Some news about the layout of the blog

“What the hell does he mean?! Everything looks the goddamn same!!”

Wasn’t that what you just thought? Was I spot on? No?

In that case you might have noticed that there are new buttons to click just beneath the title of this blog, a “Home symbol”, “Video Games”, “Movies”, “Rants”, “Uncategorized” and “About”.

As I removed the side bar to hide the cluttered mess called Tags and Random Posts and all that came with it you couldn’t get a chance to browse this blog  by Category or through the Archive anymore. So I added these small buttons for your convenience. No need to thank me ladies and gentlemen.

Why did I do this? Because I have to pay to be able to freely move or delete some of the content of those bars. And I’m doing this in a non-profit kind of way so I don’t want to pay for anything that should be free (but it’s an ingenious business move, I give WordPress that). Besides, in any kind of way this layout looks neater. And more awesome.

What do you think? Do you like the new buttons? Have you used them yet?

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