Crafting: Custom DS Boxes. Again!!

“Seriously, what’s wrong with this guy, all he ever does is showing all those custom DS boxes he makes, what’s with that?”

‘Cause they’re AWESOME. That’s why! And this time I finished 13 of them, leaving 7 empty cases to fill up. And this time I have a neat little trick to show you! They say necessity is the mother of invention… nay, I say. NAY!!

LAZINESS is the mother of invention! CONVENIENCE or FEAR even!! Let’s explain this to you with an example of mine.

2015-12-17 15.13.24Earlier they told you to use hobby knives, cardboard cutters or an electric angled saw, but all of those can cut your fingers up. Knives and blades take strength and patience when you cut through those plastic tabs too. This looks risky, right? Well, don’t fret! Here’s the perfect solution for you!

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This little bugger is all you need to easily remove those tabs! Just get a firm hold and twist those tabs clean off! If there’s anything left you can use those knives to shave off  what little imperfection and bump that might be left. This takes half the time needed and gives the same result with less risk of cutting your fingers.

2015-12-17 15.11.55

My Messi workspace (pun intended)


Alright, I wanted a case for this bootleg Game Boy cart, 82 in 1,  that I got in Spain for more than 10 years ago. I chose this one amongst the stack of bootlegs they had, and it turns out I did good. The glossy box was thrown away a long time ago though. The cart doesn’t contain 82 games at all, but rather about 10 or so with alternating titles, and even though you can use it on the GBC and GBA it’s full of original GB titles. You get to play Othello (which isn’t an awesome RPG as they want to lead you to believe on the cover, but rather the game with the same name), Castlevania Adventure, Spiderman 2, Bugs Bunny’s Crazy Castle, Tetris, Battletanks and Bomb Jack to just name a few. A solid selection of games, and Tetris works with Link Cable support too! 2015-12-17 15.12.54

Here’s the cart itself. But I wanted the cover to be different! Unique!! So this below is what we got. If I make a cover by scratch I add symbols and such but leave the barcodes be. In this one I went to great length to remove the “Original” and “Official” texts on the Nintendo Seal and the Game Boy Game Pak Seal. Hah! That was amusing to me.

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I decided against better judgement to make a cover for Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway for the Game Boy Advance. The game is pretty much crud and a blatant Mario Kart Super Circuit knockoff with half the framerate. Stay away! For me it’s worth to own as a novelty item and to show off to people who can’t believe this kind of game was made in the ’00’s…

So I took the opportunity to mock the game! The blurb is authentic and all, but the rest of the text, layout and images are custom made by yours truly.2015-12-17 15.12.15

2015-12-17 15.16.58

T’was a good day, sirs and madams! A good day indeed!


Now Playing: Wario Land II and Dragon Warrior 1 & 2

Wario Land 2:

I’ve reached the second level of the end stage, the Pirate Castle, and it’s revealed since some time that it’s indeed the female leader of the Pirates of S.S. Teacup that’s plotting to extract revenge on Wario for beating them up, stealing their treasure and stealing their genie (that grants wishes based on the amount of money you’ve got, that greedy s.o.b.).

But I haven’t seen the end of the game yet, there’s still some way to go. In one of the City stages I found an Easter Egg, at the end of the stage, where there are coins and the building reads “Nintendo“.


And I realized you can be Tiny Wario in this game too! Like with all of Wario’s powerups in this game they’re a side effect of the attacks of the small fry enemies, in this case two enemies disguised as a wizard. That’s  a little delicious!

Dragon Warrior 1 & 2:

Not much progress since I can’t find the correct path to the Wind Tower. And the walkthroughs haven’t been of help either as I don’t get to where they’re pointing me. So I’ve been grinding my team and we’re currently at these levels:

Prince Oboe: Lv. 16

Prince John: Lv. 14

Princess Mary: Lv. 9

Seriously, you couldn’t name John and Mary? I’d name them Bone and Duck respectively, or something like that.



You’re supposed to be a kid. I get it, it’s marketed towards kids. But I don’t think the Prince in the background would’ve been called “John”, but I could buy the Princess being called “Mary”. But “John”? Seriously?

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Dragon Warrior 1&2: Back on track


Now I’m at level 14, I’ve got the Magic Gaunlets, the Iron Sword, the Iron Shield and the War Ring (which a NPC thinks is queer) and I’m on my way to the big Golem with the Pixy Flute, but all the opponents are stomping me, so I’ll have to grind some more again. I’ve fought a lot of Gold Men (who give you 650 in Gold) and accumulated 10.000+ in cash (but Gold Men don’t give much Experience Points, the ones I fought gave whooping 8).


You basically slay these creatures, stip them of their body (chop it into small chunks of Gold, of course) and trade pieces of their carcasses with merchants for other stuff, like stronger weapons to make the killing of these creatures with easier.

I can only say that Heroes of Mana can wait.

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Refurbishing and Replacing Batteries

bild (16)

At first I used this kit which worked so-so. I opened Dragon Quest 1&2 up and gently ripped the battery out.

bild (15)

Then I got this from my wife as a gift. She looked for it everywhere, it was sold out and all, but finally got a hold of this awesome kit that can help you open up all game systems and cartridges, and even cell phones. The Shinobii Console Tool Kit.

bild (18)

I used Mike Tyson’s Punch out as a work bench. Just kidding, it’s just there for awesome background, and I’m also going to gut it later, with a screwdriver.
On the top you have the DQ 1&2 cartridge with its new, trustworthy battery.

bild (19)

See? It works. And I tested the crap out of it, shook the cartridge and left it outside of the system for 15 min x2. It still works. Now I’ve got a Bamboo stick and Leather Cloth and I’m at Level 1. Back to grinding…

bild (20)

The Pokémon Gold dismantled, left for shame, with the old battery still left. And the small tape thingy covers the oscillating crystal that is responsible for the Time in the game and also causes the battery to slowly drain, leeching it even though the game isn’t on.

bild (21)

The new battery taped and all, to be covered by cardboard and shut. And it worked.

bild (22)

Ah, the Shinobii, ready to gut the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! cartridge since it refuses to start 50% of the time, to clean it off the filth on its connectors (you don’t need to open it up to clean the connectors, but the Shinobii shows no mercy).

bild (23)

Here’s its guts.

bild (24)

Look how filthy it was, the game deserved to be cleansed of its dust and dirt, and it was a challenge worthy of Window Cleaner and a Q-tip!

bild (25)

Don’t forget to wipe your backside.

Dragon Warrior 1&2: Rage!!

I had saved the princess and grinded the Hero to Level 13, got an Iron Shield, Iron Sword, Chain Mail and Chain Gaunlets (I think?) and when I was going to go to the Golem guarding the town in the south, with the newly acquired Flute, full of anticipation and glee, I was greeted with the message that the Save Game was erased.

The Save Game was erased.

The Save Game was erased.

The Save Game was erased.


And I had really, really, really started to enjoy the game! I was really feeling like an epic Hero on an epic quest!

I was so disappointed.


I’m going to replace the battery, polish the connectors and pray to God and all that is Holy that it won’t happen again, because I already know, and it’s a fact, that Dragon Warrior 1 is an awesome and addicting game, and I’m not getting my fix soon enough!

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