More from Oskunk

He’s so talented! Lookie here in his Flickr page:


Here’s the link:


He’s seriously talented. Here are my other faves, please take a gander:

A Dr. Robotnik Sega… this one is so badass!

Bringing the feel and cool of Starwing to the console. I love this one, and I haven’t even played the game.

It takes serious skill to craft such a nice artwork as this one. It’s Samba Del Amigo on a Dreamcast. So vibrant and pretty!

A Super Famicom with the Japanese Ryu on it saying something in Japanese I think. That’s rad

A Super Famicom, I presume, with the even cooler American Ken on it. Prettyyyy woooork….

A very rad NES with Michaelangelo on it!

A very awesome Gameboy with a design that will make all games on it fade in comparision.

A Tetris-inspired Gameboy which droops of cuteness.

And last but not least my favourite of them all:

He also makes other artwork on canvas and such. Now go visit his Flickr!


Awesome French custom video game systems

I’d like to link you to an article from


The link to the original article:


The French artist is named Oskunk. O- skunk. Skunk. Hmm…

Here’s two of his mods which I liked the most: