Game Hunting: This is the End…

…of 2015, so I’ll post whatever I’ve got since the last Game Hunting post!

Let’s start off with some Mega Drive games that I got as a pity-gift for myself since my right middle finger got dislocated at the middle of the finger. Say that 5 times in a row.

2015-12-09 18.29.34I got the sequel of Castle of Illusion, World of Illusion, which takes things even further beyond! Not only will you explore a vast World of illusion (as opposed to a mere Castle of illusion) but this time you get to play as my favorite Disney character, Donald Duck! Both of them use magic, though they only show Mickey using it on the cover. Goody-two-shoes… The game controls well and is of medium difficulty. The music is decent too, i doesn’t contain anything memorable but opts for a typical Disney-esque soundtrack with some kind of orchestrated soundtrack.

2015-12-09 18.29.44Oh-oh-oh-oh-o-o-o-oh-oh! Oh-oh-oh oh oh! Oee-yeee, Talespin! Oeeoo, Talespin! Friends for life through thick and thin, whit another tale to spin! The game contains the opening theme, believe it! It’s mediocre overall though. The gameplay is a tad uninspiring, the controls a bit stiff and the music a mesh between typical Mega Drive tunes and some kind of Carribean theme. It’s fun to pick up and play from time to time, but don’t expect wonders. Grab the controller, bear and grin it.

2015-12-09 18.29.51Sonic & Knuckles is a standalone game that gives Sonic and Knuckles a set of levels to complete together with a new story line. They meant to add all of this to Sonic 3 but where too short on time. Also, they decided that being able to play as the antagonist Knuckles would be kind of wrong, so they postponed this. The issue of adding this additional crap-ton of data to Sonic 3 which already filled up it’s allocated cartridge memory very well also aided them into making this decision. How can you describe this game in the best way… think of it as a tumor. It can either make its own thing, or you can add Sonic 2 or 3 on top of it to be able to add items and Knuckles into those games, effectively loading the content of the two carts together.

2015-12-10 17.35.03This is a milestone for sure, as this is my first ever Repro game. Streets of Rage 3 (in my opinion the best of the three) for the Mega Drive easily goes for 50-70 Pounds (or 70 Euro or more if you’re unlucky) for a complete or boxed version lacking the manual. So it’s really expensive indeed, but for me a must have for the Mega Drive. So what was the option then? A Repro version for 20 pounds. It has the Japanese box art on the cover and the European cover on the cartridge. And so far it’s been a blast to play! Nostalgia aside, this is an amazing game to own and in my opinion a must have for all Genesis/Mega Drive.

The cartridge isn’t of the best quality though, and though sturdy certainly doesn’t feel like the real deal. First of all it’s too smooth on its surface, and a bit hard to insert into the system even though it’s modded to be able to. And the back of it looks unusual too, and contains spelling errors…

2015-12-10 17.36.01


Do not bend it, or submerge it in liquids

Do not bend it in direct sunlight or near aradiator or other source of heat

Be sure to take an occasiognal recess during extend play. ——-PLei

So, this tells us that they fit the ROM into a pirated cart or something alike, and that you can have it in sunlight and heat as long as you don’t bend it. I’ll also make sure to take an occasiognal recess, thanks PLei. Still worth it! The cover is of great condition and the box is an original reused one (without the tab!!) so yup. I’d get it again!

And here are the video games I got for Christmas/The Holidays!

2015-12-13 23.05.23I finally got  a Super Nintendo system! It’s in pristine shape and doesn’t have any yellowing whatsoever! My wife was too kind to get it for me, yay! All parts are original and it came with a Composite Scart. Being used to the crisp S-video or RGB signals of the other systems I immediately noticed the blurry difference, so I tried my Gamecube RGB scart on it and voilá! The image went from blurry to awesome in a few seconds. I’m already making lists in my phone of which games I want for it, but awesome as she is, my wife already had overheard my ramblings about video games and picked out two of them already…

2015-12-13 23.05.52When people drive in an infinite row and don’t give way, even when they should as in a roundabout, I call them Lemmings. And that’s the game I got first, Lemmings for the SNES! The controls are surprisingly good and not far from the Mac version I played all those years ago. I’m not too good on reading off those symbols and accidentally sent too many Lemmings to their deaths, and when I was screwed I released 99 Lemmings and pushed the self-destruct button. The intro though…. I really didn’t get it and it was sooo slooooow.

