Game Hunting: This is the End…

…of 2015, so I’ll post whatever I’ve got since the last Game Hunting post!

Let’s start off with some Mega Drive games that I got as a pity-gift for myself since my right middle finger got dislocated at the middle of the finger. Say that 5 times in a row.

2015-12-09 18.29.34I got the sequel of Castle of Illusion, World of Illusion, which takes things even further beyond! Not only will you explore a vast World of illusion (as opposed to a mere Castle of illusion) but this time you get to play as my favorite Disney character, Donald Duck! Both of them use magic, though they only show Mickey using it on the cover. Goody-two-shoes… The game controls well and is of medium difficulty. The music is decent too, i doesn’t contain anything memorable but opts for a typical Disney-esque soundtrack with some kind of orchestrated soundtrack.

2015-12-09 18.29.44Oh-oh-oh-oh-o-o-o-oh-oh! Oh-oh-oh oh oh! Oee-yeee, Talespin! Oeeoo, Talespin! Friends for life through thick and thin, whit another tale to spin! The game contains the opening theme, believe it! It’s mediocre overall though. The gameplay is a tad uninspiring, the controls a bit stiff and the music a mesh between typical Mega Drive tunes and some kind of Carribean theme. It’s fun to pick up and play from time to time, but don’t expect wonders. Grab the controller, bear and grin it.

2015-12-09 18.29.51Sonic & Knuckles is a standalone game that gives Sonic and Knuckles a set of levels to complete together with a new story line. They meant to add all of this to Sonic 3 but where too short on time. Also, they decided that being able to play as the antagonist Knuckles would be kind of wrong, so they postponed this. The issue of adding this additional crap-ton of data to Sonic 3 which already filled up it’s allocated cartridge memory very well also aided them into making this decision. How can you describe this game in the best way… think of it as a tumor. It can either make its own thing, or you can add Sonic 2 or 3 on top of it to be able to add items and Knuckles into those games, effectively loading the content of the two carts together.

2015-12-10 17.35.03This is a milestone for sure, as this is my first ever Repro game. Streets of Rage 3 (in my opinion the best of the three) for the Mega Drive easily goes for 50-70 Pounds (or 70 Euro or more if you’re unlucky) for a complete or boxed version lacking the manual. So it’s really expensive indeed, but for me a must have for the Mega Drive. So what was the option then? A Repro version for 20 pounds. It has the Japanese box art on the cover and the European cover on the cartridge. And so far it’s been a blast to play! Nostalgia aside, this is an amazing game to own and in my opinion a must have for all Genesis/Mega Drive.

The cartridge isn’t of the best quality though, and though sturdy certainly doesn’t feel like the real deal. First of all it’s too smooth on its surface, and a bit hard to insert into the system even though it’s modded to be able to. And the back of it looks unusual too, and contains spelling errors…

2015-12-10 17.36.01


Do not bend it, or submerge it in liquids

Do not bend it in direct sunlight or near aradiator or other source of heat

Be sure to take an occasiognal recess during extend play. ——-PLei

So, this tells us that they fit the ROM into a pirated cart or something alike, and that you can have it in sunlight and heat as long as you don’t bend it. I’ll also make sure to take an occasiognal recess, thanks PLei. Still worth it! The cover is of great condition and the box is an original reused one (without the tab!!) so yup. I’d get it again!

And here are the video games I got for Christmas/The Holidays!

2015-12-13 23.05.23I finally got  a Super Nintendo system! It’s in pristine shape and doesn’t have any yellowing whatsoever! My wife was too kind to get it for me, yay! All parts are original and it came with a Composite Scart. Being used to the crisp S-video or RGB signals of the other systems I immediately noticed the blurry difference, so I tried my Gamecube RGB scart on it and voilá! The image went from blurry to awesome in a few seconds. I’m already making lists in my phone of which games I want for it, but awesome as she is, my wife already had overheard my ramblings about video games and picked out two of them already…

2015-12-13 23.05.52When people drive in an infinite row and don’t give way, even when they should as in a roundabout, I call them Lemmings. And that’s the game I got first, Lemmings for the SNES! The controls are surprisingly good and not far from the Mac version I played all those years ago. I’m not too good on reading off those symbols and accidentally sent too many Lemmings to their deaths, and when I was screwed I released 99 Lemmings and pushed the self-destruct button. The intro though…. I really didn’t get it and it was sooo slooooow.

