A Dream Come True


There’s so much Oomph! behind that punch that it’s hard to believe.

Image from: http://www.deltaattack.com/


Game Hunting: My Christmas Constellate 2013

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NES Zapper:

This is a regular Zapper which works very well and responds as if new. Trivia: The first ones were more realistic and grey-ish in color, that was changed into these re-released ones who gave off a less realistic look with their orange color. Now I’ve been able to play my Zapper games on my CRT TV. Now don’t worry, I got some new current gen games further down the page, it wasn’t all retro this year!

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Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt:

This is the European version of the same game I bought in the US, in other words I’ve got two of these games. This one came with the Zapper and together they made up a favorable price, so my wife bought it for me anyways. Also I prefer these European covers, who incidentally usually are the same as the Japanese ones, as they give that nostalgic feeling more readily. Another thing to note is that the music runs more slower on my European NES, and if you’re playing a familiar game that means that there’s a great risk that it bugs you, especially with iconic music and such. The game itself runs as fast as what’s normal, as opposed to my NTSC version of Punch Out!!, which runs slower in both ways. Conversely PAL games run way too fast on NTSC systems for the most parts…

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Barker Bill’s Trick Shooting:

Based on a show which contained a cardboard cutout Barker Bill who presented cartoon shows, this game is a light gun game which has nothing much in common with it’s namesake other than containing Barker Bill himself (at least according to Wikipedia). Supposedly it was the first show to broadcast cartoons, who previously were shown in cinemas and such. One more famous cartoon was Mighty Mouse, which many of us should recognize in some way or other.

Anyhow, other than being a Zapper game, this game is known for being the only one game other than Vs. Duck Hunt, where you can legitimately shoot the Duck Hunt dog fair and square. That’s gold.

Here’s a fanmade video to satisfy your Duck Hunt Dog shooting needs:

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Pokémon X:

Man I’m stoked about this game!! It’s going to be radically awesome to play through! I like most of the new pokémon designs actually, though some will always look silly. This one was a total surprise!

I chose X since:

1) X is a much cooler letter than Y

2) Just look at those marvellous antlers. Just like deadly rainbows.

And the inclusion of the Fairy really mixes up the game really well, with both new and old Pokémon gaining the type.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds:

This one was also a total surprise! So far one of the best LoZ games I’ve played so far, and surely even better than Minish Cap. The ability to merge into the walls as a painting is a really good mechanic that adds to a lot of innovative gameplay. While it’s a Zelda game in its essence it still manages to bring a lot of new elements to the table. Just like A Link to the Past, this one also manages to present a really clever title, with Link meaning both the name of the hero and the word link. That’s really clever!

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Mushroom 3DS Earplugs:

These are simply regular 3,5 mm earplugs, with a clever design. They give a good sound and seal off surrounding noises pretty well. Also they make me Cool and Responsible,. If you don’t believe me, read the packaging. That’s right.

Cool and responsible.

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Nintendo DS case:

I don’t own this game yet but I got the case anyways! I don’t get why they call them explicitely “DS Lite” or “3DS” cases as they hold all the systems very well regardless, unless you have those bigger versions. It’s one of the finest cases that I own and has hands down the best cartridge slot for both regular DS and 3DS cartridges. It also managed to look even better out of the box!

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3,8 mm Gamebit:

I already had a bigger 4,5 mm Gamebit for consoles, along with the Samurai set that I got, but the only thing missing was one for the game cartridges, such as my NES and Gameboy games. Now I can finally change the batteries of my Links Adventure game, and try to diagnose why my Mendel Palace cart freezes after the level select stage.

Other gifts:

I also got 2 hand drawn video game themed paintings from my brother, and 1 non-VG themed one, some really nice serving plates and some One Piece mangas. That’s really nice!

Game Hunting: NES Galore!

In Vegas, of all places, we went video game hunting (knowing that US games are way cheaper than in Europe mostly).

First place we hit up was Game World (description and a small tour to follow in a separate post). The owner was really nice and the service was good, and the stock not too shabby, we found a lot of good NES titles and, though I didn’t end up buying any, there were a lot of good Gamecube and Nintendo DS titles there for good prices, as well as some arcade cabinets and retro demo stands.

Anyhow, we ended up buying a few NES titles that easily would’ve cost 2-3x more in Sweden, so a good haul I say:

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Super Mario Bros./ Duck Hunt:

If you haven’t heard of this game chances are you’ve lived under a rock in an area without electricity. Why did I buy this, you say? Because I didn’t have Super Mario Bros.!! We used to have it but the cartridge got lost, so we bought this Game Pak and it works like a charm. The price tag: 7 $. I’m sure I could’ve gotten it much cheaper but not at home so I got myself this one. That roughly translates to 4,5 £, which isn’t all too bad.

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This is an action-RPG that’s in a relatively modern setting (the early 90’s to be exact, as one of the girls you speak to in the first town explicitly states how proud she is to be Miss 1990 or 1991). You’re a young man with a Yo-Yo that’s supposed to save your father, and then you go on an epic quest to save…something. I haven’t got the plot down as of yet, but I’ve heard great stuff about this game and from what I’ve played of it, this seems to be a really good game with a lot going for it. The price tag? 7 $. Nice.

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Snake Rattle & Roll:

There are a lot of people remembering playing this game as kids, and I’ve actually been recommended the game by Stephanie of Misprinted Pages (who incidentally just booted up her own Video Game themed blog Lost Pixels). I really liked this one, I played it with my bro, but man can it be challenging when it comes to the tight controls and the psuedo-3D environments. It plays fairly well, though, and is a blast to play.