Next game is the instant classic Super Mario World. Even though I have Super Mario Maker I can’t put this one down. I play some of this to death (having reached the 4th castle in 2 sittings) and then I spend the rest of the afternoon playing Super Mario Maker. It’s the best balance, really. I can now also honestly say that the small GBA screen kills off some of the game play as the viewable area of the screen, so if you can get this one first and foremost. If you want a portable version then get the GBA port. Mario is voiced in it, after all, while in the SNES version he’s virtually mute.


Game Hunting: Big Business in July


July month was a good one. A debuting Segaphiliac got his claws around the most popular of Sega’s system, the Sega Mega Drive, or Sega Genesis if you will. There were an issue with the system though and it’s as of now unclear what’s wrong with it, which lead to registering to a SEGA forum for Tech Support, and as of now I’m waiting for the moderators to validate my account. Man has it been forever since I was registered at any forum at all, I used to scour My Favorite Games, and I even created my own forums which gathered 4 or so inactive members, ah, good days. I also had an account at PokéCommunity where I outgrew the lil’ kids scouring the site, accusing everyone even accepting the first gen games of wearing “nostalgia goggles”.

2015-07-17 21.15.27

I got this Sega Mega Drive Model 1. While I grew up playing the Model 2 I fell for the retro look, and greater quality, of the first model. As with most 2nd models that are more compact, the components inside are of a cheaper variety, and supposedly this one is supposed to have a greater chance to work. I was assured that it’s work as late as 3 weeks prior to the sale, but alas it didn’t. The seller probably just powered it on (even though he claims to have gotten a good picture from it) and sold it as is. We’re trying to settle it at the moment and he’s offering his help, but I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything right. I even got an RGB cable for it but the frickin’ thing won’t work never the less. Luckily base units are cheap to come by, and if I won’t get it working I’d like some money back. Even so I got the unit for a fair price still, and the dude threw in an extra controller for shits and giggles, so I don’t think he’s trying to con me. This unit didn’t contain Sonic the Hedhehog though, I’ll have to get that one. And maybe that SEGA forum will be able to help me out.

2015-07-17 21.13.29This is the sexy beast itself. The sexy wounded malfunctioning beast of a machine.The RF cable didn’t work on the CRT TV on channel C36 (or any other either by the way) and I had no luck on the flatscreen LCD TV either. It lights on, the Headphone port gives a static sound that hurts the ears, and occassionally you could hear that sound seconds at a time when trying to tune the game in. The RGB cable only shows a flickering screen akin to the blinking ones of the NES:

2015-07-17 21.12.12I got two hockey games for the system, the first one is NHL Hockey ’94, and the other one the fabled Elitserien 95 (it’s really common and goes for the cheaps, by the way), which contains the Swedish hockey players of 1995. That’s seriously a great game, and I’m not even that much for sports games to begin with. I’m stoked to play these games, only, I can’t. That’s a bummer. Anyhow, the first one is in pretty good condition, but Elitserien has seen better days.

2015-07-17 21.12.59These controllers were included, a total of three of them! I don’t know if they work yet though, as I can’t get a picture. And I don’t have an Atari to try them out either. They look nice, and they feel right in my hands with the correct response when pushing the buttons, and the cables look whole and all.

IMG_6705Quackshot: Starring Donald Duck looked really fun and I had to get it after watching a let’s play of the first level. I love Disney games, and even though this ain’t no Capcom game I still find the titles to be overall enjoyable on the Mega Drive never the less. I’m stoked to play this one, if the game system ever decided to output some proper image that is! I lookf orward to play this game with an Indiana Jones-Donald Duck knockoff that doesn’t even have real bullets to boot. Watch out or Pete’s going to get ya!

IMG_6706Next is Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse (what’s up with the “Starring” theme of these games? Are they trying to mimic the cartoons?) which is an early Mega Drive game which is pretty decent. It might be no Magical Quest or Mickey Mania, but is an easy pick-up-and-play title on the system that offers a good time to the ones lusting for an easygoing adventure. It’s pretty interesting how Mickey isn’t angry or smiling on the cover; it’s not Americanized like the Kirby franchise, instead he’s in deep thought over the mystery that’s about to be unfolded. That’s deep, man and woman.

IMG_6707Next up is Aladdin. This is in fact the version I like the most and I don’t have any feelings whatsoever for the SNES version. The animation is superb and I always loved how they used the iconic sword-wielding Aladdin that stabbed Snakefar with his blade. It might also be that I grew up playing this version on the PC too, so of course I am biased, gosh. The graphics, sound effects and gameplay are awesome. AWESOME. It’s not too easy though, and suffers from the not-being-able-to-see-where-the-invisible-enemy-is-shooting-you disease.

A2015-07-18 22.21.02nd last, but not least (maybe), we have an outcast in the group. It doesn’t belong here. But it’s a July Pickup and cost me only the equivalent of 1 dollar, so. Yeah. Fighting wars with your instruments in Battle of the Bands seems very interesting, and there’s a multiplayer mode too, so I hold medium hopes that this game will be playable. If it isn’t I can just watch in on the shelf, or sell it for 1 dollar or so.


Unfortunate Mistake, Disney

I read an older Disney story featuring Donald Duck, the Hueys and Scrooge McDuck. I stumbled upon this image where someone had messed up, maybe the artist, maybe the typesetter, but at any rate we got to see, for some of us for the first time, a Disney duck’s butthole. Behold it in all its glory!




Heh. I’m childish that way!

Game Hunting: Disney’s Magic Complete in Box Mansions

retro games hunt


Magical Tetris Challenge:

I’ve been hearing that this is one of the best Tetris games, one that mixes everything up with some special moves that spoils your friend’s gaming experience if performed perfectly. You can control Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Minnie (yes, I’m on a first-name basis with them thank you very much) and meet a few baddies from the franchise, amongst others Pete in a ridiculous suit and top hat. There’s very little 3D elements in this game and you’re going to be graced by the presence of a lot of fluid and gorgeous 2D animation. Got this one from Game complete in box for, what I’d later find out, was a very favorable price. And add to that the fact that it’s a game not found very commonly “in the wild”, and you’ve got yourself a happy MartianOddity.


Maniac Mansion:

LucarsArts used to make a lot of fun point and click adventures with a ton of humor and problem solving based on puns, and this is the port of one of the first ones. The NES port is actually not that bad graphics wise, and this particular copy is in Swedish! It plays really well and while it’s tedious at best to use the NES controller for these kinds of games, I figured out that I could use the NES Advantage joystick to emulate that feel, and man did I feel creative and smart.


While I’m already at it, I implore you to play other LucasArts games in the same vein, like Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, the Monkey Island series etc.


Image from:

Finished Disney’s Magical Quest 2: Starring Mickey and Minnie… without Minnie.

I’ve finally beaten the game. I don’t mean finally as in “finally, that game was so hard!” but finally as in “finally I have the motivation to beat the game when I remember I’m already at the last level.“.

It was challenging enough, at least in a “pick up and play”-way, and the bosses were tricky enough to beat. In my opinion Canvas-Face-Pete is by far the most difficult one to beat, followed by Cloudy-Face-Pete. But man does that cat (!!) have an ugly face!

Pete with his ugly face and a peg leg in a drawing made by Nelson Dániel at

Pete with his ugly face and a peg leg in a drawing made by Nelson Dániel at

I’ve already reviewed the game in my Top 10 SNES Games list and put it at #07.

Screenshots of the SNES game from, I played the GBA version. Yay for portability!

Screenshots of the SNES game from, I played the GBA version. Yay for portability!

I recommend the game for anyone that’s in for a light but solid platforming action. But I warn you, the flying squirrels in the woods level are a pain in the behind.

I’m a little bit sad that the only time you see Donald Duck is in the scene where you get your Vacuum-Cleaner powerup in the screen bottom right in the image above. Luckily you can play as Donald Duck, which happens to be my favourite Disney character because of his human side, in Disney’s Magical Quest 3. Unluckily that game wasn’t released outside of Japan. DARN IT!

HOLD IT! (Get the reference? Write a comment!)

The third game in the series was released for the Gameboy Advance. This means I’ll have to get both the first and third game for the GBA. Yay! But I wish they’d port Mickey Mania for the GBA as well, that game was awesome indeed!

I’ll update soon with a post about a retro item that I pride myself in owning and a post with a tutorial how to both region unlock your NES and replace the pin connector.

That’s it for now! (Get the reference? Write a comment!)