Next game is the instant classic Super Mario World. Even though I have Super Mario Maker I can’t put this one down. I play some of this to death (having reached the 4th castle in 2 sittings) and then I spend the rest of the afternoon playing Super Mario Maker. It’s the best balance, really. I can now also honestly say that the small GBA screen kills off some of the game play as the viewable area of the screen, so if you can get this one first and foremost. If you want a portable version then get the GBA port. Mario is voiced in it, after all, while in the SNES version he’s virtually mute.


Dance Puppets, Dance!

Not only do I collect video games, I also like to buy the occasional plushie. For one they usually look adorable, and they also look pretty cool too in some kind of way when on display. I’d think someone that’s no nerd like me merely would think it’s childish, but I digress. I’d like to show you these plushies and also take a moment to show off my cap collection while I’m at it.



Here we have two beauties, a Mickey Mouse plush that I got during this recent trip to New York and also this delicious Wario one I got from my wife two weeks ago.




Then there are these two Dragon Ball ones. I also have a Super Saiyajin Vegeta that unfortunately isn’t in this picture, and I gave a Piccolo plush to my brother. These two are Kuririn and Son Goku.



IMG_5762Here’s my Toon Link plush which in the next picture will adorn his head with my caps. From the top to the left we have a Snapback NES Controller Cap bought in Canada, a Team Nintendo Cap which was a gift from my wife, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage Comics Cap from Inside in Spain and last, but not least, a NES Controller Cap which I bought in Nintendo World in New York in 2010.


Game Hunting: Disney’s Magic Complete in Box Mansions

retro games hunt


Magical Tetris Challenge:

I’ve been hearing that this is one of the best Tetris games, one that mixes everything up with some special moves that spoils your friend’s gaming experience if performed perfectly. You can control Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Minnie (yes, I’m on a first-name basis with them thank you very much) and meet a few baddies from the franchise, amongst others Pete in a ridiculous suit and top hat. There’s very little 3D elements in this game and you’re going to be graced by the presence of a lot of fluid and gorgeous 2D animation. Got this one from Game complete in box for, what I’d later find out, was a very favorable price. And add to that the fact that it’s a game not found very commonly “in the wild”, and you’ve got yourself a happy MartianOddity.


Maniac Mansion:

LucarsArts used to make a lot of fun point and click adventures with a ton of humor and problem solving based on puns, and this is the port of one of the first ones. The NES port is actually not that bad graphics wise, and this particular copy is in Swedish! It plays really well and while it’s tedious at best to use the NES controller for these kinds of games, I figured out that I could use the NES Advantage joystick to emulate that feel, and man did I feel creative and smart.


While I’m already at it, I implore you to play other LucasArts games in the same vein, like Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, the Monkey Island series etc.


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My Gameboy Games

Gameboy 3

Killer Instinct

– Bought for 2£ in the US, in Toys N’ Joys in Honolulu, Hawaii. A decent port of the SNES game that feels kind of the same and looks great for being on the Gameboy.

Mickey Mouse

– Bought for 5 £ in Australia, I think in Perth, at Game Traders. Plays very much like the Crazy Castle series and is equally fun.

Metroid II

– Bought for 6£ from Tradera. A steal! I finished this game, it was maze-like but still quite short when compared to the other games. A great game.


– Bought for 2£ at Toys N’ Joys. I’ve only started it up and what can I say, it’s Tamagotchi.

James Bond 007

– Bought for 3£ from Tradera. A decent game where you play as James Bond with a Zelda-esque angle.

Arcade Classics 4 – Defender & Joust 

– Bought for 12£ back in ’96, it was my first own game ever. It contains 2 Williams classics that are quite fun and a good game to start your Gameboy adventuring with.

82 in 1

– Bought at a marketplace for like 10£ in Torrevieja, Spain, for like 10 years ago. It contains a lot of different games, but not 82 games… maybe 11 of them? If I recall correctly it contains Othello, Spider Man, Tetris and some other weird games.

Rugrats the Movie

– Bought in Australia, I don’t remember where though, for about 6£. A good platforming game, and it’s a movie license game. That’s rare.

R-Type Dx

– Bought in Australia at Game Traders for about 6£, I don’t remember the town. Funny as heck, hard as crud. Contains R-Type 1 & 2 in both original and Dx versions.

Gameboy 1

Super Mario Land

– Bought in Tokyo, Japan, for 3£. I used to own the SCN version as a kid but I sold it off if I recall correctly… This one is my wife’s copy. A classic but not quite as good as the second game.

Super Mario Land 2

– My wife got this with her yellow Original Gameboy back when she was a kid. A solid Mario platformer, but not quite as good as Wario Land in my opinion.

Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land

– Bought at Kapten Krok in Gothenburg, in a rather tattered shape, for about 8£, and it was worth every penny. The best game in the Super Mario Land series.

Mega Man

– Bought in a mall in Andorra La Vella, Andorra, in ’98, for about 18£. I’ve never managed to beat Wily at the last stage, but the game proves to be immensely challenging and gives you just the amount of progress you need to keep on playing. That is, only 1 checkpoint in the very long stages, making your blood boil if Mega Man dies in either half.

Mega Man II

– Got it as a Christmas gift back in ’99-’00. A tad bit easier than the first, with more checkpoints and levels with better platforming, but much more fun (Rush, I’m looking at you, boy. Good dog.).

Bomberman GB

– Bought it from Tradera for about 5£ if I recall correctly. It’s your run of the mill Bomberman game, meaning it’s great.

Dr. Mario

– Bought at Toys N’ Joys for 2£. A NES classic that’s been ported very well, the only different being a smaller playing field and no colors.

Mario & Yoshi

– Bought from for 50 Cents. A real NES and Gameboy classic which contains innovative and solid puzzling.

Donkey Kong

– Bought in Tokyo, Japan, for 3£ only. Awesome game, absolutely at the Top 10 list of the system. It’s one of my favorite games of all time, it’s just that amazing.

Gameboy 2


– Bought for 4£ at Game Traders in Australia, along the East Coast. It’s a watered down Breakout clone, but I’ve wanted it since I was a kid simply because Mario is on the cover art. Sneaky, smart advertisers.


– Bought for 2£ from A decent Tennis game, but there are many better ones out there. Bought mostly out of the nostalgia factor, I had it as a kid.


– Bought for 10 Cents from It’s Tetris, but the Tetris DS game is much better. Though I can’t complain about the great fun when playing against a friend as Mario and Luigi.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

– Bought for 5£ from Tradera. A good Capcom produced action RPG game that starts off in a much more badass way than the movie does (Roger witnesses Marvin Acme being gunned down in his office).

Legend of the River King

– Bought for 10£ from Kapten Krok. Allegedly a good game, but I can’t figure out how to actually… fish.

Solomon’s Club

– Bought for 4£ from Kapten Krok. This game is a good puzzle game, I remember my friend having it. The only downside is that it plays the same music for each and every stage.

Kirby’s Dream Land

– Bought for about 7£ from the seller Japanspel from Tradera. A solid platformer and the first game in the Kirby series, but it doesn’t hold a candle against…

Kirby’s Dream Land 2

– Bought for about 7£ from the seller Japanspel from Tradera. The better one of the 2 games with much more powerups, it’s basically the Gameboy version of Kirby’s Adventure for the NES.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

– Bought for 8£ from a Game Traders store in Australia. Do I need to say anything?

Gameboy 4

Pokémon Blue Version

– Bought in ’98 for about 30£ from Toys R Us in Gothenburg, Sweden. One of the best games of all time!

Pokémon Blue Version

– Bought for 5£ from Tradera.

Pokémon Red Version

– Got it in a bundle with Pokémon Stadium 2 and a Transfer Pack, for 10£ only (!!).

Pokémon Yellow Version

– Bought this complete for about 18£ from Kapten Krok, when they were in their old store location close to Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen in Gothenburg. To be honest I prefer the Pokémon designs from the first versions more since the ones in this game look washed out.

Pokémon Gold Version

– Bought for 40£ 4 weeks after its release from a store in Femmanhuset in Gothenburg. You just couldn’t find it anywhere. And now, you can’t find that store anymore…it went bankrupt. This is the only game in the Gameboy library that trumps Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow.

Pokémon Trading Card Game

– Bought complete from Toys R Us, for 23£. An often overlooked that that really is one of the best for the Gameboy Color.

Monkey Puncher

– Bought complete, when it still was being sold, at the top of the Pokémon height, at ’01, for 23£, from the same store in Femmanhuset, that later went bankrupt. It’s sad that it’s as overlooked as it is, since it’s a good game after all, though it’s plagues with Engrish.

Gameboy 5

Pokémon Crystal Version

– Bought for 5£ from Tradera. This game is even better than Gold and Silver, and that’s saying a lot as I played Gold first as a kid (not even nostalgia trumps this game!).

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge

– Bought complete from Carrefour in Torrevieja, Spain, for 30£. The best Puzzle League game there is, period, a must have.

Dragonball: Legendary Super Warriors

– Bought complete in Alicante, Spain, in Carrefour, for 25£. It’s in Spanish though. Good thing I know Spanish quite well! A challenging game really, and many fights are won out of sheer luck.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

– Got it as a Christmas gift ’01 from my parents. One of the best LoZ games.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

– Bought for 14£ from, from the seller ain’t-got-no-money-honey. I really recommend them! One of the best LoZ games.

Deja Vu 1 & 2

– Got it complete as a Christmas gift from my twin, in ’02 I think. Sweet! What’s great is that this game contains the 2nd game in the series, and tit’s the only time it graces Nintendo with its presence.

Rampage 2: Universal Tour

– Bought it at Toys N’ Joys for 2£. It’s alright, a little choppy controls, but not bad. It’s your standard Rampage game.

Wario Land 3

– Bought for 10 £ from Mynt & Musik at Stigbergsliden. I haven’t played it yet but it’s supposed to be a good game.

Power Puff Girls: Battle HIM!

– Bought boxed for 2 £ from a thrift store in Kristinehamn, Sweden. It looks crap and I bet it plays like crap, but I haven’t played it yet.

Not in the pictures:

Gargoyle’s Quest

– Bought for 6£ from Mynt & Musik, Stigbergsliden. A really fun game, but it’s challenging to the point of inducing insanity.

Dragon Warriors 1 & 2

– Bought for 8£ from Toys N Joys. Really good games, they are.

Wario Land II

– Bought for 10£ from Mynt & Musik at Stigbergsliden. A humorous and really fun game where you can’t die, Wario is basically immortal here.

Mickey’s Dark Side

In this story Mickey is an Agent, and during a stealth mission where he’s trying to bust a Gold Smuggler he disguises himself in black clothes and a very much visible red hat, and yellow gloves (seriously, what’s with the yellow gloves, they’re supposed to be white but in some of these European comics they make them yellow anyways).


Anyways, I saw some shots of him that I thought were hilarious, like in this first shot where he’s being chased by some buffoons:

bild 1 (1)

Man, look how evil he looks. That’s an evil smile, no doubt. Here he’s made one of the people drive off the road. And this one takes the price:

bild 2 (1)

He smokes a pipe! While looking all evil and shit!

That’s actually an Agent Super Shizzle Top Secret Dazzling Tech Pipe or something, that produces smoke that a) makes the user cough (inconvenient, right?) and b) other people unable to see through the smoke.  And he’s using it against the thugs.

bild 3 (1)

And here’s his celebratory pose. Evil or heroic rejoice? You decide!


200 kopiera



And this was my 200th post!! Yay! Almost 2 years and still going on!

Review of Disney’s Magical Quest 2: Starring Mickey and Minnie


#??:  Disney’s Magical Quest 2: Starring Mickey and Minnie

I remember that I informed you that I’d finished the game a long while ago, but I never formally reviewed it, right? Must’ve gotten delirious or something. Maybe I’ve been eating too many Super Mushrooms lately.

But anyhow! As you might’ve already guessed this is the GBA port of the sequel to Magical Quest on the SNES. And I’m sorry, still no FPS á lá Return to Castle Wolfenstein…


Graphics: 8/10

It looks pretty much the same as in the first game, only the bosses look way better, I can’t really say if it’s their design or what. I like the powerup designs in this game better than in the last one. I really love how the Vacuum Powerup makes both Mickey and Minnie look like cleaning ladies. Both the dude and the dudette look like ladies.

“Lady, lady, dude looks like a lady!”


He really looks like a lady here.

Sounds & Music: 5/10

Still not memorable, yet not anything anything exceptional. I’ve deducted 1 point though, not because the music is objectively worse than in the last game, but because I subjectively really dislike the Enchanted Forest theme.

Gameplay: 9/10

Even though the Vacuum powerup is very interesting the others don’t really add or remove to the score. The rest of the gameplay is pretty much the same sans the clock tickin’ down on you, so that gives another point in this compartment. Also, the challenge has increased as you don’t start at the bosses anymore if you lose all your lives (which made the previous game ridiculously easy) but the last stage (Baron Buckteeth Pete’s Castle) is much easier sans the boss fight.  To sum it up:  Great controls and  decent challenge.  That mining level gave me nausea though, with the rooms rotating as soon as you get a hold of a projection to hang on to. And the bosses are more difficult as well, and that’s a plus (not by much though!).

Replay value: 7/10

This one is more fun than the last and is improved upon, and replaying it could be just for fun maybe a little bit more often than once per year. I guess you can perfect your game for your ego but… I don’t know how much there is to gain there.


Was originally to be called “The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey and Minnie”.


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Review of Disney’s Magical Quest: Starring Mickey and Minnie


#??:  Disney’s Magical Quest: Starring Mickey and Minnie

In this game you’re taking the role of  Mickey or Minnie  in an epic installation of this First Person Shooter franchise. You can use machine guns, pistols, shotguns and also some other toony weapons in this Disney and Capcom collaboration, everything at your disposal in your quest of filling Bastard Pete (bastard isn’t much of a swear word anymore, isn’t it?) with lead.

Just kidding. It’s not a FPS. It’s a side scrolling adventure game. Got ya. But it would’ve been awesome with a Disney FPS right?

Graphics: 8/10

I’ve seen prettier games on both the SNES and the GBA, but this game still manages to look good. But when compared to Mickey Mania it looks not as good (but then, Mickey Mania had load times on a cartidge based system).

mickey mania old--article_image

Mickey Mania


Magical Quest

Sounds & Music: 6/10

While the sound effects are decent the music really isn’t. I don’t like the music in these games at all, they’re not catchy, they’re not memorable. It seems as if they tried to breed Disney-esque music with traditional video game music. Not a good combo, mind you.

Gameplay: 8/10

Great controls and  decent challenge. I’m glad they removed the timer in the following games, not that I ever ran out of time though. I like how you have unlimited continues and that you start on the part of the level you reached last. That means that you’ll start over at the boss over and over again until you beat it. For me that’s a great thing. Also there are a lot of imaginative elements of the gameplay, like disarming Little People Knight Pete’s shield with the climbing gear (that works very much like the hookshot in Bionic Commando, which Capcom also produced) or holding tomatoes to fly up in the air with them.

Replay value: 7/10

You can replay the game and beat it under 40 minutes if you’re good enough. Other than for the ego, the challenge or the points, there isn’t much speaking for replaying the game more than once a year.


In the SNES version you couldn’t choose Minnie.

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