Crafting: Custom DS Boxes. Again!!

“Seriously, what’s wrong with this guy, all he ever does is showing all those custom DS boxes he makes, what’s with that?”

‘Cause they’re AWESOME. That’s why! And this time I finished 13 of them, leaving 7 empty cases to fill up. And this time I have a neat little trick to show you! They say necessity is the mother of invention… nay, I say. NAY!!

LAZINESS is the mother of invention! CONVENIENCE or FEAR even!! Let’s explain this to you with an example of mine.

2015-12-17 15.13.24Earlier they told you to use hobby knives, cardboard cutters or an electric angled saw, but all of those can cut your fingers up. Knives and blades take strength and patience when you cut through those plastic tabs too. This looks risky, right? Well, don’t fret! Here’s the perfect solution for you!

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This little bugger is all you need to easily remove those tabs! Just get a firm hold and twist those tabs clean off! If there’s anything left you can use those knives to shave off  what little imperfection and bump that might be left. This takes half the time needed and gives the same result with less risk of cutting your fingers.

2015-12-17 15.11.55

My Messi workspace (pun intended)


Alright, I wanted a case for this bootleg Game Boy cart, 82 in 1,  that I got in Spain for more than 10 years ago. I chose this one amongst the stack of bootlegs they had, and it turns out I did good. The glossy box was thrown away a long time ago though. The cart doesn’t contain 82 games at all, but rather about 10 or so with alternating titles, and even though you can use it on the GBC and GBA it’s full of original GB titles. You get to play Othello (which isn’t an awesome RPG as they want to lead you to believe on the cover, but rather the game with the same name), Castlevania Adventure, Spiderman 2, Bugs Bunny’s Crazy Castle, Tetris, Battletanks and Bomb Jack to just name a few. A solid selection of games, and Tetris works with Link Cable support too! 2015-12-17 15.12.54

Here’s the cart itself. But I wanted the cover to be different! Unique!! So this below is what we got. If I make a cover by scratch I add symbols and such but leave the barcodes be. In this one I went to great length to remove the “Original” and “Official” texts on the Nintendo Seal and the Game Boy Game Pak Seal. Hah! That was amusing to me.

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I decided against better judgement to make a cover for Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway for the Game Boy Advance. The game is pretty much crud and a blatant Mario Kart Super Circuit knockoff with half the framerate. Stay away! For me it’s worth to own as a novelty item and to show off to people who can’t believe this kind of game was made in the ’00’s…

So I took the opportunity to mock the game! The blurb is authentic and all, but the rest of the text, layout and images are custom made by yours truly.2015-12-17 15.12.15

2015-12-17 15.16.58

T’was a good day, sirs and madams! A good day indeed!


Video Game Hunting: So Many Games!

I have a lot to catch up on when it comes to presenting my video game purchases. It’s been so long since my last post, but here goes!

blastworksFirst off is Blast Works, a side scrolling shmup where you add the enemy’s “scrap” to your ship as you’re going. One of the selling points was sharing your own levels and such online, which I doubt is active anymore, but the game itself looks promising, and that retro style cover sold the game for me. Much better than the North American cover, am I right? There’s so much happening on the cover art at once, and that was the prime selling point for me. Click and open in a new tab to enlarge.

jet set radioThis one I got a long time ago (when GAME- stores in Sweden were closing everywhere this year) but forgot to post here. Jet Set Radio is a must have for the Sega Dreamcast, or so I’ve heard, and it has intrigued me ever since I saw footage of it on the British channel Games Network in the heyday of the Dreamcast itself. Then again, they were selling off 10 games for only 39,99, one of which was a Disney-themed racing game… So it might’ve been at the end of the console’s lifespan. Anyhow, rollerskate around, destroy public properties with graffiti… That’s awesome.

smg1I got hold of Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 for a decent price in Alicante, in some damp cellar store with the AC blasting at full effect and dripping water on the floor. It looked nasty! smg2And when they turned it off it lots of water (along with some wet dust bunnies) fell to the floor right where I was just standing.
The games themselves are imaginative and have very cool physics and the controls do take some time to get used to. Yoshi is available in the second game, and both games are known for their superb orchestrated soundtracks.

dbrevengeDragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo is a good adventure game for the Wii owning Dragon Ball fan. This one takes part in one of the darkest parts of the first part of the Dragon Ball series (just before Son Goku grows up) and I like how the back of it says in Spanish: “There was a time when Son Goku was happy.” What?! So do they mean he’s unhappy as an adult? I don’t buy that! He’s perfectly happy as an adult! Except when Chi Chi is berating him… that’s sad, especiallty in Dragon Ball Super…

DesperadosOne of the PC games that have a nostalgic place in my heart is Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive. It’s a strategy game in the same vein as the first three Commando’s games from Eidos (making it awesome by default). I love the Wild West setting where steamboats and wild gunmen share the scene in the wildest of wests. You control the English bounty hunter John Cooper, the gambling Kate O’Hara of Irish-American ancestry and Doc McCoy of Scottish ancestry that smells trouble and death. The character to the farthest left, John Cooper, looks a lot like Bruce Willis, am I right?

Super Mario MakerSuper Mario Maker. Y’alls know about the game already, so I’ll throw in my opinion about it only. I got it at release, and it’s really good. It’s an amalgamation of my favorite Super Mario Bros. games with a level editor of awesomehood. I’ve made a lot of zany levels (only 2 worlds at the moment) but so far I can’t beat the imagination of other’s, like those top ranked ones where you either have to  not touch anything or not touch any mushrooms (though it’s very well possible to beat having taken a mushroom). It’s an immense experience, but since my hard drive has gone into sleep mode all to often I’ll have to disable that feature to be able to play it that much again. You also need a fair amount of time as you’ll get absorbed into the game while playing and when watching time time it might have passed 1-2 hours. This was a birthday present from my wife.

There are several goodies in this picture, the first one to mention is Dragonball Z: Goku Densetsu. It’s a board-like game with battles galore where you use the card-based system of old (the early NES games used this) which gives a sensation of strategy, luck and nostalgia both of NES DB games and Dragonball as a whole. I wouldn’t recommend this to those seeking a fast pick-up-and-play game and not to those with a deficiency in patience either though. Next is Frogger 3D which I wanted to try out, and it also contains the original game. You have to guide a frog across a dangerous highway, and if you don’t proceed with caution and precision, it will turn into road kill. After that it might become part of the roadkill food chain too, but that’s another story and unfortunately this game neglects to explore it any further. Dragon Quest Swords looked really fun when I saw it announced for the first time, and I like the Dragon Quest games (I’m playing Dragon Quest II now on the GBC version since a long time ago) and their spin-offs. You use motion controls to combat various DQ monsters and you can also use a shield if I recall correctly. I got these pixelated Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails “Miles” Prower figurines that look a lot like 3D sprites. They took forever to assemble, being essentially Lego with very small pieces, but the process was fun and the figures themselves look really neat. I’ll post pictures of their assembly in the next post. I got all of these from my brother.

Sonic COmpilationNow that my Sega Mega Drive works (the seller had given me a NES power cord, which gives out AC and might toast the Mega Drive but fortunately it didn’t) but since they’re hard to get for a decent price and I needed one anyways (I thank that bumbling idiot for his mistake) I had to get me some Sonic the Hedgehog games. I saw that they had Sonic Compilation on Ebay UK, which contains Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (essentially a face change of Puyo Pop). I didn’t mind having one cart for all of them, and being able to play them on the original software is so good. I’d forgotten how 2 player split screen Sonic 2 lags when too many things happen on screen though!

Next is another Sonic game, and is none other than Sonic Adventure. A must have in the Sega Dreamcast library and now that I have it the DC really seems like a Sega console to me for the first time. Sonic is his name and speed is his game! This is the first 3D game in the series, and arguably the best one, though I’ve never properly played any of the games past Sonic 3, so I won’t be too quick to judge.

smaI found this boxed Super Mario Advance: Super Mario Bros. 2 for a favorable price. While Super Mario Bros. never had the place that the 3rd game had it still retained that Mario feel to me- not to mention how exotic it was since I seldom got to play it. The GBA version with added voices and such will be really fun to play. It’s a re-skinned Doki Doki Panic- but who’d not love Super Mario re-skins of other games?

smb3 sma4At the same place, at the same day, at the same time… I found Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 boxed! Super Mario Bros. 3 with updated graphics á la Super Mario All Stars and extra features and sounds is just something that makes me warm inside. This means that I now have all games in that quadrilogy- though only two are complete in box and the other two in custom NDS cases. Speaking of which I ordered 20 more boxes as the collection of the Game Boy line still lacks some cases- so expect another post about that!

SF Ex3I found a copy of Street Fighter EX 3. I’ve yet to play a 3D Street Fighter game so this is kind of a gamble for me- but I think I heard a little bird whispering praises for this game. If I Iike this game I’ll leave it at that, but if it turns out to suck balls I’ll have to strangle that little bird, which saddens me to say the least. The mechanics are basically the same as in other SF games, only here you have a gauge that fills up when hitting or blocking so that you can use special attacks. You also battle in a tag team of two fighters (which sounds awesome!) and can switch out as long as it’s not too short of a time in between. The resting character will then slowly fill up it’s vitality gauge.

