The Wicked Console Stack



This is a stack-up of the consoles that I currently have- though that Sega Mega Drive (which wasn’t faulty since I used the packed-in NES power adapter which thankfully didn’t fry it) will be given away as I’ll use a modded Japanese unit which can play games from all over the world. Having a Japanese Mega Drive is awesome too as it sports that reddish look- which coincidentally is the design I thought was here in Europe too but ultimately I was proven wrong. I will keep that awesome box and the controllers that came with it though, and I’ve bought new refurbished controllers for it too. I took this picture right before our move into the house.

As you can see there is a box with Wii U peripherals beneath the Wii U unit- as I couldn’t balance the consoles in a better way and since the two stacks would look off I opted to put that beneath those three consoles to make it look better.


Unlikely Versus No. 6

Their shared background:

Both are “normal” people that dress up as masked vigilantes to protect innocent people and beat up villains. Both are the terror that flaps in the night. Both have really cool suits as well. Also both go unnoticed in their everyday lives.

Their strengths:

Darkwing Duck has his trusted non lethal gun and hooks and stuff along with his trusted duck shaped plane and bike that were made for him. Before he met Launchpad McQuack (that two-timing s.o.b.) he was a small time hero but after that he became a big hitter in his town. Even though he’s said to be a great martial artist it’s safe to say that he really isn’t, at least not in the conventional sense, no matter what one of his backstories say (the one spoofing Batman’s origin story, where he meets a genie in the desert and asks for a cold drink, a way home and his awesome suit).  He also has a motorbike and a plane shaped like a duck, and if I recall correctly also a submarine.

Batman is a ruthless and cunning hero that is a great martial artist. Not only is he an unforgiving to this enemies, he also makes anything he can to defeat them. He’s got a lot of gadgets, many that are made just for the occasion, but the most common ones are his hookshot and his bat shurikens. He’s also got his batmobile, his batwing and batbike. He’s been known to have beaten beings such as Superman just using his mind. HIS MIND. It’s fascinating.

Their weaknesses:

Darkwing Duck is very much susceptible to die from a bullet. At least if he was transferred to Batmans world, that is.

Batman would, even though he has tough armor and all, be very weak to a bullet if it’d hit the right spot.


If Darkwing Duck would have to fight in Gotham City, or anywhere else where toon logic wouldn’t make him invulnerable, then Batman with his ruthless ways and cunning mind would be able to beat him with his eyes closed. He’d use bat sonar. Ha ha ha, get it?

 Batman emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think?

By the way, I’ve added updated pictures to Unlikely Versus No. 1 and 2.

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Unlikely Versus No.5

Today we’ll take a look at a clash between two iron-clad heroes who save the world using their awesome high-tech mechanical suits:

Gizmo Duck Vs. Iron Man! 

Their shared background:

Both are geniuses in their own way, Tony Stark (Iron Man) being a well versed technological genious and Fenton Crackshell (Gizmo Duck) being a genius when it  comes to counting (in a savant kind of way) and both wear mechanical suits to augment and reinforce their physical capabilities. Both carry their suits in briefcases.

Their strengths:

Iron man has repulsor rays that are fired from his palms, a beam from his chest; pulse bolts, an electromagnetic pulse generator and a defensive 360 degrees energy shield. He also can have suits with freeze beams, magnetic field manipulation, hologram projection and a very strong defence to begin with. He can fly with the jet packs on the suits boots.

Gizmo Duck has a humongous defence that can withstand almost any kind of attack and explosive devices. He’s only been shown to have wrecked the suit after a whole planet’s worth of explosives went off on him. In this regard the defence is well above the defensive properties of Iron Man’s suit. Also he can bring forth virtually any weapon he wants, such as machine guns, bombs and missiles, and even skunks and other not so conventional items. He can fly with a propeller on his head. He gets into the suit faster than Tony Stark does.

Their weaknesses:

Iron Man is not only vain but also very arrogant to the point of making mistakes and underestimating his opponents. His suit is very resistant, but not invulnerable, to various veapons. If Tony Stark runs out of energy he risks to die as the energy source of his suit is connected with his own “battery” that keeps his heart from stopping.

Gizmo Duck is not always the smartest one battle wise and is, like Tony Stark, very susceptible for flattery and praise. I’m not sure he has any weaknesses really. Maybe it’s his gullibility.


Even though Iron Man has more tricks up his sleeve I’ll have to say that Gizmo Duck’s impermeable defences nullify most, if not all, of Iron Mans attacks. And seeing as he has missiles and other strong weapons that are able to seriously hurt Iron Man, and since he has the heart and motivation of a true hero, I think that he’d have the greatest chance of winning. This is a tricky one though. My opinion is that:

Gizmo Duck emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think? This one is up to debate!

Image mash up by: MartianOddity

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