Radical Shelving


I found this example of radical shelving, and as you can see it’s supposed to resemble the platforms from Donkey Kong. As with many other interesting storage solutions this one was found in Pinterest. Apart from being a very nice Donkey Kong inspired shelving solution, I like the fact that the tilt allows for gravity to keep the cartridges and other items from tipping over when you grab a game cartridge (as might be the case with horisontal shelves). The addition of ladders and even an ape at the top is a very nice aestethic touch. For someone with a smaller game cart collection this might be the best solution, especially if there’s no need or interest to put the loose carts in game cases.

You might already tell that this is something that I’ll be adding to add to my future bigger game room. I’ll probably add a sprite bead art Donkey Kong at the top and also some barrels and whatnot, as well as a Mario bead sprite or something to give a really cool look to it.



The Original Donkey Kong

Donkey KongYou’re looking at him. Yes, that is the original Donkey Kong. Who’d know that Cranky Kong (he’s not only cranky, look how he moves that crank!) is the one who kidnapped Pauline and pestered Mario all those years ago!

Well, who’s the modern Donkey Kong then? An imposter? No, I’ll let you in on a secret. He’s Cranky Kong’s (the Original Donkey Kong’s) grandson. Are you starting to get it? The current Donkey Kong is said to be the son of Donkey Kong Jr.:



Here’s the complete lineage from father to son, not including Diddy Kong and all other misfits in the Kong family, compiled by yours truly. It’s mind boggling isn’t it? Twisted everything around in my head when I first got to know about it.

Alright. I know you love those misfits. And you probably enjoy gaming, reading this, so enjoy:

DKFamilyPic(There are more of them misfits, but I can’t be bothered finding a picture of them all in a family photo, so this’ll do).



Game Hunting: Super Donkey Kong 3D World: Tropical Freeze

I know!! It’s not retro! But it’s too much of a hassle to change the title on each and every entry now isn’t it? Sure, you guys probably couldn’t care less, but it really bothers me. Maybe I ought to call this something in the lines of:

“Video Game Hunting”

“Good Will Hunting”

“I’ll Buy it if it’s Cheap!”

“Spare Change?”

“It’s My Life, and it’s Now or Never”

“I’m Gonna Live Forever”

“Search for Games”

If you have any better suggestions I’d really like to hear them, these ones were difficult to come up with! Anyhow, let’s get this one started!

mario and donkey

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World

My wife bought these for us, she really is perfect! She bought them 2 months ago and we beat Super Mario 3D World already and sure had a blast playing through it all! We didn’t get all the stars and all the flags and such, but had a lot of fun while playing this game, me choosing Mario and she Princess Peach.

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is really fun as well and packed with a difficulty curve that rivals the original SNES titles. We’re at the 3rd world currently and haven’t played much more since we got our hands on Mario Kart 8!

donkey k

I really like this reference to the first The Legend of Zelda game to the NES, this dude clearly references what the Old Man says when he gives Link his first Wooden Sword.

 mario bowser

This view of Bowser’s World really was stunning and colorful, and truly befitting a final boss! The background music really was funky too and went well together with the design.

mario lore

It’s true as this gamer says: The manual of the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES clearly states that Bowser has turned the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom into bricks and such, which means that you run around committing murders throughout the game whenever you destroy a brick.


Mario Kart 8

I apoligize as I didn’t have a photo of the case itself, and ultimately I had to borrow one from the Internet, follow the link below to the original image.

This has to be the best installment in the series thus far, it’s really fun to play both alone and with friends, and the new mechanics feel relevant and bring a lot of new elements to the gameplay while maintaining the core aspects of the franchise. The graphics are top-notch, the music magnificent and the gameplay near-perfect. A must have for all Wii U owners and Mario Kart fans! We got this as a pre-order – we just couldn’t wait to play it!

Last image from:  http://purenintendo.com/

Review: Yoshi’s Island DS


#?:  Yoshi’s Island DS

I got this game as a gift from my brother. I was genuinely surprised as I hadn’t told him I wanted this game, and then I suddenly got it for my birthday.  I was delighted! That was really delicious, truly it was.