Another game that we rented a lot as kids, and that I’d forgotten about before finding this game again, was Tetrisphere. It’s basically Tetris on a sphere, and I have a hard time explaining it better as the gameplay is a bit odd. It was cheap and the memories of 2 player dueling were great, so it’s time to find out if it’s as good as I remember.

N64 RPI also found a Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak complete in box for a great price and the inserts and the Rumble Pak itself were in pristine condition. I didn’t have one for my N64, believe it or not, but I used to have a boxed one for our old system as a kid (before we gave it away to relatives, to be able to buy Game Boy Colors with Pokémon Red & Blue).

red steelI found a cheap copy of Red Steel– remember when I found the second installment a while back (also for cheaps)? Now I have them both (duh). I’ve heard that they’re decent and make great use of the Wii controls- so it’ll be fun to try it out. If I’ll be able to get immersed into the game thanks to the controls I’ll be very content.

Now Playing: Wario Master of Disguise


I’ve recently played and finished Wario: Master of Disguise.  There’s a certain kind of humor in the game, which I really like as it’s hilarious!

#??:  Wario: Master of Disguise

It’s a somewhat unusual but yet similar game in the franchise that makes use of the Nintendo DS stylus to control and to give Wario new and interesting Powerups. The story is quite simple: You’re Wario that’s watching TV, and growing envious of the main hero of the show you build a helmet, called Telmet, which allows you to warp inside the TV. Man is Wario a scientific genious when he wants to!!  You admire the main hero, a gentleman thief (the same one at the right in the image in the link above) named the Silver Zephyr and you proceed to barge in and steal his magic wand Goodstyle (who I imagine has a stereotypical British accent). And that’s where your new quest for riches and the search for the pieces of Wishstone begins. The story does seem as if it was developed by a 3rd party developer, which is the case…

WMOD_ArtyWarioGraphics: 7/10 This is a cartoonish game that unfortunately ended up with a bit too detailed sprites, probably since the Nintendo DS was capable of it. Probably it’s to allow for a bigger in-game screen and for a style that shows that this isn’t just another Gameboy Advance game, but it’s a shame that the colorful fantasy world of Wario’s franchise is replaced by something more “realistic”. Maybe this is because of Wario entering a TV show, but the stages look a bit bland. Also, the digitized 3D still images make this game look cheap by today’s standards (though I’d understand how they could have been considered very appealing at the time), especially when you’re introduced to each level with a generic- looking text that describes the episode title. Other than that Wario and his transformations look great, as do the antagonists in the game. Generally speaking, the small- fry enemies and most of the bosses don’t impress me that much, and the game seems as if various fans in different locations made it with all the different art styles that are seen meshed together. At least the drawn concept art shows how much force Wario uses in each strike, as his veins are outlined on his bulky arms in each transformation picture!

Wario_for_dsSounds & Music: 5/10 The music isn’t that remarkable and memorable really, but the boss music really gets you pumped up. The sound effects seem to be sampled from various games but fit together quite well, but aren’t that original (compare them to the iconic sounds used in the Mario franchise and even the Metroid ones and you’ll get what I mean). There’s not much else to say, as this department is really bland.

Space_WarioGameplay:  5/10 There are a lot of concepts in this game that were implemented wrong. The use of the touchscreen for movements wasn’t necessary at all, as the use of the D-pad and the four standard X, Y, A and B buttons would suffice enough and give a firm and responsive control-setup all along. Also, it’s widely bothersome to have to draw everything on the touchscreen, and while a nice gimmick at first to showcase the serie’s leap from the 32-bit Gameboy Advance into the 64- bit Nintendo DS, this soon shows to be superfluous and clunky. I can’t tell you how many times I drew hearts just to be presented with turds who ran on legs with bright and big eyes. I realized I’d get a heart 6 out of 10 times if I drew a circle instead, as opposed to 4 out of 10 times when I drew a downwards triangle and 2 out of 10 times when I drew a heart shape exactly as they wanted me to when I got the upgrade. And since you have to use the stylus to tackle with standard Thief Wario, you’d accidentally end up pressing too close to him which made the game think you were trying to transform him, and this made the fight against the Dolphin King really tedious. You should be able to switch between powerups using the L and R buttons and cycle through them all, or maybe even press start to do so, not through an imprecise stylus system. There are so many ways that are better than this borderline childish way of switching costumes, though I admire the courage of trying to implement something new. If this was more precise it’d have rocked istead of being a nuisance during gameplay, though I’m aware of that it must be very difficult to program code something like this into such a small touchscreen.

