Ossu! Doragon Boru Zetto in Engrish, ne?


When a game is translated from Japanese to English, you better hope that the staff know their English well, or that an outside source overseas takes upon themselves to translate it. Back in the day Nintendo had problems with translation since they gave small pieces of in-game texts to overseas translators with little to no information of context and very strict bureaucracy as to how to perform the task and how the result should be communicated. I’d think it was part of a business strategy to protect Nintendo and its work, but it led to poorly translated games, and when they didn’t get outside help the translation would get even worse with Engrish as a result.

In the early 2000’s one would think that poorly translated games would no longer be as prominent, but we have Monkey Puncher and Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors as prime examples of that such practice still was present. While Monkey Puncher seems to have been translated using a dictionary, Legendary Super Warriors seems to have been translated by someone with little to no knowledge about Dragon Ball, which is required to translate some of the more obscure terms from the manga. Both of the games are mentioned at the site where I got the image at the top.

Let’s take a look at some immediate weird choices of wording and translation that I stumbled upon at the beginning of the game.
DBZ Namekans

First there’s the mistranslation of Namekian into “Namekan”. Didn’t it fit or didn’t they know better? In English translations they use the ending “-ian” much like in Martian, as in “The Martian Oddity“, but here they’ve missed an “i”. If this was made by the Japanese staff and they used a dictionary, one would imagine they’d write “Namek people”, as they’re called “Namek-jin”, where “jin” means “people”, very much like Saiyans who are called “Saiya-jin”. I’d like to point out though that Majin isn’t comprised of those words, but rather “Ma”, which means bad, or evil, and “Djinn” which is a word derived from Hindi and stands for something in the lines of “spirit”, meaning that Majin means “Evil Spirit”, as in Majin Boo, Majin Dabura or Majin Vegeta. And the word “Ma” is used for Piccolo when he’s called “Ma Jr.” during the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, meaning “Evil Junior”.

DBZ 5000 powerThen there’s this image when they say that someone of 5000 Power will arrive. I’ll say, the Spanish translation trumps this one by far. They must mean that “someone with a “Power level” of 5000 will arrive” but I can see that it won’t fit. In the manga, by this time, they know it’s Goku that’ll arrive, and they could’ve written:

“Goku is arriving with a power of 5000!”

There’s approximately space for 38 letters, including space, on both lines combined, and this’d work perfectly. Adding “level” would add 6 letters too many, but while writing it the way I presented you’d be more correct and make the use of “power” make more sense. Also, there’s no way that Goku had a power level of 5000 already by then, he hadn’t arrived and powered up yet…

That’s why I think someone overseas translated this one into English, and they didn’t know jack about Dragon Ball when doing so. At least the Spaniards were much better at it.


Before ending this post I’d like to add a link to the source of the image above and a very good resource page for Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors:




It’s the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… when you actually have time to play video games! And partake in any other hobby you want to. And meet family, friends and eat link_christmas_test_by_anthro7-d33k1cwgreat food. Giving gifts, experiencing merriness, laughter, warmth. Don we now our green apparel. All that, you know.

This year I won’t be writing about a certain game that gives me christmas glee, since I can’t come up with anything other than The legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Sure, I have memories of other games but none other like Oracle of Seasons.

Outside of travelling, when on the bus, plane or when there’s nothing good on TV on your hotel around late in the evening, the yuletide is the best time to play video games, mainly since you’re supposed to try out your new games and everyone is supposed to be a little kid again. I don’t mean through getting presents, but in spirit. That’s why everyone stuffs themselves like there’s no tomorrow; that’s not a rational adult thing to do, it’s very childish indeed.e9fc_8-bit_holiday_wreath_anim



I’d like to wish to all a Merry (Happy) Christmas (Holidays) and what better way to do but by presenting you a Video Game Carol!



Wario, the pink-nosed looter

You know Master Chief and Mario and Crash and Luigi,
you know Bowser and Sonic, Donkey Kong and Waluigi,
But do you recall
A less famous video game character among them all

Wario the pink-nosed looter
Had a very shiny nose
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it blows
All of the other characters
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Wario
Join in Mario Party games

Then one foggy Nintendo Day,
Kiyotake came to say,
Wario with your nose so bright,
Won’t you invade Mario’s castle tonight.

Then how all gamers loved him,
As they shouted out with glee,
Wario the pink-nosed looter,
You’ll go down in history.

Wow, this took a lot of skill from me. Anyways, have a great time and see you soon!

First image from Anthro7, second from Thinkgeek.com

Video Game Craftin’

I’ve been at it again!

You remember that old cigarillo stand that I turned into a Game Boy Game Pak stand? The stickers were too big (even though I did input the correct measurements the nline software messed up badly and they arrived oversized) so I printed out my own stickers (in colour!!) and put them on instead of the old ones. Surprisingly, the old ones were easy to remove. Gameboy Stand

These new ones aren’t glossy but it works well with the design, in my opinion. The only thing left is adding a Mario sign on the hat, or something more clever than that. It looks empty to me. Do you have any good ideas?

Then I added some stickers to my newer games. The kind of sticky printer paper I have curls up pretty quickly so I’ve had to add some tape on the labels to keep them in place. So far it looks pretty nice, and I’ve had no troubles with the new method. Though I’ll say, finding good versions of Nintendo 64 video game logos isn’t the easiest thing, and that’s why Dark Rift doesn’t look to sexy down there to the left. At least I can browse the games well, I just have to look for something borderline ineligible if I want to play that game.

N64 LabelsAnd that’s all for today! See you soon!


I’m Back! Now Playing: Wario Land 3 and 4

I’ve been playing a lot of games during my hiatus, and I’ve also been running around after the puppy (you’ll get to see him later on in a video game themed costume, obviously). Two of them were Wario Land 3 and 4.

Let’s start with the first one. I noted something in Wario Land 3 for the Gameboy Color:

wario land 3 end 1


These are all the people you’ve saved, right? At least it tells you as much at the ending, just before the credits. If I got this part right, and correct me if I haven’t, all those enemies you’ve tackled, burned etc. and killed off during the game were members of this people.

You’ve killed countless of enemies throughout the game and it turns out they’re humans! I know I defeated a minimum of around three or four hundred of them, and I’m being modest as I never did count how many they were.

And this “Old Man” does thank you, but not even once does he mention their losses. Not even once! That’s cold.

I always find it weird when video games do that. I mean, making it like that the enemies are actually those you’re saving, with the twist of them being enchanted into grotesque shapes and beings. Sonic The Hedgehog did it right, they had you liberating the technologically enslaved critters by defeating their metallic husks- but games like this one, and Super Mario Bros., they did it wrong. Where in SMB. the Mushroom Kingdom’s people are turned into bricks (and who you destroy!) in this game you physically attack them, and maybe even kill them in the end. Learn from SEGA, Nintendo. They know how it’s meant to be done. At least you wouldn’t end up going on a guilt trip as soon as you’ve finished the game, and getting a feeling of dread instead of a feeling of accomplishment.

wario land 3 end 2

And here’s a nostalgia tinted image (taken with the Iphone 5c retro filter) of my Pearl White Gameboy Advance SP (modded using a replacement case over a standard silver colored one). You clearly can see the improvement in image quality when compared to the images in the GBA SP mod post which was photographed using the 4s camera.

wario land 4 endAnd then I managed to beat Wario Land 4. When I got used to the timer that appears when the Pyramid Room is collapsing, when you find that key-bird, I found the game to be a breeze when compared to its predecessors. Yet I didn’t feel like playing it on Hard mode (the default mode being Normal, which I’d just played) since the time you get to finish each level is even less, and the bosses take many more hits. The time limit getting lower, and thus increasing the stress induced, and the bosses being harder even though you have a time limit already, were enough reasons for me not to play Hard Mode. I mean, who willingly wants to induce diarréa for themselves? Maybe someone without Irritable Bowel Syndrome would be able to. Not that I’m saying I have that condition, but I’d reckon that’d be a prerequisite to play games with countdowns. The package should say:

PEGI: Ages 3 and up.

Warning: Hard Mode should only be played by people not affected by IBS. If you experience any symptoms after playing that mode, please consult a physician.

That’d be a fair enough warning, right? That’d keep soiling your pants to a minimum, but I guess the underwear industry would really suffer from it- people would buy less underwear if they didn’t soil themselves as readily and as often.

wario land 4 end 2


And then you run off with your treasure, to Wario’s delight. That’s when the Princess is released and thanks you in a very nice way:

wario land 4 end 3Let’s frame that pretty face up, Wario. I really find that perv face hilarious. It seems as if he enjoys that kiss a little bit to much… Maybe he…

Jizzed in his pants?



Summertime Leads to a Change in Layout



Well, technically it’s Fall right now… at least over here! I’d been bothered by the problematic headers from my previous themes, you know, those that wouldn’t adapt to the hardware used to view the blog and resolution settings. I found this very similar theme, twentyeleven, that looks a wee bit better than twentythirteen. And the headers work flawlessly here, which is ace!

I’ve Photoshopped a few headers, totally four of them at the moment, who change on each page much like my previous theme did. I’m planning to create a few more of them with Link, Samus, Sonic etc. Also I’ve added Wario as some sort of “Avatar” of sorts until I can post a satisfactory caricature of myself. I just can’t capture myself that well, and my biggest problem is what clothing I should wear. The face and expression has turned out well though, and that ought to be the most difficult part. The rest is crud, from the pose to clothing and the setting and such. Also I need something better than Photoshop to draw in, but Mangastudio (which I’ve tried and love) is way too expensive for me at the moment.

I’ve also added a few widgets to the left (it seemed more natural that way considering the rest of this blog’s current design).

There’ll be lots of posts in the future, I’m tinkering on 11 drafts, and you’ll be able to read about Game Hunting, Gaming merchandise, weird stuff I’ve encountered during my travels (movie and video game related) and also about some arcade gaming, amongst others.



Image from: Filmmuffin


I Gots Myself a Free Virtual Console Game

I recieved a coupon code for the 3DS Virtual Console since I subscribed to notifications and news and whatnot rhtough the Nintendo Network, and one day I checked my E-mail to see that they’d kindly given me a code to redeem to get Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for the Gameboy Color in my 3DS.

SMBD1Having entered the code I’m able to download the game. Yay!

SMBD2Downloading the game… waiting eagerly for it…

SMBD3Voila! Le game is downloaded and ready to play! And man is it fun to have on the 3DS on the go! 

Game Hunting: Gremlins and Ghouls in Boxes

This time in Retro Games Hunt I found stuff from three different platforms! 

GAME had a 25% sale on all their Used games and I made sure to grab a couple of them while I was there, and then I also recieved a longed for box… in a box.


Gremlins 2: The New Batch

This NES title is a really fun game, and is based on Gizmo’s adventures and mishaps in the second Gremlins movie. You control Gizmo and battle your way through the office building in the movie and you can equip him with different weapons, many which are seen in the movie as well. There also are boss battles based on all the different freakazoid versions of the Gremlins that were produced when they wreaked havoc in the lab.

And remember, when out of stuff to offer a person or another creature, you can always offer diseases.


“I could get you diseases.”



I already have this one, which I consider a hidden gem on the Gamecube, but I got it for a veeeery good price for my brother.


Gameboy Color Box:

I got this box for a very good price brand new, though it didn’t contain inlets, manuals or the system. That was fine with me since I had all of those and only lacked the box for a complete set. Incidentally this box is for my favorite Gameboy Color color (haha) and I even got to fold it myself! That explains how I got a box in a box this week.

Christopher Lee image from:  http://www.wearysloth.com/Gallery/ActorsL/10103-7741.gif