Game Hunting: This is the End…

…of 2015, so I’ll post whatever I’ve got since the last Game Hunting post!

Let’s start off with some Mega Drive games that I got as a pity-gift for myself since my right middle finger got dislocated at the middle of the finger. Say that 5 times in a row.

2015-12-09 18.29.34I got the sequel of Castle of Illusion, World of Illusion, which takes things even further beyond! Not only will you explore a vast World of illusion (as opposed to a mere Castle of illusion) but this time you get to play as my favorite Disney character, Donald Duck! Both of them use magic, though they only show Mickey using it on the cover. Goody-two-shoes… The game controls well and is of medium difficulty. The music is decent too, i doesn’t contain anything memorable but opts for a typical Disney-esque soundtrack with some kind of orchestrated soundtrack.

2015-12-09 18.29.44Oh-oh-oh-oh-o-o-o-oh-oh! Oh-oh-oh oh oh! Oee-yeee, Talespin! Oeeoo, Talespin! Friends for life through thick and thin, whit another tale to spin! The game contains the opening theme, believe it! It’s mediocre overall though. The gameplay is a tad uninspiring, the controls a bit stiff and the music a mesh between typical Mega Drive tunes and some kind of Carribean theme. It’s fun to pick up and play from time to time, but don’t expect wonders. Grab the controller, bear and grin it.

2015-12-09 18.29.51Sonic & Knuckles is a standalone game that gives Sonic and Knuckles a set of levels to complete together with a new story line. They meant to add all of this to Sonic 3 but where too short on time. Also, they decided that being able to play as the antagonist Knuckles would be kind of wrong, so they postponed this. The issue of adding this additional crap-ton of data to Sonic 3 which already filled up it’s allocated cartridge memory very well also aided them into making this decision. How can you describe this game in the best way… think of it as a tumor. It can either make its own thing, or you can add Sonic 2 or 3 on top of it to be able to add items and Knuckles into those games, effectively loading the content of the two carts together.

2015-12-10 17.35.03This is a milestone for sure, as this is my first ever Repro game. Streets of Rage 3 (in my opinion the best of the three) for the Mega Drive easily goes for 50-70 Pounds (or 70 Euro or more if you’re unlucky) for a complete or boxed version lacking the manual. So it’s really expensive indeed, but for me a must have for the Mega Drive. So what was the option then? A Repro version for 20 pounds. It has the Japanese box art on the cover and the European cover on the cartridge. And so far it’s been a blast to play! Nostalgia aside, this is an amazing game to own and in my opinion a must have for all Genesis/Mega Drive.

The cartridge isn’t of the best quality though, and though sturdy certainly doesn’t feel like the real deal. First of all it’s too smooth on its surface, and a bit hard to insert into the system even though it’s modded to be able to. And the back of it looks unusual too, and contains spelling errors…

2015-12-10 17.36.01


Do not bend it, or submerge it in liquids

Do not bend it in direct sunlight or near aradiator or other source of heat

Be sure to take an occasiognal recess during extend play. ——-PLei

So, this tells us that they fit the ROM into a pirated cart or something alike, and that you can have it in sunlight and heat as long as you don’t bend it. I’ll also make sure to take an occasiognal recess, thanks PLei. Still worth it! The cover is of great condition and the box is an original reused one (without the tab!!) so yup. I’d get it again!

And here are the video games I got for Christmas/The Holidays!

2015-12-13 23.05.23I finally got  a Super Nintendo system! It’s in pristine shape and doesn’t have any yellowing whatsoever! My wife was too kind to get it for me, yay! All parts are original and it came with a Composite Scart. Being used to the crisp S-video or RGB signals of the other systems I immediately noticed the blurry difference, so I tried my Gamecube RGB scart on it and voilá! The image went from blurry to awesome in a few seconds. I’m already making lists in my phone of which games I want for it, but awesome as she is, my wife already had overheard my ramblings about video games and picked out two of them already…

2015-12-13 23.05.52When people drive in an infinite row and don’t give way, even when they should as in a roundabout, I call them Lemmings. And that’s the game I got first, Lemmings for the SNES! The controls are surprisingly good and not far from the Mac version I played all those years ago. I’m not too good on reading off those symbols and accidentally sent too many Lemmings to their deaths, and when I was screwed I released 99 Lemmings and pushed the self-destruct button. The intro though…. I really didn’t get it and it was sooo slooooow.

Next game is the instant classic Super Mario World. Even though I have Super Mario Maker I can’t put this one down. I play some of this to death (having reached the 4th castle in 2 sittings) and then I spend the rest of the afternoon playing Super Mario Maker. It’s the best balance, really. I can now also honestly say that the small GBA screen kills off some of the game play as the viewable area of the screen, so if you can get this one first and foremost. If you want a portable version then get the GBA port. Mario is voiced in it, after all, while in the SNES version he’s virtually mute.


Game Hunting: Big Business in July


July month was a good one. A debuting Segaphiliac got his claws around the most popular of Sega’s system, the Sega Mega Drive, or Sega Genesis if you will. There were an issue with the system though and it’s as of now unclear what’s wrong with it, which lead to registering to a SEGA forum for Tech Support, and as of now I’m waiting for the moderators to validate my account. Man has it been forever since I was registered at any forum at all, I used to scour My Favorite Games, and I even created my own forums which gathered 4 or so inactive members, ah, good days. I also had an account at PokéCommunity where I outgrew the lil’ kids scouring the site, accusing everyone even accepting the first gen games of wearing “nostalgia goggles”.

2015-07-17 21.15.27

I got this Sega Mega Drive Model 1. While I grew up playing the Model 2 I fell for the retro look, and greater quality, of the first model. As with most 2nd models that are more compact, the components inside are of a cheaper variety, and supposedly this one is supposed to have a greater chance to work. I was assured that it’s work as late as 3 weeks prior to the sale, but alas it didn’t. The seller probably just powered it on (even though he claims to have gotten a good picture from it) and sold it as is. We’re trying to settle it at the moment and he’s offering his help, but I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything right. I even got an RGB cable for it but the frickin’ thing won’t work never the less. Luckily base units are cheap to come by, and if I won’t get it working I’d like some money back. Even so I got the unit for a fair price still, and the dude threw in an extra controller for shits and giggles, so I don’t think he’s trying to con me. This unit didn’t contain Sonic the Hedhehog though, I’ll have to get that one. And maybe that SEGA forum will be able to help me out.

2015-07-17 21.13.29This is the sexy beast itself. The sexy wounded malfunctioning beast of a machine.The RF cable didn’t work on the CRT TV on channel C36 (or any other either by the way) and I had no luck on the flatscreen LCD TV either. It lights on, the Headphone port gives a static sound that hurts the ears, and occassionally you could hear that sound seconds at a time when trying to tune the game in. The RGB cable only shows a flickering screen akin to the blinking ones of the NES:

2015-07-17 21.12.12I got two hockey games for the system, the first one is NHL Hockey ’94, and the other one the fabled Elitserien 95 (it’s really common and goes for the cheaps, by the way), which contains the Swedish hockey players of 1995. That’s seriously a great game, and I’m not even that much for sports games to begin with. I’m stoked to play these games, only, I can’t. That’s a bummer. Anyhow, the first one is in pretty good condition, but Elitserien has seen better days.

2015-07-17 21.12.59These controllers were included, a total of three of them! I don’t know if they work yet though, as I can’t get a picture. And I don’t have an Atari to try them out either. They look nice, and they feel right in my hands with the correct response when pushing the buttons, and the cables look whole and all.

IMG_6705Quackshot: Starring Donald Duck looked really fun and I had to get it after watching a let’s play of the first level. I love Disney games, and even though this ain’t no Capcom game I still find the titles to be overall enjoyable on the Mega Drive never the less. I’m stoked to play this one, if the game system ever decided to output some proper image that is! I lookf orward to play this game with an Indiana Jones-Donald Duck knockoff that doesn’t even have real bullets to boot. Watch out or Pete’s going to get ya!

IMG_6706Next is Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse (what’s up with the “Starring” theme of these games? Are they trying to mimic the cartoons?) which is an early Mega Drive game which is pretty decent. It might be no Magical Quest or Mickey Mania, but is an easy pick-up-and-play title on the system that offers a good time to the ones lusting for an easygoing adventure. It’s pretty interesting how Mickey isn’t angry or smiling on the cover; it’s not Americanized like the Kirby franchise, instead he’s in deep thought over the mystery that’s about to be unfolded. That’s deep, man and woman.

IMG_6707Next up is Aladdin. This is in fact the version I like the most and I don’t have any feelings whatsoever for the SNES version. The animation is superb and I always loved how they used the iconic sword-wielding Aladdin that stabbed Snakefar with his blade. It might also be that I grew up playing this version on the PC too, so of course I am biased, gosh. The graphics, sound effects and gameplay are awesome. AWESOME. It’s not too easy though, and suffers from the not-being-able-to-see-where-the-invisible-enemy-is-shooting-you disease.

A2015-07-18 22.21.02nd last, but not least (maybe), we have an outcast in the group. It doesn’t belong here. But it’s a July Pickup and cost me only the equivalent of 1 dollar, so. Yeah. Fighting wars with your instruments in Battle of the Bands seems very interesting, and there’s a multiplayer mode too, so I hold medium hopes that this game will be playable. If it isn’t I can just watch in on the shelf, or sell it for 1 dollar or so.


Game Hunting: Pirates of the Burnout Gunbird

It’s time for another Game Hunting post! Here’s another bunch of games I got for a Handful of Dollars (for a few bucks each, really) in different locations, like thrift stores and such. When it comes to the Playstation 2 I buy whatever looks interesting, basically, since the games are dirt cheap.



The first game is Burnout: Dominator. While allegedly not the best in the series, the thought of crashing cars around is alluring. I got this sealed for a few bucks and I’m willing to give it a shot, since I really enjoy games like these. I mean, you can’t drive like this in real life, so why not do it in a virtual environment?

The graphics look good, for being on a Playstation 2, and the back of the case drew me in and I got it from the thrift store (Gengåvan). Count me in! Let’s do this!!


Then we have Gunbird: Special Edition, which is a vertical scroller and an arcade port. That’s what’s so great about the Playstation 2, and that’s all those awesome 2D arcade ports for it. And usually they sell for nothing and are quality games well worth that price. Now, I’m not trying to seem like a shmup aficionado, ’cause I’m not. I’m just saying that they’re easy to pick up and play. I chose Beard Papa who wanted a wish from the final level boss, as do the others, but his wish was selfless! He wanted to bring his beloved pupil back to life. Only it turns out he isn’t just his pupil, but also his lover. What a twist!


I played Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End for the PC a long time ago, and it was decent. It’s a beat-em-up and it’s also a game based on the Pirates of the Carribean franchise, which I really like a lot. For a couple of bucks it became mine, though I’m starting to feel I won’t ever get to play all these games. I’ve got to put a lid on it! Save up! And then release the barrier and go on a shopping frenzy, ’cause that’d be way better.


Wait. Carribean. Carri. Bean. Bean. Mr. Bean. Oh, don’t worry, I won’t post a picture of Mr. Bean dressed like Jack Sparrow.

I’ll link to it instead.

Next Game Hunting post will have all Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases, and all the christmas gifts I got this year. It just takes some time to assemble the post!

Unfortunate Mistake, Disney

I read an older Disney story featuring Donald Duck, the Hueys and Scrooge McDuck. I stumbled upon this image where someone had messed up, maybe the artist, maybe the typesetter, but at any rate we got to see, for some of us for the first time, a Disney duck’s butthole. Behold it in all its glory!




Heh. I’m childish that way!

Game Hunting: Sly Dream Drop Star Crimes

It seems as if I have a knack for finding games for new systems for half or less than what they go for generally in other stores or the Internet. Maybe it’s luck, or maybe it’s the trained eye of a kid who wanted more games for the money he got while growing up. Anyhow, let’s get started for this installment of Game Hunting, which today sports nicer backgrounds for a change:

I found Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for half kingdom heartsthe retail price, as the store I was visiting incidentally was clearing its stock since this franchise apparently isn’t that popular over here, or so it seems. It’s not that old which makes this deal even more sweet! I do think it’s aggravating that Mickey is the one to be King, though it’d make sense he was seeing how he’s the “head” amongst the Disney characters and the Disney mascot. Anyhow, the cover looks really nice and fits the title well, but the truth is that they should’ve used Donald Duck on the cover instead of Mickey since Donald is much more popular than him in Scandinavia. Make your research, marketing people.

Then I got a few cheap Playstation 2 games, and even one Gamecube game too:

The True Crimes series is decent and is best described as a franchise trying to ride on thegames hunt true crimes Grand Theft Auto wave. In Streets of L.A. we get to venture on… the streets of L.A., believe it or not, and partake in… eh…true crimes. It was decent enough of a GTA wannabe clone to get it, but not enough for me to keep playing it for too long. I will give it another shot eventually. By the way, isn’t this that one franchise that got famous voice actors, like Samuel L. Jackson, which eventually destroyed the games since all you could think of was that the characters didn’t look like their actors at all?


games hunt star wars I know, it’s Lego Star Wars: The Video game. Why did I get this one? Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was this game that was acclaimed to be a good one. It was cheap, and it was collecting dust in a faraway thrift shop. Then the most handsome Prince you could imagine saw it with his bright and beautiful eyes and grabbed it with his perfect hands, since a commoner once had told him that the Lego series is fun to play and that, at the time, made the best Star Wars games since the others were crud. Here’s an image of the Prince, if you’re curious to see what he looks like.

games hunt sly raccoon

And last but not least we have us some Sly Raccoon. It’s a game about a sly raccoon that’s incidentally also a thief. It’s a fun platformer with an even better sequel, it’s been said, and one I played when it was released , on a demo stand, finding it fun and entertaining. And it only cost a couple of bucks, as did the game above. if you find it and like 3D platformers, then be sure to get it, or the second game if you’re lucky to run across it first.


Nauseous Aladdin and Spaced Out Genie


This amazing ride is a part of the amusement park near the pier in Torrevieja, Spain. They have a lot of different Disney and video game motifs on their rides, and it’s not certain that they’re actually authorized, but many countries have this kind of tradition anyways and no one bothers them about it, it seems.IMG_4055This is a car in a merry-go-round in that park. Here we can see that Genie is talking, but seemingly he’s spaced out or something. Or he’s telling a story about magic and faraway lands while dreaming himself away with his gaze (“And there was gold as far as the eye can see!”). It’s either that, or he’s burping. Your pick. Or anyone’s pick, really.

Then there’s Aladdin. Poor nauseated Aladdin. Sitting on that merry-go-round forever and feeling it’s to stupid to waste a wish on motion sickness. But don’t you get that you’re stuck forever? Better make that wish and feel better, dude. I’d do that if I were you and be happy to just get off the darn ride. Let go of Jasmin man, no woman is worth it.

Oh, wait. Maybe that’s what Genie is telling Aladdin.

“Just make the wish and it will aaaaaall go awaaaaay.”

Now what do you think is going on in this picture?

– Image (C) MartianOddity


Unlikely Versus No. 8

Baloo vs Baloo

Their shared background:

They’re both different versions of the same bear, to avoid confusion we’ll call the original “Djungle Book” Baloo and the newer version “Talespin” Baloo.  They’re different enough to warrant their own Unlikely Versus!

Their strengths:

Jungle Book Baloo: He’s a very strong bear, and stupid to the point of bravery (though he’s scared of Shere Khan which he should be able to take on). As evidenced by his tutelage of the young unrefined Mowgli, he knows another thing or two about brawling, and easily can send him hurtling into the wall with just a light tap to the head. Imagine what Mowgli would’ve looked like if he’d used full force! Bagheera would’ve met a horrible sight. Also he has claws to use as a means of attack.

Talespin Baloo: He’s got a plane but we can’t have him use that, otherwise this’d been to easy, even considering he never mounted machine guns at the front to fight off the Pirates (though that’d be really neat). Other than that he can hold his own brawling, though his strength has been nerfed when compared to his original incarnation. Instead he has brains to use against his original, using tools against him, as he’s been able to defeat weapon-wielding opponents with his adventuring skills.

Their weaknesses:

Jungle Book Baloo isn’t that smart, even though his heart is in the right place. He’s basically a gullible dunce, and could easily be fooled or tricked by his opponents.

Talespin Baloo lacks raw power and claws, which puts him in disadvantage against a wild bear (who probably also has had to fend off a lot of wild animals before). It’s not sure that his experience fighting off Pirates would come in handy against a bear, but then again there are Pirates that are as stupid that he’s defeated over and over again.


This one isn’t that easy to judge as these Baloos are similar yet different versions of each other. While Jungle Book Baloo has brawns, sharp claws and brawling techniques, Talespin Baloo has brains, experience fighting bigger guys and opposable thumbs. Even if in the Jungle I’d guess Talespin Baloo would’ve been able to defeat his Jungle Book counterpart with brains, like through throwing big rocks at his head, and in a city there would be no contest. But in an all-out brawl in a setting where tools aren’t available Jungle Book would’ve won over Talespin no doubt. Considering most settings available though, I’d actually  have to conclude that:

Talespin Baloo emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think?

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