Otherwise the level designs are pretty straightforward with certain parts not accessible unless you acquire a certain powerup, and the puzzles are decent enough for everyone to figure out. The bosses are way harder than the levels themselves, but you’re presented with generous tips on what tranformation to use throughout them which lowers their difficult greatly. The transformations are fun to use and are all very useful bar the Electric Wario one which unfortunately doesn’t attack the enemies at all and he moves really slowly too, which is a shame since that’s by far my favorite Wario transformation design in the game. I really dislike the ruins level though as I wandered about for 50 frickin’ minutes before I found a concealed doorway that allowed me to advance!

Then there’s the treasure chest hunting, which much like in previous Wario Land games all are collected to take you towards a certain goal. While this used to be to get the biggest castle possible (with the worst scenario being that you get a hut of some kind) now they give you Disguise levels, with the goal of becoming the Master of Disguise. The mini-games that are played to open these chests take away from the main game as they break the previously built up pace and slow everything down. They vary in difficuly and increase in difficulty with each stage, and certain chests can’t be aquired unless you go back to a stage with a new transformation from a later stage. The minigames are really simple, and pretty easy to master, but the one where you have to guide the Wario head to the bottom of the net-like structure never works. I always just give up on it and wait for the next mini game to load the next time I open up the chest.

WariozillaReplay value: 4/10 Unless you want to become the Master of Disguise and revisit old levels to get all the treasure chests you couldn’t get before, this game hasn’t any replay value to speak of. I didn’t even bother to defeat the last boss. I don’t even care if there’s a completion bonus or not for doing so, and I won’t even Google about it.



Trivia: What I described above might be because Suzak, a Japan-based 3rd party developer, developed this game. They later filed for bankruptcy in 2012… yeah. That’s sad.


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Game Hunting: January & February- Mixed Bag of Goodies

These months I had a more meager haul than I usually get, which is a good thing, both for more gaming time and for the wallet. Let’s look at what I got!

bullworth academyCanis Canem Edit: Bullworth Academy, is a game that made a few headlines as you basically control a bully, or prankster if you will, through the fictional halls of Bullworth Academy. Make the girls swoon for you, make pranks, watch out for the teachers etc. You’re the bad boy now! Rockstar games made this game, and that’s one reason to get the game, as well as the fact that you control this bully- wannabe into delinquiency. If that isn’t a fun enough setting I don’t know what is. Got this one from a thrift store for 3 dollars, and the casing and game disc are in mint condition. It even has a game poster with a map of the schoolgrounds at the back! That map is going up on my game room wall in the future.

Next game we bought is Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. ToadI really liked those parts in Super Mario 3D World, and, if I’ve understood this right, this game is centered around that mini game. I haven’t played it yet, as most of my time has been poured into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. I’m looking forward to playing this game, and the idea is to play it together with my wife, which always is fun. Got this one for the standard retail price.


Then I got this charger, and at a glance it seemed to be for one of the NDS models, which was neat. Then I ds chargertook it home and tried it on my DS Lite and 3DS but it didn’t fit! It didn’t look like the one for the GBA SP (which is identical to the one for the DS Phat) so I made some research based on the serial number, and it seems as if this one goes to the Game Boy Advance Micro! They aren’t always that cheap to come over, and I got this for approximately 3 dollars, so I’m content after all. It seems as if i have to get a GBA Micro to go with this thrift store find, or sell or trade it to someone who needs it.

imageI already have Super Mario All Stars which was released for the Wii during Mario’s 25th Anniversary, along with the DVD (but without the cardboard box), but when I found this one for cheap in a GAME store in Elche, Spain, I had to get it for my brother. And it’s an English edition too! You only need to swap the case with a newer one as it has some scratches and scuffs, but it should work just fine as the disc is in good condition.

imageThese key chain mini games are reminescent of similar LCD games that were given out imagetogether with the Swedish Club Nintendo Magazine when you subscribed. We had (and probably still have it somewhere in a cardboard box) a Tetris one which was really fun to play. Of all the ones I saw I had to get these two, which are Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Jr. . Others available were some kind of racing game, Mario’s Factory and Octopus just to name a few. I found these two pretty little things in Media Market and GAME stores around Alicante in Spain.

Last but not least I found a Wii U Gamepad Cradle for half the retail price at a Toys R’ Us store, also around Alicante, imageSpain. You never got these with the basic White Nintendo Wii U system as it was bundled only with the more expensive Black set). Toy stores are great when you want to find certain games for a great price, especially if they’re part of bigger chains or in smaller cities where they have a smaller costumer base, as they tend to sell part of their inventory off at a regular basis to make room fore more popular items. Add to this that they usually sell off games and accessories that aren’t popular to kids, or not that famous amongst them (like gems and the like) and you’ll get why scouring the retail bins are a good thing if you want to find cheaper games as an adult. I’ve also found Pikmin (for the Wii), Pikmin 3 (Wii U) and Super Scribblenauts (NDS) this way. So release your inner child and check the stores out. You might find something awesome that’s on your list.