This is a sequel to Yoshi’s Island for the SNES. as most of you already probably know, and is meant to be an improvement on all parts. The story is pretty much the same, Kamek kidnaps the… uh… kids, babies… yeah. They’re a bit too intelligent for being babies though. Anyhow, this time he manages to take Donkey Kong Jr., Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach (and so it begins), Wario and at some point you even let Baby Bowser ride you. And you will also meet Future Bowser who will betray his younger self! Exciting stuff, exciting!

Graphics: 10/10

If you thought they couldn’t update the cutesy graphics of the first game, well, you were wrong. They look better, sharper and more detailed. The levels are bigger and you get more of an overview over the levels. All in all a pretty game that isn’t for those weak to all things cutesy, who will show their weakness to that kind of stuff through projectile vomiting. Once again they left the Donkey Kong Country esque graphics out of the game, meaning we didnt get pre-rendered 3D sprites in this game either. That’s fantastic as we don’t need another game looking like that, or Bug! either. By the way, Bug! controls really bad… and it makes me slightly nauseous. Anyhow, let’s get on with the rest of the review!

Sounds & Music: 6/10

yoshis_island_ds_conceptart_v8KwBThough adorable in nature, the music quality and the tunes have gotten better, though I wouldn’t say it’s that much better than in the last game. With that many visuals to catch your attention I guess music isn’t the highest priority in production, though I’d reckon they tried. The sound effects are very good though (bar the crying and stuff, but that’s self-explanatory). I wouldn’t say the crying itself is irritating as a sound effect alone… but coupled with the stress, that having to quickly get that baby back accounts for, that makes for a great source of frustration.  Needless to say, playing the game with little to no volume won’t hurt it.


Gameplay: 8/10

largeBeing able to switch between more than one baby and utilizing their respective skills is really what makes this game stand apart from its predecessor. Not only do they use their “powers” but also affect Yoshi in different ways, such as making him swifter or slower. This affects a lot of segments of the game, mixing things up and keeping them interesting. The only con is that Wario usually is less than useful, and also not available throughout the whole game. He checks in early and then checks in pretty soon after that, probably in search for stealing treasure and other glittering things. Another con is that the challenge bar can be set quite high at some segments, such as those when you’e chased by some kind of living boulder thingy, and I felt that I passed them using a combination of luck and skill, luck making up the most of them. The aiming has gotten better and the bosses are much easier this time around. All in all a solid 8.


Replay value: 6/10

Once again, unless you’re really anal about scores there really not much in the replay value compartment. You can collect all hidden items if you’d like to.


BabyWarioIGN felt that Baby Wario was a last minute addition that wasn’t tested properly and call his magnet “wonky,” and says it “misses items that are right next to him.” They’re correct in the magnet’s inferior quality, but I’m just glad they added Wario into the game! I mean, Peach is a princess with a high-end umbrella that can withstand the strongest of gusts while Wario probably has a fixation for treasure due to being born to a poor family.


Images from, in chronological order:  Splondinator.com, ggvogue.blogspot.se, nintendolife.com and mariowiki.com

Game Room Update

I’ve made some changes to my Game Room of Doom. Yeah, that’s where all bad guys go to get their ass kicked in video games. Can you spot the difference? Can you?

bild 1 (33)

Alright, I’ll help you guys (and gals) out with this one. Let’s start with this Nintendo styled fridge of mine where I have added a Nintendo logo sticker (printed by yours truly in living color) on each side as well as having added more stickers to complete the transparent door.

bild 2

That’s Wario, Mega Man, Samus, Link, Tanooki Mario, Classic Sonic and Donkey Kong right there. Also I’ve added a Metroid (from Super Metroid) to the handle. The box beneath the fridge contains Wii peripherals such as baseball bats, golf clubs, knuckle-dusters etc. It reads “Speltillbehör” which may sound bad enough for most to run away with their tails between their legs, but it has a much nicer meaning behind it.

Commence Swedish lesson no. 1!

Speltillbehör: Game Accessories

Spel: Games, any kind really

Tillbehör: Accessories

Pronounciation: “Spaleteelbayheaur”

bild 3

The left hand side now looks like this, with my loose cart games placed in this manner to allow me to easily browse through them. Well, I’ve put that NES Carrying Case from Forty Four under those by now as well, lifting them up a bit higher.

bild 4

Then I finally found what I’ve been searching for all year, some kind of “boxes with drawers”, preferably stylish, and who didn’t forcibly pull my money out of my bottom. Finally I found them, at IKEA, of all places, made specifically for their shelves. They were called Lekman, which translates to… wait a minute!

Commence Swedish lesson No. 2!!

IKEA: No idea. Really, I don’t know why they named the chain like that.

Lekman: Layman, I have no idea what they mean naming those boxes like that.

Pronounciation: “Eekayaa” and “Laykmann”

bild 5


And here it is, opened up, drawer drawn out, the goodies revealed. This is a neat way to store peripherals and to give a clean and neat look while still being able to view the stuff through the semi-transparent color and thus retaining a video-game esque vibe to the design of the room.

By the way, that Wii U Sports Connection is my brother-in-law’s, I’m safekeeping it for him.

Why? Well that’s none of your business.

That’s it for now people, smell ya later!

The Collectors Madness: Custom DS Cases

If you’ve heard about the Cover Project you know what this’ll be about. I won’t be presenting anything new or revolutionary, just my own covers and a small walkthrough on how I made them myself.

package 1

First I had to order the cases. Up until half a year ago I didn’t know where to find any cases in good condition and for a good price. Then I found a seller on Ebay UK who sells cases for a favorable price, even when considering that shipping was added. And these are brand new official cases with the GBA game slot which comes in handy when you’re going to use them for Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games.

package 2

And here’s one of the cases, whith a slot for a GBA game, a DS game and a place to hold  game manuals. Just be careful to check whether or not there is a GBA slot as the newer cases don’t have it.

fusion 1 fusion 2

Here’s Metroid Zero Mission which turned out very well. The quality of the print depends on the quality of the cover that you’re using, but even those games with a bit worse quality (where there aren’t any good cover scans available) you won’t really notice the difference. Whether you use an inkjet printer or a color laser is up to you as the newer inkjets print with good quality, and in my opinion it’s simply a matter of cost. While an inkjet printer costs less up front when compared to a color laser printer, though color lasers are much cheaper these days (I got mine for about 150 dollars) you’ll likely pay less in the long run if you go for the laser one. Calculations all over the net show that the ink for the inkjets costs more in the long run when compared to the toner for the laser printer. Another thing is that the ink dries up if you don’t use the inkjet frequently, while the toner stays fresh during hiatuses. I chose a laser printer because of this, also I thought I could print my drawings and such as well.

fusion 3

A closer look at the inside of the case.

fusion 4

The case with a GBA cartridge in its slot.

fusion 5

If you’re going to have a Gameboy game, which is longer than an Advance game, you’ll see that the lower ridge is in the way. That means we’ll have to cut it off, which might prove to be a difficult task without the correct tools.

cut 1

I used a sharp hobby knife to cut the ridge longitudinally a few times first, or else it’d be too difficult to cut it horisontally along the base, something I experienced firsthand. 

cut 2

Then I cut it along the base.

cut 5

And here’s my Wario Land cart (worn for the better) as an example. This feels… magnificent. Is this what people call… a nerdgasm?


These are all the games I’ve made boxes for so far, there are 20 more cases on their way for which I have 17 games to work with, the rest will be spares for games to come.

box 3box 2 

I’ll be fixing up the next boxes that are on their way, and since Universal Game Cases are so darn expensive over here (100 dollars for 50 of them) I’m working on something else… I think I’ll use VHS cases from the end of the 90’s, those transparent smaller ones which can hold an N64, NES and SNES game without much manipulation, and they’re fairly easy to find for 1 Dime each. We’ll see though, the biggest challenge will be matching the prints to be the same size as the cases, but I think I’ll manage.

And that’s it for now! Stay tuned for more!