Game Hunting: It’s Not Really Retro But…


Today I went to a store that still sells PS2 games in discount bins.

Why did I go today of all days? Because I’d heard that all their games were 50% off.

50. Frickin’. Percent. Off.

So I bought Kingdom Hearts I and II. Both are games I’ve wanted since they were released but I’m too cheap to buy games over 15 bucks, and if I buy more than 1 at a time they have to be no more than 10 bucks each. I gave about 20 bucks for both, brand new.

If that’s not a great deal then I don’t know what is.

I really like how Donald and Goofy accompany you on your quest, simply because Donald Duck is my favourite Disney character. He’s the most human of them all, and Mickey is, in my opinion, too much of a goody-two-shoes to be likeable.

On a side note: I haven’t finished Advance Wars yet. Sturm is really hard, and I don’t mean down his pants, and it doesn’t help how some walkthrough authors think he’s easy when he isn’t to the average gamer. You know, they’re that kind of gamer that thinks that just because they’re good at that kind of game then anyone that isn’t is stupid. And I know I’m not stupid, I’m highly educated. Yet I can’t defeat that SOB. I think I lack the patience to beat him, and that’s a funny thing since the general consensus on how to beat Sturm is attack, attack, attack. One author even wrote that if you get Sami on your right side, and she’s a weak C.O. for that battle, then you’ve pretty much asked for a difficult battle since you pretty much suck. That’s some major douchebaggery there. I’m pretty sure that kind of guy doesn’t have too much to be proud of outside of video games, but who am I to judge others.




This image is by Sturm has been graphed, as the evil AI he is. Suits him fine. F-U Sturm. If I can’t beat him the next time I’ll consider the game beaten anyways (much like I did with Donkey Kong for the Gameboy, I couldn’t beat that ape! And Bomber Man for the Gameboy as well, couldn’t beat that last boss either. See the pattern?).


First image from:

Second image from:

Unlikely Versus No. 4

This time we’ll be spectating a fight between two of our favourite Disney Super Heroes! Give it up for…

Super Goof and Phantom Duck!

Their shared background:

Both are Disney Super Heroes, with Super Goof being one invented first. While Super Goof pretty much has the same powers as Super Man, Phantom Duck (he’s Donald Duck in case you didn’t know it already) is the Disney equivalent of Batman, relying on his tools and cunning mind to defeat his adversaries. Uh, oh, this doesn’t look good…

Their strengths:

Goofy transforms into Super Goof after eating Super Goobers that basically are a bunch of irradiated and for normal creatures highly harmful, radioactive peanuts. Yeah, he can stomach them, and that makes him totally bad ass. When defeating villains he opens up a can of whoop-ass containing a mix of the following ingredients: super power, super breath and eye lasers. That’s not all, he also he has the following powers: flying, x-ray vision and invulnerability.

Much like our very own Batman we can see that Phantom Duck is completely dependent on his awesome tools, brains and guts.  He’s got a paralyzing gun, smoke bullets, spring shoes/jet shoes, bulletproof cape, a flying car and much more. His main method of attacking is an awesome shield that can extend and be fired at enemies. Wait a minute, he’s much better than Batman is, at least equipment-wise!

Their weaknesses:

Unfortunately Super Goof reverts into a regular Goofy as the radiation of the Super Goobers wear off after a while, and forgetful as he is, Goofy frequently forgets to restock his hat with them and that leads him into a lot of misadventures.

Phantom Duck has a normal bullet-susceptible being inside the suit. Phantom Duck isn’t invulnerable either and has a short temper. Just think: Batman.


Well, as long as Super Goof has his powers he’ll be able to crush Phantom Duck easily. But since he can be paralyzed Phantom Duck will be able to keep him in that state until his powers wear off and then finish him off with his shield. Paralyzing beams work through electricity and it doesn’t matter how strong Super Goof is: he won’t be able to break through the beam. That’s a medical fact.

Even though Super Goof is fast normal Goofy isn’t, which means he’d have no time to eat a Super Goober before getting hit by the shield and meet his untimely doom And even if he’d be fast enough chances are that he’d forget to restock which makes Phantom Duck the winner.

Phantom Duck emerges through the fogs of the night… as the winner!

Now what do you think? Who’d you think would win?

First image compiled, by me, from: and

Second image from: