (not so good. I’d guess)!


2015-06-30 15.54.09I got Sly 3: Honor Amongst Thieves! Platformers are my thing, and I won’t say no to good 3D platformer like this one. Also found at a thrift store for CHEAPS and when I got to the cash register they put it in at 50% off so it was even cheaper than I thought. You could even say it was a steal… heh. Man, that be nice, y’arr! Though me not be thinkin’ there be no honour amongst the thievery gentlemen, no, y’arr, they be dishonest like the worst of vermin, see.

2015-06-30 15.53.48I really used to play Diablo II a lot when it was new-ish back then. I never got very far, neither did I ever do that great, but raiding the maps and searching for stronger weapons and cooperating with my brother doing all that was a lot of fun. As with all PC games it’s not that certain a thing that the CD Key will work but I’ll give it a chance. I chose the Necromancer to be able to keep my distance and summon Skeleton Warriors and  Clay Golems to fight for me. Letting others fight my battles fits my game style much better and being a Summoner is more my cup of tea.

2015-06-30 15.55.01I also snagged these older Super Play issues, the first one is from January 1997 I presume and recaps the Game Year of 1996, which is insanely awesome. The other one leads you through the Console War of XBox, Playstation2 and the Nintendo Gamecube. As we all know they’re great on their own (with the Gamecube being the best system in my opinion) but as expected the Gamecube sold much, much less than the other systems.

I’d like to end this post with a few lines about blank spaces. Recognize the song? An E-cookie will be handed out to those giving the right answer:

“Cause we’re nerds and we’re reckless
We’ll collect things way too far 
Don’t buy things that are tasteless,
Games like Shrek riding in his swampy kart
Got a long list of games left
They’ll tell you I’m insane
But these images have too much blank space baby
WordPress is to blame.”

Unlikely Versus No. 10

mega man vs mega man x martianoddity


Mega Man X vs. Mega Man

I was requested to make a Mega Man vs. Proto Man Unlikely Versus a good while ago, but they’re too dissimilar in a sense, and I couldn’t really put my finger on why I felt that way. They’re kind of “brothers”, with Proto Man being a robot created by Dr. Wily using the blueprints of Mega Man, though he’s not much stronger bar his shield. And he can’t absorb powers either. Anyhow, I wanted someone with a bit more in common, so I chose, as I’ve done in the last two Unlikely Versus posts, to use two markedly different characters based on the same idea, which is why I choose to pit Mega Man X against his original senior, the Blue Bomber- Mega Man.

Their shared background:

Mega Man came first, and then years later Capcom created one of the most successful revamps of a video game character to date- Mega Man X, in an effort to breathe new life into the franchise. While they continued creating Mega Man games, X was where their main attention was. For simplicity’s sake, let’s just call the original Mega Man simply “Mega” and the revamp “X“. They’re similar in the way that they’re the same character, both created by Dr. Light, but with different stories and personalities. Mega is more cheerful, and not initially created to be a weapon, while X is more quiet, reserved and serious, and as far as we know, he was created to be a weapon for peace. While Mega took on the cape himself to be a hero, X never had a choice in the matter. Mega is part of a team battling Dr. Wily while X is part of the Maverick Hunters, some kind of military group who hunts down Mavericks, Reploids (robots like X and even Mega are) who have been infected by a computer virus and are now evil in nature. The Mavericks follow the former no. 1 hunter, Sigma, who got “infected” first. At least that’s how the short story goes, if I recall correctly.

Their strengths:

Mega Man is a cheerful and fearless robot hero who can copy a good few powerups after defeating his enemies, sometimes even modifications with his own twist. He can also use Rush, his trusted robot dog, to help him get to hard to reach environments with Rush acting as a Jet, Submarine or Coil. He can implement Rush into his design as evidenced by later installments in the series. He can also shoot a Charge Shot from his Mega Buster, and slide to reach narrow paths. There’s also the possibility to gather E Tanks almost limitlessly and use them for instant recovery. Despite his cheerful nature he’s seldom seen making mistakes.

Mega Man X also absorbs his fallen enemies’ abilities and attacks, but lacks Rush. But what he lacks in Rush he more than readily packs in his armor upgrades who give him better and better abiilities, like increased defence, Dashing, Double Jump etc. He can carry 4 Energy Tanks usually, and also has the ability to increase his base Energy as well. His X buster is stronger than Mega’s, and boasts of an improved fire power and three different kinds of Charge Shots, as well as one final grand Charge Shot which is aquired later in the games. He can also control a few robot suits as well, both as a means of movement, defence and attack. He’s serious and valiant, and has a knack to rush into opponents much stronger than himself, sometimes needing the aid of Zero to get out of there alive.

Their weaknesses:

Mega Man has an overall lower defence when compared to X, especially when taken into account the latters armor upgrades. His maneuverability is also impaired as he’s slower and less nimble when compared to his revamp counterpart. He’s very weak when it comes to spikes! A single tap and he explodes instantly.

Mega Man X is too rash at times, and his improved movement capabilities can make him prone to running into enemies if not too careful. He, too, carries an enormous weakness to spikes, and will self-detonate of he’s even scratched by the tip of one of them. He can’t fly either and moves slower in water when compared to a Mega who uses Rush.


All things considered,X has more fire-power, more versatile movements and a greater defence. All in all, even though Mega Man would’ve gotten a full stock of E Tanks, he’d be greatly outmaneuvred, even when taking into account his brief advantages in water and in air. He simply wouldn’t last as long, and his future counterpart, who was built as an improvement and as a pure war machine with a heart, is intended to be an improvement over the original after all. X would annihilate Mega… so:

Mega Man X emerges as the winner!


Images from: and

Game Hunting: Hidden Games


First of all I got 3 games for the price of 2 at GAME for a very favorable price. The first is Super Dragon Ball Z which uses the Dragonball Z Budokai engine and is produced by the creatpr of the Street Fighter 2 franchise. I hope that it’ll be good, as I’m a big fan of Dragonball Z fighting games. It has gotten decent reviews if I recall correctly. The second and third games are of the Viewtiful Joe franchise. These Capcom- produced games are really good and lets you control a guy that has to tacle the role of a movie’s Super Hero and has a lot of visually appealing effects, such as slow motion and fast motion fighing. This is a beat-em up that let’s you acquire more skills and attacks as you keep on playing. The first game was supposed to be a Gamecube exclusive but was ported to the Playstation 2 after staggering sales of the system.


Then I found Time Splitters 2 and Jak 3 at a thrift store similar to The Salvation Army for a symbolic price tag Time Splitters 2 is an acclaimed shooter who gained a lot of positive attention around the release of the Playstation 2, which is why I was curious what the buzz was all about back then. The Jak and Daxter series has also recieved a lot of positive critisism and was cheap enough to warrant a purchase. As a fan of 3D platformers I reckoned I couldn’t go wrong with this one.
Surprise game 2When I got home I noticed that the Time Splitters 2 box was heavier than the rest of the boxes. Opening up I was graced with this view, the box contained a bonus game. I didn’t see the case for this game so I decided to keep it as they wouldn’t be able to sell the game after all if it would’ve been returned. I’m going to print the cover and put the game in a case. That’s such a pleasant surprise indeed!

And that’s pretty much it for this week. As they’re trying to get rid of their Playstation 2 inventory and, since the system sold better than the others, this is the right time to pick up some good deals (before the games become collectibles, that is!).

Now Playing: Winning over Puzzling Fighters

These are images from when I was playing some older games on my small flatscreen TV- I use it when I want to have the TV on in the background while gaming, but when I want to really concentrate on my gaming I use my new United CRT TV (well, it’s not really new, it’s my wife’s old one we found in her parents’ storage room) which views my older consoles very well, especially the NES and N64 systems.

Here’s Pokémon Puzzle League on the N64 with our significantly larger flatscreen in the background (where Homer is visiting a Gay Club).

bild 9

Here I’m battling Mewtwo in Super Hard mode, while Gary is very much possible to beat nowadays Mewtwo isn’t. I managed to get a Draw but that meant that I had to fight Gary again, basically Mewtwo remained the Champion, and that’s sad.

You know what’s Super Hard though? A Metapod using Harden until its maximum capacity. That dude can crush a Pinsir’s horns badly.


This is my highscore from the awesome game Winning which I wrote about here. I’m number one with the insane score of 8,493,482!! Yay me!

There’s a David which boasts a score of 12 billion though. And there are a lot of people with over 32 million as well, and even though those scores dwarf mine I’ll still remember this picture with something that resembles pride (’cause being proud of something like this… is it OK? Am I allowed to gloat?).

Then I played some Capcom vs SNK 2 which is a really good fighting game.

I used this dude, Ryuji Yamazaki, a girly one and Ken, and Ryuji truly is a delinquient in the flesh. Youtube his fighting style and you’ll see. No, forget it, I’ll show you myself:

And read what he’s saying! “I said lick my shoes clean!!” He’s scary as hell!


I finished the Arcade mode mainly due to Ken but Yamazuki helped out some too, but Benimaru, the girly dude, wasn’t that good at all. Not my kind of fighter.

Aaw, Yamazaki seems a little bit shy.


OMG I’m dead. I’ll lick your shoes!!

Last image from:

Game Hunting: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

bild 1 (33)

This one my pal at RetrospelsBloggen found for me, actually at a Game store, and complete in box! I got it for 12 £, which is a really good deal over here.

It’s a delight to play and there’s an odd feeling I get about shooting down these stereotypes. You play as some bad ass cowboy that’s on his way to kill the Wingates, whatever they’re supposed to be, I haven’t really put a lot of attention to the story to be honest.

bild 2

A photo from my flatscreen TV, the picture is decent but a bit smudged out as the new TV’s fill out the scanlines with a lot of extra stuff giving blocky and smeary graphics at times. 

bild 3

The first level has you shooting down stereotypical caucasian cowboys, or “gringos” if you will.

bild 1

The second guy is a stereotypical dark skinned man, but his henchmen are recycled from the last stage.

bild 4

Gunned him down. Was he really a bad guy? We will never know. I gunned him down before asking.

bild 5And here’s the stereotypical native American, the boss of the 3rd level, which I haven’t been able to pass. I’m sorry for the suboptimal photo. His henchmen are all native American in their style.

Game Hunting: NES Galore!

In Vegas, of all places, we went video game hunting (knowing that US games are way cheaper than in Europe mostly).

First place we hit up was Game World (description and a small tour to follow in a separate post). The owner was really nice and the service was good, and the stock not too shabby, we found a lot of good NES titles and, though I didn’t end up buying any, there were a lot of good Gamecube and Nintendo DS titles there for good prices, as well as some arcade cabinets and retro demo stands.

Anyhow, we ended up buying a few NES titles that easily would’ve cost 2-3x more in Sweden, so a good haul I say:

bild 2 (18)

Super Mario Bros./ Duck Hunt:

If you haven’t heard of this game chances are you’ve lived under a rock in an area without electricity. Why did I buy this, you say? Because I didn’t have Super Mario Bros.!! We used to have it but the cartridge got lost, so we bought this Game Pak and it works like a charm. The price tag: 7 $. I’m sure I could’ve gotten it much cheaper but not at home so I got myself this one. That roughly translates to 4,5 £, which isn’t all too bad.

bild 3 (13)


This is an action-RPG that’s in a relatively modern setting (the early 90’s to be exact, as one of the girls you speak to in the first town explicitly states how proud she is to be Miss 1990 or 1991). You’re a young man with a Yo-Yo that’s supposed to save your father, and then you go on an epic quest to save…something. I haven’t got the plot down as of yet, but I’ve heard great stuff about this game and from what I’ve played of it, this seems to be a really good game with a lot going for it. The price tag? 7 $. Nice.

bild 3 (14)

Snake Rattle & Roll:

There are a lot of people remembering playing this game as kids, and I’ve actually been recommended the game by Stephanie of Misprinted Pages (who incidentally just booted up her own Video Game themed blog Lost Pixels). I really liked this one, I played it with my bro, but man can it be challenging when it comes to the tight controls and the psuedo-3D environments. It plays fairly well, though, and is a blast to play.

It’s platformer where you control the snakes Rattle and Roll through a fiendish landscape where you eat pieces of enemies and tounge-stab them to death, very much as Tao Bai Bai did to General Blue:


Only this time you’re backed up by awesome 50-60’s rock tunes in 8-bit! For 7$ I went for it.

bild 4 (8)

Gotcha! The Sport:

I only bought this game because of two reasons:

1) The game is a Light Gun game which I haven’t heard of, nor do I think it was released in Sweden

2) The cover sports an awesome dude with a cocky smile

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a paintball game, or lasers etc., but I feel it’s downplaying the actual theme of the game. While I don’t have Light Guns (I’ll get some though) and don’t have an old TV, I only booted it up to see what it was like, and you simply see a lot of enemy soldiers shooting at you and you have a few seconds to shoot them first. That’s warfare, and I’d hardly call it a sport.

Price tag: 5 $

bild 5 (6)

Fester’s Quest:

The title screen doesn’t exactly set the mood for the rest of the game which is insanely difficult and dark. Also, it’s called “Uncle Fester’s Quest” on the title screen, but for some reason they dropped “Uncle” on the cover of the cartridge.  It’s a fun but challenging game which some love and some loathe, me being somewhere in between. I remember this from a friends’ from when we were kids, and it’s a must have for the NES in my opinion. And for 5 $ I didn’t hesitate.

Then we went to A Gamer’s Paradise, to the South Store, where we scored some gold, well, at least I did score some real gold.

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Legendary Wings:

This is a game that frequently is on lists of forgotten NES gems, of games that are really good but not well known. This particular one I got to know through Let’s Get!!’s Halloween Special episode where Eric plays a frightened Luigi in the episode Top 10 Goriest 2D Bosses, and also presents the game in his Valentines Day Special.

It’s a vertical shooter that through some segments shifts to a horizontal shooter, and instead of controlling a plane you control something immensely more badass:

An angel with a gun.

And the game is made by none other than Capcom, so there you go, I had no problems forking out 9 $ for this one.

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Mendel Palace:

This is a game that was produced by Game Freak, believe it or not. The art style reminds closely of that in the early Pokémon series as it was designed by none other than Ken Sugimori, the Art Director of the company.

It’s a fun puzzle game. especially in 2-player, where you turn floor tiles to defeat enemies and to clear the level. Unfortunately my copy freezes right after selecting the level, which means that I’ll have to try to fix it… cleaning the pins hasn’t helped, but if you know some way to fix this I’d be very grateful if you’d share that knowledge with me. As you can see: it cost 7 $.

bild 2 (19)


A Black Box Series classic, this game is not the best Pinball game for the NES, but not really that bad either. As with most early pinball games it turns stale rather fast, but for what it is it’s a really fun and entertaining game. For 3 $ I couldn’t stand it up, so I bought it.

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Zelda II: Adventure of Link

Here’s the gold I was speaking about. No, I didn’t get actual gold, duh, I got a gold colored cartridge. It’s in a noticeably used condition, but works very well and cost me 14 $. Compare that to 40-50 $ in Sweden and you have me by the horns, I had to buy this one.


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Mega Man Anniversary Collection:

This game wasn’t even released in Europe, and all version are US imports that cost between 20-40 $, add shipping to that price and you’ll have to cough up 60-70 $ for a copy.

The game contains all Mega Man games up until Mega Man VII, and aside from the fact that they’ve swapped the A and B buttons, making it more of a challenge, they’re well worth the 25$ I paid for it.

And I also visited a store in Los Angeles, Entertainment Exchange, where I only found one game I’d been searching for at a reasonable price:

bild (33)

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

I’ve already spoken about the first game in a previous post, and I’ve looked forward to get a copy of the second game, which is harder to get by in Europe, for a long time. I found one copy for 20 $, and compared to a price tag of 30-40$ around here I got it. I’m looking forward to playing this one!


Images: Tao Bai Bai killin’ General Blue from: