Cleaning up a Super Nintendo Controller and Composite Vs. RGB

Let’s get to Composite Vs RGB video signals on the SNES first.2015-12-14 18.42.47 Composite2015-12-14 18.47.54  RGB

Enough said. Get an RGB scart or similar for your system.

Not let’s get to the main show! When I got the SNES the controller was a bit stiff when you pushed the D-pad down and on the A-button. This is why:2015-12-14 18.08.53I used many, many Q-tips and cleaned the sucker out of what I thought may have been Coca Cola or something akin to that (God I hope it wasn’t diarrhea) and dust, and then I washed the buttons and the rubber in detergent. For the contacts I used an eraser and then a slightly damp Q-tip.

2015-12-14 18.05.36

And here is the beaute all cleaned up. And Super Mario World controlled perfectly after my little inspection. Awesome-SNES.


Refurbishing and Replacing Batteries

bild (16)

At first I used this kit which worked so-so. I opened Dragon Quest 1&2 up and gently ripped the battery out.

bild (15)

Then I got this from my wife as a gift. She looked for it everywhere, it was sold out and all, but finally got a hold of this awesome kit that can help you open up all game systems and cartridges, and even cell phones. The Shinobii Console Tool Kit.

bild (18)

I used Mike Tyson’s Punch out as a work bench. Just kidding, it’s just there for awesome background, and I’m also going to gut it later, with a screwdriver.
On the top you have the DQ 1&2 cartridge with its new, trustworthy battery.

bild (19)

See? It works. And I tested the crap out of it, shook the cartridge and left it outside of the system for 15 min x2. It still works. Now I’ve got a Bamboo stick and Leather Cloth and I’m at Level 1. Back to grinding…

bild (20)

The Pokémon Gold dismantled, left for shame, with the old battery still left. And the small tape thingy covers the oscillating crystal that is responsible for the Time in the game and also causes the battery to slowly drain, leeching it even though the game isn’t on.

bild (21)

The new battery taped and all, to be covered by cardboard and shut. And it worked.

bild (22)

Ah, the Shinobii, ready to gut the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! cartridge since it refuses to start 50% of the time, to clean it off the filth on its connectors (you don’t need to open it up to clean the connectors, but the Shinobii shows no mercy).

bild (23)

Here’s its guts.

bild (24)

Look how filthy it was, the game deserved to be cleansed of its dust and dirt, and it was a challenge worthy of Window Cleaner and a Q-tip!

bild (25)

Don’t forget to wipe your backside.