I’d been looking for a video game system to have at my parents’ place as it’s tedious to imagemove whole systems back and forth everytime we visit, which is quite often, and I thought a Playstation 2 would be a nice choice because of the abundance of games I have for that system. Also, I won’t mind if the game’s cases crach during the transport… it’s quite easy to fix those dagames since you easily can swap the gases as cheap sports games are easy to come by for that European blue-ish color. I foudn this at a thrift store for less than the lowest online price I’ve even enountered, which was neat, so I got it. They guarranteed that it worked, and if it didn’t I could return it (which is weird if they guarantee it’s proper functioning) and I tried out Canis Canem Edit: Bullworth Academy on it (also known as The Bully to some of you) and it ran like a clock. I also got a 8 mb original Memory Gate memory card which ahd game saves for a multitude of different games on it, and only about 1 mb left (roughly 1000 kb or so) by a dude named KRILLEN. Thanks for the save games, Krillen! Are you perhaps bald with incense burn marks on your forehead? Anyhow, I had to remove some of them and removed those for games I were to play myself, like Kingdom Hearts, and those for games I am playing on other platforms, like Gun which I’m playing on the Gamecube. Sports games save games like those for SSX 3 and some kind of golf game had to go as well, as well those for FPS games such as Medal of Honor. At the end I had about 6 Mb free. Sorry, Krillen, but this Playstation 2 isn’t yours anymore, and it had collected dust since 2008 judging by the save game’s dates.



Game Hunting: The Last of 2014

Instead of making a separate post with all my Christmas gifts and all, I’d like to just showcase everything I never managed to post last year. You know, since I went on a hiatus, and then I got a puppy, which both delayed everything. But alas, here it is, and you know what they say:

Better late than never.



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The reason I post everything like this is because I said I’d start doing something like this, a huge post at the end of every month. This way I get a better picture of how much I’ve actually spent, which will be considerably less. That’s mainly becasue my list is filling up too fast, and I’d like to keep hunting for games much longer than I’d have to at this pace. I’d say I’d collected all games on my list in 1,5 years, which is a bummer. Also, I’ve decided to play a lot more of video games, and now that I don’t pour as much time into hunting them down, I’ve managed to collect extra time to play the ones I have. I’ll mix ’em up so that you’ll feel nauseous and maybe even throw up a little in your mouth. That’d be nice.

Let’s get going then, with the first of the bunch, presented in my current preferred way.

Urban ChampionOh, wow! Is he serious?!” I know what you’re thinking. Urban Champion, perhaps rightfully so, gained a poor reputation for being shallow and basically a bad gaming experience. I beg to differ. It might be no Street Fighter 2, but it’s enjoyable for what it is. It’s the first Nintendo fighting game, which predates even the Smash Bros. Series by many a years, and is a decent experience. You’re controlling one dude that needs to beat re-colored versions of himself in an all-out punchin’ brawl, and the objective is to punch the opponent out the right part of the screen (sounding familiar?) while avoiding pots crushing your head from above. The best part is without a doubt the part where you and your opponent are standing innocently, whistling, while the Police is passing in a car, with the sirens on and the lights glaring. That’s hilarious and charming, and not something you’d imagine Nintendo would produce.

Kingdom Hearts ReCoded

Wait… did he just go from Urban Champion to Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded?” Yes I did. You get what I’m trying to do here? Do you feel nauseated? Can your mind follow these quick twists and turns? Anyhow, this is a remake of a previously cell phone exclusive game which was popular in Japan. They remade it for the Nintendo DS, and I’d probably never know the difference, not having ever played the previous version and all. But it’s Kingdom Hearts, and cost me something reasonable in terms of money, so here you have it.

Capcom Classics 2

I found this baby dirt cheap in a store that’s still rinsing out the ‘ole Playstation 2 to make room for more new games. I already have the first one in the series, which did contain a lot of good games, and the ones in this “sequel” of sorts, Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2, also seemed to be interesting, and something I’d definitely play. After a quick playthrough I’d say I was correct, though I’d like Strider move faster than he does. And look at the cover, it got 93% from Retro Gamer! Wait… is that a magazine (it probably is) or is this just some random retro ramer they’ve asked about his game (this’d without a doubt be infinitely more fun)?

bild 4Now we take a giant leap from the Playstation 2 into something more modern, and into a sequel to the awesome series that is called Pikmin. It’s the third iteration that is aptly named Pikmin 3. This one, together with Pikmin 2, and also the Nintendo Land mini game, lacks a time limit. They learned from their mistake in the first game it seems. An interesting tidbit is that I learned to like Pikmin, and earned a desire to own all official games, after playing the Pikmin mini game in Nintendo Land. They sucked me in well… I don’t know what they target audience was at the time, but they managed to hit an unlikely target it seems.

Mega Man X CollectionWhoa… can this be…?!Mega Man X Collection for the Nintendo Gamecube! This is without a doubt the most expensive retro game I’ve ever bought, as it usually goes for a good amount above the standard retail price of new games at launch day, but I managed to snag this one for a decent price, about 20 dollars less than it usually goes for. The shipping is what makes this one mighty expensive over here, not to mention that it’s a coveted collector’s item. This collection contains Mega Man X to Mega Man X6, which means that I now have all the classic 2D Mega Man X games in my game library. This time they’ve corrected the button layout, which incidentally lead to less strokes worldwide, and added a lot of fun into the fray. Also, if you hammer out the price for this collection, you’d find out that you’d easily save 2/3rds of the ordinary retail price for the original games in the retro market. That’s not too bad either, and since I have no nostalgic connection to the original media, in this case, I figured I’d go for it.

NES AdvantageAnd I got my hands on another NES Advantage! I connected them and found out that it’s perfectly possible to play two players simultaneously with two units hooked up. We had a lot of fun using the Advantages to play Blue Shadow (Shadow of the Ninja in the US). And this unit isn’t even yellowed!

MGS 2 Then we have us some Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. I picked it up since it’s a MGS game, and the extended version at that. It also contained the extra disc, and cost a neglibile sum, and is a game I’m curious to try out because of the acclaim the series has recieved. I think you get the gist of it. There really wasn’t much other reasoning behind this, and I can’t stay away from cheap Special Editions, especially when they’re marked for the same price as the regular editions next to it.

While not a traditional The Legend of Zelda game, Legend Of Zelda Hyrule WarriorsHyrule Warriors takes place in the same universe so to say, with enemies and bosses from all the different incarnations and timelines guiding hoards after hoards of monsters towards the good and honest people of Hyrule, who oppose them valiantly with you, their powerhouse Link, leading them with your sword held high. The gameplay is Dynasty Warriors-esque and the sensation of cutting down throngs after throngs of creatures is very satisfying. Add a friend to the mix and you have a very entertaining experience that’s chock-full of references and enemies from the franchise.

MTV Fan Attack

I’m not sure what category MTV Fan Attack falls into, but it sure looked interesting enough with a rather uncommon story setting. You’re controlling a celebrity that has to escape from your fans (hence “Fan Attack” in the title) while remaining in the spotlight long enough to maintain your over-the-night fame. Being someone who grew up with MTV on the TV, (I know everyone says this, but here I go) when they still played music videos on the channel, I had to get this seemingly quirky game. I don’t dare check out reviews and average scores for this one though, being well aware that it might rank quite low. For more comments about the time MTV still played music, listen to “1985” by “Bare Naked Ladies“.

I’m trying to complete the The Lord of the Rings trilogy for the LOTRPS2 and it seems as if I’m one step further with The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.Now I only miss the first one (The Fellowship of the Ring) which I played on the PC the first time, and that one I remember being fun. Well, not the part when Frodo tries to escape from the Názgul, as that part stressed me out. The Lord of the Rings trilogy rocks! These games… well, I’m about to find out.

gunmanI’ve been on about this game for a while, and finally it’s in my fat claws. I got Wild Gunman as a gift for being a Toast Master at my sister’s wedding! That’s really nice! I’ve wanted this game ever since they showed it in Back to the Future: Part 2, where Marty plays it on a converted arcade cabinet with enhanced graphics (the arcade cabinet setup and the specific version they show in the movie never existed outside of that universe). When I saw that the wild gunmen were part of the Duck Hunt Duo’s attacks in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, I almost shat my pants. That’s nostalgic gold right there.

And speaking of which, I got Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a Christmas gift from my SSMB4wife, and I’ve clocked 35 hours of gameplay so far. I’ve unlocked all characters and levels, and collected over 200 trophies, but I’m far from compleing all achievements and such. I’m having a blast with this game even though the Online mode lags when other players have sub-par internet collections. My favorite characters are Wario (Original Suit), Mega Man (Red color), Adult and Toon Link (Red colors) and Bowser (Wario colors) and last, but not least, Samus (with her original colors from the standard suit in Super Metroid).

Zoo KeeperWhen it came out for the Nintendo DS, Zoo Keeper was acclaimed for it’s innovative and fast-paced gameplay (akin to Bejeweled if you need to compare it to another game), and I remember most reviews telling you to but the game ASAP. Then a browser-based version came out and everyone told you to play that one instead, which was what I did, as it was free. The story goes like this; You’re the son of the Zoo owner, and you’re supposed to play the role of the Zoo Keeper to be able to convince your pop that it wasn’t the animals’ fault that  his wife (in other words your mom) died all those years ago. That’s why the mustaschioed man looks so stern and pissed on the cover. A very sad story to a cutesy and happy game. I was shocked, to say the least.

This chain of stores, who have a small section with new and semi-new games, sold Sonic ColoursSonic Colours for a fraction of what it goes for normally (I paid 3£). The bag was sealed so I’d guess the box was damaged, or someone returned the game without the box (since so many people just throw them away. Maniacs! They’re not even made of cardboard anymore!!). I have empty DS replacement cases, so I just printed the cover (which looks just about like the original, with the colours a bit off) and put the manual and game cartridge in it.

Assassins Creed IV  Black Flag

I saw Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in a discount bin a couple of months ago, for 4£ brand new. I had to get it! I loved the orchestrated version they played at the Score! concert, so I snagged it. Also: Pirates! Y’arr!




I really like the Dragon Quest franchise as a whole, so when I DQ Sentinelssaw Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, I had to get it. The design, based around the works of Akira Toriyama, a character customization system, and a price below the standard retail price (not by a huge lot, though, but not by a negligible amount) made me purchase this game. I’m glad they kept using the original Dragon Quest name outside of Japan too, since Dragon Warrior sounds much more lame.


bild 5Even though I’m really chicken when it comes to games like these, I had to get Zombi U when it was on sale for 4£ brand new. I like rail-shooters like the House of the Dead series, which I enjoy a lot, while others like The Walking Dead really test my nerves as you control the character through silent and dangerous environments. This one looks promising, and I do have something for launch titles, so, yeah. Here it is.


Minion Everyday HeroI’d been keeping an eye out for Minion: Everyday Hero for some time, and found it used for a bit more than I’d pay for a used game, and passed. Then I saw it for the same price, but brand new, and that sealed the deal. You use the unique features of the Wiimote while controlling Minion, to help the citizens of your town with their everyday problems. The gameplay looked really fun, and I think I’ll have a good time playing it, but the graphics are not what you’d expect on the Wii. Who knew that mundane everyday troubles could be so fun to solve?

arkham origins

I’ve heard that Batman: Arkham Origins might be one of the best games for the Wii U, which might be a bold statement now that I read it written out like this. This was also a super deal from Cyber Monday for 6£, coming in a sexy and sealed case. I couldn’t pass this one up, being a Batman fan and having kept an eye out for this game since its release.


Here’s the next installment in the Advance Wars (or Famicom Wars as it’s known as in Advance Wars Dark ConflictJapan) franchise, Advance Wars: Dark Conflict. While the previous games showcase a lighter atmosphere (which is a feat since they encourage using cold strategies in an all-out war) this one has a tad more realistic look to it, but as far as I can see it still seems to play the same. This one cost half of what it usually retailed for, at least during the last two years, so I snagged it.

 Rayman LegendsRayman Legends is a gift from me to my wife. This is actually the first game I played on the Wii U, in Demo form at a Demo stand in a GAME store. I was seriously impressed, and I pretty much decided to buy a Wii U right then, only eventually. I wanted a bigger game library and a bigger wallet, so I bided my time. This version uses the unique Wii U gamepad well and is very fun, as was Rayman Origins too. This one is even better, though!


bombermanI remember when I was to get a vaccine shot at school and they asked me what I wanted for Christmas that year. I went on and on about Bomberman 64 and I barely felt the needle pierce my skin and impale my deltoid muscle. I never got the game that year, though, as it was very expensive at the time, and instead we rented it again and again from the video store. Not only did it have a great multiplayer mode, but a fun single player mode as well. And now, finally, I’ve added this gem to my collection, for less than the standard price people ask for at Amazingly enough I found it in Sweden, where games usually are more expensive. Go figure.

While Nintendo Land tried to be the Wii Sports of Wii U, and Sports Cdidn’t quite manage that in the public’s eyes (not according to me, though!), ESPN Sports Connection manages to do just that. You can play golf, baseball, football (soccer to ye ‘mericuns) amongst others, and while not as good as Wii Sports, it’s actually quite decent. I’d already played it with my brother-in-law, enjoying it, and for 4£ brand new… Heck yes!

MadWorldMad World is notorious for being a gory game with a distinct art style which sets it apart from other games, which is even a more eye catching fact when it’s on a family-friendly console like the Nintendo Wii. Everything is colored in different shades of black and white, and one solid shade of crimson red which pours out of those stupid enough of opposing you. With SEGA on the cover, and a price tag of 2£ brand new, I just couldn’t pass this great deal up.

Ever since I saw Injustice: Gods Among Us announced,injustice I knew I was going to buy it eventually. I tried it out on iOS, and while I was impressed I found the controls lacking, and I wasn’t a fan of the Freemium nature of the game. The premise of DC heroes and villains fighting each other in a universe where the heroes have been breaking bad just sounds too awesome to pass on, and a price tag of approximately 7£ brand new made me reel in this huge catch.





Awesome Anime and Gaming Accessories

I’ve got myself some really nice gaming accessories and items of nerdhood this time around! You’ll see a Nintendo DS case, a belt buckle and a plushie, and I think we’d better start with the DS Case!

nerdhood zelda 1 I found this really neat Nintendo DS case featuring Toon Link from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I really liked that game and I guess this one was sold really cheap because the game didn’t catch on that well. Or it might be because the Nintendo DS Lite is ancient by now when compared to the 3DS and the likes. This case has a gold-ish color and is made of some kind of metal, most probably aluminium. It looks really sweet! It holds several games and the system itself. I’m using it on displaynerdhood zelda 2 only though! I think this kind of case was made by Big Ben and was licensed by Nintendo even with a Nintendo Seal of Quality.

It came with a strap as well, as if you’d like to carry along this magical chest like a purse or something. NO. This is a treasure chest.


nerdhood 1

I found this Mushroom belt buckle. I probably won’t wear it as it is, and just show it off somewhere. It’s nice and didn’t cost much at all.



nerdhood 2


Then I got a Krillin plushie in the same style as a Vegeta one I have. It’s awesome! Vegeta and Krillin just so happen to be my favorite Dragon Ball characters. Both look to be from the Cell Arc, though Vegeta’s armor resembles his Namek Arc outfit more. Super Saiyan Namek Arc Vegeta maybe? That’d be rad, like in the fanfic Bringer of Death. That’s one good Vegeta-centric fic.



Game Hunting: Gun Down That Disguised Bionic Box

This time I’ve got a good few games from different platforms and from different places. They were all scored for a good deal and are games I’ve been looking at for a while. Let’s get started with the first game.

GUNI got this game as a last-minute bid at Tradera, our equivalent of Ebay (incidentally it is owned by none other than Ebay). Gun is a first person shooter set in a Western Setting, and that’s why I bought it. It has raked in decent reviews as well. I love gaming on the Gamecube, and seeing this game for a low price warranted a purchase from my part, I just couldn’t let this lovely game pass. Also. that cover is just magnificently cool!

BoxxleThen I got this game from Ebay UK. I tried to win it in a bid at Tradera, but some jerk bidded way higher than this game one is worth. Swedes have themselves to blame for inflating the prices on these games, even for those that aren’t even from this region (SCN, for Scandinavia). Boxxle is a Sokoban puzzle clone where you control some dude that solves some puzzles through pushing around boxes to cover some dots, or switches, if you will. While I played the PC version as a kid, where the dude had a bandanna and had huge eyes, and had a level shaped like the manji sign of the sun (but which I incorrectly translated as the slightly different Swastica sign which is mirrored and has no angle and deduced that the game was produced by Nazi’s). In this one you control some typical dude with a cap and there’s this shallow story where you meet a girl and want to give her a gift. What that has to do with using both mental and physical force to push around wooden crates is beyond me.


This is yet another game I owned as a kid, and I remember it being hard as balls. I had to get Bionic Commando when I saw it listed for 10 £ at Ebay UK, as it’s usually listed for anything between 15-20 £ usually. I guess video game prices go up and down corresponding to popularity and such- since the other copies for offer were a bit cheaper over all. While I managed to clear three levels as a kid I’m considerably better nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that Bionic Commando is a cakewalk, no, it’s still as hard as a bionic penis at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo.

Wario DisguiseWhat’s a Game Hunting post without some “It’s Wario time! Wahahahaha!“. I’m starting to get closer to complete my Wario collection, and am missing only a few (but I won’t get that Virtual Boy Wario Land as I don’t want a Virtual Boy at all. But for the right price…). This game seemed really fun and only cost around 5£ which is why I got it. It controls differently than what’s convention thus far in the franchise, and you can use both the D-pad or the A,B,X and Y buttons to move Wario around. For actions such as tackling and such you have to use the stylus; while taking a few minutes to get used to it blends in well with the rest of the elements of the game, such as how you’re supposed to draw the disguises on Wario. While only neccessary to show off the quirks of the Nintendo DS system, it manages to be fun never the less.

Yet another game we owned as a kid, and a decent fighting game for the Nintendo 64, I DRhad to get Dark Rift for what I consider a symbolic sum, It’s quite difficult and I can’t fathom how we were able to best the opponents as kids. This is the first released fighting game for the Nintendo 64, and I wouldn’t really recommend it if you lack nostalgia for it, as it’d drive you nuts otherwise. I mean, we have games like Street Fighter 2 and 4 and the likes to thank for that- but if you’re curious to try it out I wouldn’t think it’d be a bad idea since it’s so cheap to get.