It’s platformer where you control the snakes Rattle and Roll through a fiendish landscape where you eat pieces of enemies and tounge-stab them to death, very much as Tao Bai Bai did to General Blue:


Only this time you’re backed up by awesome 50-60’s rock tunes in 8-bit! For 7$ I went for it.

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Gotcha! The Sport:

I only bought this game because of two reasons:

1) The game is a Light Gun game which I haven’t heard of, nor do I think it was released in Sweden

2) The cover sports an awesome dude with a cocky smile

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a paintball game, or lasers etc., but I feel it’s downplaying the actual theme of the game. While I don’t have Light Guns (I’ll get some though) and don’t have an old TV, I only booted it up to see what it was like, and you simply see a lot of enemy soldiers shooting at you and you have a few seconds to shoot them first. That’s warfare, and I’d hardly call it a sport.

Price tag: 5 $

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Fester’s Quest:

The title screen doesn’t exactly set the mood for the rest of the game which is insanely difficult and dark. Also, it’s called “Uncle Fester’s Quest” on the title screen, but for some reason they dropped “Uncle” on the cover of the cartridge.  It’s a fun but challenging game which some love and some loathe, me being somewhere in between. I remember this from a friends’ from when we were kids, and it’s a must have for the NES in my opinion. And for 5 $ I didn’t hesitate.

Then we went to A Gamer’s Paradise, to the South Store, where we scored some gold, well, at least I did score some real gold.

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Legendary Wings:

This is a game that frequently is on lists of forgotten NES gems, of games that are really good but not well known. This particular one I got to know through Let’s Get!!’s Halloween Special episode where Eric plays a frightened Luigi in the episode Top 10 Goriest 2D Bosses, and also presents the game in his Valentines Day Special.

It’s a vertical shooter that through some segments shifts to a horizontal shooter, and instead of controlling a plane you control something immensely more badass:

An angel with a gun.

And the game is made by none other than Capcom, so there you go, I had no problems forking out 9 $ for this one.

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Mendel Palace:

This is a game that was produced by Game Freak, believe it or not. The art style reminds closely of that in the early Pokémon series as it was designed by none other than Ken Sugimori, the Art Director of the company.

It’s a fun puzzle game. especially in 2-player, where you turn floor tiles to defeat enemies and to clear the level. Unfortunately my copy freezes right after selecting the level, which means that I’ll have to try to fix it… cleaning the pins hasn’t helped, but if you know some way to fix this I’d be very grateful if you’d share that knowledge with me. As you can see: it cost 7 $.

bild 2 (19)


A Black Box Series classic, this game is not the best Pinball game for the NES, but not really that bad either. As with most early pinball games it turns stale rather fast, but for what it is it’s a really fun and entertaining game. For 3 $ I couldn’t stand it up, so I bought it.

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Zelda II: Adventure of Link

Here’s the gold I was speaking about. No, I didn’t get actual gold, duh, I got a gold colored cartridge. It’s in a noticeably used condition, but works very well and cost me 14 $. Compare that to 40-50 $ in Sweden and you have me by the horns, I had to buy this one.


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Mega Man Anniversary Collection:

This game wasn’t even released in Europe, and all version are US imports that cost between 20-40 $, add shipping to that price and you’ll have to cough up 60-70 $ for a copy.

The game contains all Mega Man games up until Mega Man VII, and aside from the fact that they’ve swapped the A and B buttons, making it more of a challenge, they’re well worth the 25$ I paid for it.

And I also visited a store in Los Angeles, Entertainment Exchange, where I only found one game I’d been searching for at a reasonable price:

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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

I’ve already spoken about the first game in a previous post, and I’ve looked forward to get a copy of the second game, which is harder to get by in Europe, for a long time. I found one copy for 20 $, and compared to a price tag of 30-40$ around here I got it. I’m looking forward to playing this one!


Images: Tao Bai Bai killin’ General Blue from: http://thedragonballblog.blogspot.se/

Duck Hunt

tumblr_mf5sx3N24n1r46vblo1_500 tumblr_mkea60mvlF1s3l4aio1_500 b7d49a4225e45afc94c5d5111d7e2952

I know y’all remember that stupid laughing dog in Duck Hunt- this topic probably has been done to death but I wanted to present to you these images, and the opportunity to shoot the dog once and for all, outside of the Vs. Duck Hunt game, of course:


Shoot the Duck Hunt Dog


Images from: Tumblr, Gameskinny.com and teefiend.com

Duck Hunt Lamp

I found this in Deviantart: Link

Isn’t it awesome? I really admire this kind of creativity.

And something we’ve all been waiting for:

From: Link

I’ve always wanted to Shoot the Dog.  But honestly, isn’t Duck Hunt a great game? I really think it is, even though it isn’t that variable in the gameplay.

Backseat Gaming

I think we all recognize this, backseat gaming is a well known phenomenon that was more prevalent when video games were a new thing and when everyone and their mother didn’t have a system at home.

Remember the frustration when a friend didn’t make the move you thought he/she should’ve done, and then you got the controller and played the game even worse than him/her?

From: Link

Nintendo In Time

I was looking through the site Etsy.com, which at a glance seems to be a site where people sell their unique and handcrafted items, when I saw something truly amazing:

These stylish clocks are from GeekGear.com. I don’t think the creator uses carts that are in working condition as he replaces the labels, and this is also evidenced by The Legend Of Zelda having a grey as opposed to a gold cart. But it’s awesome nontheless!

Images from: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GeekGear?section_id=10656641